Elephant at my front door

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One of the odd things that I experienced growing up....

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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Submitted: August 20, 2014



Elephant At My Door 

Growing up I had a very interesting childhood I grew up in a different world. I lived in a India in a city called Chennai. I remember the house I lived the balcany had many plants. My mom loved plants and would constantly buy more and more, and in the center was a fish tank. One day I went to my balcany and was admring my fishes, I liked staring at them they fascinated me. I like how my black mollie fish would fight the white mollie fish, and how the two sharks would zig-zag on either side of the tank. I like how the Guppies fish would hang out with other guppies it was a whole new world. After admiring my fish I went to go look at the view from the balcany.

From the balcany I saw my front gate and the pavement downstairs. I could also hear music from the Hindu temple nearby. I'm not Hindu so I never went to the temple, but the music was nice. It was a normal day like any other but I saw something in the distance. It was a big elephant headed my way and on top was a guy riding it, freaking out I decided to tell my parents. I told my parents how there's a big elephant about 15 feet tall, living in the city I was confused as to why there was an elephant at my front gate.

My parents however told me that this is completly normal and the elephant is there to bless you. You give the elephant some money, and it takes the money with its trunk and gives it to its master the one who rides it. It then places it trunk on your forehead as a sign of blessing. As I grew older I asked my grandparents about the elephant blessing ritual. My grandfather told me that sometimes when the elephant master has a dispute with someone like a store owner. The master gets the elephant to store water in its trunk and then sprays the person, who he has a dispute with. I find it intereting how a common ritual in one place may seem completly abnormal in some other part of the world. 

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