The Struggles of Being The Baby of The Group

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If you are one of the youngest or have been the youngest in your group of family, friends, associates etc... Maybe you can relate to this list or maybe not. I'm a year younger than most people in my grade, I'm an only child. This list below is based on my own personal experience. Hope you enjoy this piece and please feel free to comment below I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Submitted: September 04, 2014

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Submitted: September 04, 2014



The Struggles of Being The Baby of Every Group (in random order)

1. When they find out how old you really are - "Omg you're a baby I feel soo old right now". "Shit I didn't realize you were that young". 

2. They never take you seriously - "aww thats adorable", Thanks but do you understand point I'm trying to make.

3. You're soo cute - Thats code for you're too young for me or back to my previous point they don't take you seriously. 

4.  When you ask an older girl out and you're under 21  - "Omg I'm flattered you asked me out, but you're not even 21, you're a baby". So apparently being 21 is the cut off to date some ladies. Other times being young just isn't dateable. But don't worry guys theres always cougars. 

5. The intimidation - Damn everyone here is so much older than me, I got to impress em by being smarter than them. Or if you're like me you try and make laugh, sometimes even try harder at sports. Its harder talking to the opposite sex because you're self conscious and are too intimidated to try for an older lady. 

6. The role model - Wow this guy is cool let me copy some of his mannerisms, its not like he'll notice or anything. 

7. Talk you're way out of most situations - "I can't stay mad at you sorry I yelled at you earlier" Haha I can't really complain about this one. 

8. I just wanna pinch your checks - Ugh I guess go ahead, don't pinch too hard

9. They give you odd nicknames, sometimes for some bazaar reasons - I got the nickname tatters because some guy said "I wanna take you home, and feed you mashed potatoes". I didn't really know him at that time I was a little scared. 

10. Sports - For the most part you're the one putting the equipment away, seniors have more rights. 

11. You get picked on easily - Either its the tall kid taking you're hat, or some idiot who's intimidated that you're smarter than him or her or more liked. 

12. Being the last one among your friends to turn 21 - "haha you still have more than 400 days, that sucks". You turn 20 while everyone else turns 21. They go out to the bars and your options are get the booth and order a meal, go home, or designated driver. Well I guess being the driver would be so bad Oh wait don't puke in the car....

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