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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


Liz sat at the old oak table in her mom's kitchen listening to wedding plans yet again. First it was Emily, then Megan, now Hannah. Liz felt envious of her sisters. Being the oldest of three sisters everyone had assumed she would marry first and have a child or two by now. It appeared that everyone was wrong including herself. She had wanted to be married at least by twenty-five, but here she was fastly approaching thirdy-five and still single.

Liz was half listening now as they talked about brides maid dresses. She had two perfectly good brides maid dresses from the previous weddings. Why not wear one of them? She knew better than to voice her opinion but it spilled from her lips. "Why can't I just wear one that I already have?"

There was stunned silence. Hannah looked appalled. Emily and Megan just shook their heads. Mom patted her hand and said,"you'll understand one day."

"It was just a suggestion," Liz muttered as she agile to do the dishes.

Liz looked at her sisters as they took up the conversation were they had left off. Emily, Megan and Hannah knew more about men then she did. She was the oldest. She was supposed to be the one to tell them about love, kisses and sex, not the other way around.

Liz looked out the window above the sink. Mom's back-yard garden was in full bloom. Flowers of all kinds scented the air. Roses, pitunias, marygolds,mums, and even honeysuckles blossomed everywhere. Hannah's wedding was to take place in this magnificent garden.

Hannah walked up behind Liz. "This is my wedding," she stated.

Liz closed her eyes. She should have known Hannah wouldn't let it go. "Yes I believe we all know that," Liz spoke softly.

Hannah sounded almost down to tears. "I want it to be memorable."

"Honestly Liz, you don't have a romantic bone in your body," Emily said, setting her glass in the sink.

"I'm begining to wonder about you," Megan chimed in.

Liz didn't respond to their words. She didn't want them to see how much they had affected her. Instood she focused on the view of the garden. Emily's wedding had took place in the early spring when the flowers had just begun to bud. The birds had serenade as the wedding took place. Emily in her simple knee length wedding dress had been breath taking.

Megan's wedding had took place in the summer-time when the flowers had been in full bloom. Megan in her sleeveless wedding dress and bright smile had been stunning. Each wedding had been exquisive in there on way. Liz was sure that Hannah's wouldn't be any less.

Liz recalled at one of the weddings she had heard one of the grooms-man say, "Once a grooms-man always a grooms-man." Liz had known exactly how he felt. She believed he may have been the photographer at Megan's wedding. She couldn't remember his name.

Liz knew how she wanted her wedding to be. Of course it would take place in the garden around the fourth of July. The pool would be filled with assorted flowers floating around as a fountan in the center of the pool spatted up water. Her wedding dress would be from a fairy tale, something magical in it's on way. There would be a fire works display as the bride and groom kisses. And one going off inside of her as well.

Liz sighed. She could visualize it now, Another sigh escaped her lips.

"Are you o:k?" Hannah asked.

She turned and gave her a smile, one she didn't feel. "I was just thinking how georgous your wedding will be know matter what brides maid dresses you choose."

Emily and Megan came around and they all hugged. Liz sighed inwardly. Mom had wonderful dad, Emily had funny Craig, Megan had suportive Ben and Hannah brainy Phil.she only wished she had her someone.

Liz went back over to the window and watched as the men set the chairs out in random places. Hannah didn't want the chairs set in rows. She wanted them placed here and there so all her friends and family could have a perfect view of the garden, and of course her walking down the red carpet which had been rolled out just for her.

"Liz, Liz, Liz." Hannah finally walked up behind Liz and gave her a gentle shove.

Liz jumped. "What?"

Hannah exhaled. "I hope I'm not imposing on you," she said. "But did you get the photographer in line?"

Liz threw her hand over her mouth. Dread filled her as she turned toward her sister. "I totally forgot."

Hannah's face turned beet red. "You what?"She turned her back on Liz and counted to ten, then turned back around. "No, didn't help. How could you?" She reprimanded.

Megan walked up and stood between the two sisters. "Don't worry," she told Hannah. "I know this great photographer, his name is Jonathan Sullivan, he was the one Emily had gotton for me, and he was the grooms-man at her wedding.

Hannah began to relax. "I should have let you or Emily take care of it," she said, throwing Liz a dirty look as she followed Emily and Megan to the phone to call Jonathan.

Liz busted out crying and fled the room. Her mother followed her up the stairs. Liz entered her old room and threw herself across the bed. Her mother came in and sat down behind her. Her mother didn't speak, she just stroked Liz's hair until her sobbing had quieted.

"I'm sorry mom," Liz said wiping her eyes. She caught a glimpse of the garden through the window as she stood, it almost brought her down to tears all over again.

"Honey, what's the problem?" Her mother asked.

Liz tried to gather her thoughts. "I'm always going to be a brides maid. I'm begining to wonder if there's anyone for me," She said as she choked back a sob.

"When you least expect it someone will sweep you off your feet," her mother said.

The door bell rung. "That will probably be Jonathan," said Liz. the door bell rung again and again. "I'll go get it," she said to her mom. "I better see if I can go make amends anyways."

Liz ran down the stairs. She looked around the room. Emily was out back helping set up the tables for the reception and Megan was on the phone making sure the french silk vanilla wedding cake would be delivered on time. Liz had suggested to Hannah to have a double dutch cocolate wedding cake, but you would think she had suggested something awful. Liz opened the door, she let out a light sigh. "Hi," she managed to say.

Jonathan stared at Liz a minute before speaking. "I hope your not the bride," he said.

"No, unfortunely not." Liz invited him in. "Just a brides maid once again," she stated. The other sisters entered the room discussing finger foods, they stopped talking when they saw Jonathan and Liz standing there staring at one another.

"I'm glad your not the bride," Jonathan finally spoke up and said.

Liz looked hurt. "And why is that? I don't look like bride material," she fumed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just mean if you were the bride I couldn't ask you out," Jonathan said smiling.

Liz felt flushed. "Oh." She backed up toward Hannah. "You better like his work," she said through clenched teeth.

All three sisters was smiling from ear to ear. Liz's mother had that I told you so look on her wrinkled face.

"I know this great place that serves double dutch chocolate cake," Jonathan told Liz. "How about me and you go have some after I finish up here."

Liz glanced over her shoulder at her sisters. "I would love too. Double dutch is my favorite."

Liz followed them to the living room. She felt like maybe her time was coming, she would finally be a bride and not a brides maid. She didn't know it, but Jonathan was thinking something simular, he would finally be the groom and not the grooms-man.


Submitted: June 26, 2010

© Copyright 2021 imagination101. All rights reserved.

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I have good and bad things to say about this story. I'll start with the good. There was very powerful emotion through the whole thing, and consistency is always good. Your characters each had a different wedding, which showed the difference in their personalities and preferences. The men they married also portrayed that. Now onto the things I believe you need to work on. Grammar. Grammar is huge. If you don't use it properly, a lot of people won't be able to get through your work without not wanting to read anymore. Your characters need more rounded personalities. Maybe one of them is a hot head, maybe one is laid back and doesn't really care much about anything. I also think he asked her out too quickly. I believe it should have been later, like during the wedding reception, that way there was a bit of time for them to get to know each other. It's a little odd that her mother said it would be when she least expected and then one minute later it happened. You have a nice beginning here, you just need to revise. =]

Sat, July 3rd, 2010 8:56pm



Sat, July 3rd, 2010 10:26pm


This is a great short story. I kinda wish it was a little longer, but that just shows how much I liked it - I didn't want it to end!! I'll drop by and read some more of your work again soon :)

Sat, July 10th, 2010 5:24pm



Sat, July 10th, 2010 12:00pm

Helena Parris

I enjoyed this story as well; I agree with
Dreamer not to tip your hand too quickly about Jonathon. But other than that, I loved the descriptions of the flowers in the back garden on a warm summer day, the girls arguing over dresses around the kitchen table. Another charming story; gave it a "Liked it."

Sun, July 11th, 2010 8:02pm



Mon, July 12th, 2010 7:05am

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