Testimony of a girl

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A testimony of a girl who found her self sleeping in the arms of Jesus.

Submitted: October 06, 2014

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Submitted: October 06, 2014



I never been in a group of real people. I used to fight at the aged of eight in 4th grade but i never been in a detention room. They tought i was a good girl at all times my teachers say that i was the victim out there but i'm not. I was bully in my 4th up to 7th grade at my school. But manage to change when i was 8th grader everyone been surprised specially the one I bully for my sudden change. For the days passed it goes well but when i've done one little bad move everyone reminds me my bad Pass. I always ask why do they just forget it and move on.

Days passed and everything goes smoothly as i planned to be. I went straight at home after school and do random homeworks our teacher gave to us and after it I go to bed and sleep and wait for morning come. But suddenly one accident happend to me. While walking in the street some random masked guys  walk towards me it was late afternoon and i was walking home when that happend. I scream but nobody in the street hear me. I gave them my bag for them not to touch me anymore and just let me escape but they just gave me a huge smile and hold my arm so hard it looks like they want to breake my precious bones. Why is this happening to me, maybe i was paying all my sins for being such a bully but i manage to change.Why,why,Why!

I felt my stomach ache and i can taste the blood coming from my own mouth , my eyes were getting blurred and ican't see there faces.I keep on screaming even I can't hear my own voice. But i hear a voice from nowhere saiying 'Be still and belive on Jesus'. Who is that? But I don't have any choice,I just do what he said.Believe with who?Jesus?... Right Jesus.Mom keeps on telling me that name since i was a little girl...

The guys keep doing what there are doing.I just dont know what to do. I put my last breath in saying one word,


And everything went black.The next thing i know is i dont know? I opened my eyes and see an all white place when someone speak. I cant see his face for it is shining in light. "Dont be afraid my child your safe now." I was shocked when i woke up at my bed laying but when I tried to rise I felt the pain my whole body been carrying. Im at the hospital for a week, The masked guys had been caught and throw at the jail.I ask mom whos the one brought me to the hospital but she only answer me that someone left me in the gate of the hospital even the nurses been surprised when they saw a girl laying on the gate of the hospital with blood covering her whole body.And that was mom's answer.

Thank heaven I am alive or should i say 'Thank you JESUS!'...



~thE enD


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