Behind the door !!!

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Ever since her dad died Lucy has not been the same, will moving to a new house hel? And what secrets will she find that lie behind the door?
I wrote this about three years ago so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry.

Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





There was a girl named Lucy who lived with her mother, her father had died when she was seven.

Lucy has blonde curly hair with dark blue eyes and it’s been three years since her father’s death.

Lucy would always get bullied at school so her mum told her not to worry because she was saving up to move house.

One day when Lucy came home from her friend’s house which was across the street, her mother told her some bad news, she told Lucy that her great aunt Holly had just passed away.

Lucy didn’t know that she had an aunt Holly so she didn’t know what to think but seeing her mum was upset made her feel sad too.

After a while of silence between them both Lucy’s mum then said "she also left a will saying that she has left us her house which has four bedrooms, a kitchen and a huge living room, there was also supposed to be a bathroom downstairs and one upstairs as well".

After hearing about this amazing house Lucy got excited and really wanted to see it.

Just imagining it made her get even more excited even though she was upset, she then said to her mum "Aunt Holly must be really kind to give us her old house."

"She was", her mum then said giving her a smile while making them their dinner.

The next day Lucy and her mother packed their stuff and set off in their blue car.

They were going to the new yet old mysterious home after they left their old home for their new one Lucy asked after they were out of the drive way "What does great aunt Holly look like?"

Her mother smiled and said "she had lovely brown hair with gorgeous green eyes; she was very young when I last saw her, but that was fifteen long years ago."

"I’m surprised that she even remembered me."

Lucy gave her back a smile and then gave out a deep breath and asked "what was the cause of her death?"

Her mother gave out a sigh and then said "the police didn’t say because they don’t know themselves."

Lucy said okay then and gave out a sigh even though it was still bothering her.

They finally came to a stop in front of some old rusty gates which looked like they haven’t been opened for years.

Lucy and her mother found a gap and went through the gates and walked to the front door which had a huge door hanger with cob webs tied around it.

They pushed as hard as they could to open the heavy wooden door, as the door opened it made a loud creek which echoed through out the house.

From the first glimpse of the house Lucy and her mum new this was a very old house because cob webs decorated the floor with a dust layered on top, Lucy walked up the stairs only to see old pictures of a women which looked like her aunt Holly from what her mother described anyway, the stairs made such a creek that birds which were clenched to the trees were flying away.

Lucy finally found the end to the flight of stairs and saw the rooms, she looked around and only saw three rooms so she fought that her mum made a mistake and walked on through this dusty corridor and as she did she sneezed and the dust flew everywhere, so out of no thought she just went into the three rooms to look around.

After Lucy told her mum which room she wanted she wanted the biggest one with a huge window which was painted white and had spiders dangling of the bottom.

She then opened the window to let the stuffy air out and shouted down to her mum that she had definitely made her choice.

After entering the room she saw a door which was blocked off by a pile of rotting wood, she looked down and saw something else which was a gap which was about the same size as a dog flap so she just ignored it and pulled the wood out of its place to see what was beyond this mysterious door.

She pulled so hard that she cut her hand because there was a nail hanging of one end of a piece of wood.

Lucy finally got the wood away from the door so that she could get through.

She had then found an old room which was painted with bright colours blue, pink, orange and green with no dust, cob webs or anything it looked just like a Childs room with lovely toys and a cute little pot doll it was the perfect room for her, it looked as if someone had cleaned it just for her but who she didn’t know.

She then ran down the stairs and told her mum she had found the room she was looking for and that it was already painted and everything, there was a bed a box of toys and a lovely pot doll, but her mum didn’t have time yet because she was sorting out different boxes which she would be putting into the house.

After Lucy and her mum had sorted out their dinner and the boxes her mum said "I’ll have a look at this glorious room as you call it", so they went upstairs and went to bed.

Later that night Lucy went to bed and took the doll with her she would hold it tight and think about how much it looked like her aunt Holly.

When Lucy and her mum woke up the next morning they got dressed, Lucy then looked in the mirror to sort out her hair and when she did, she had found her hair looked exactly like the dolls, it was a golden brown with lots of little curls, she told her mum out of shock hoping she would know what had happened.

Her mum looked at her with that old angry look that she would use as if to say look what have you done to yourself? But Lucy didn’t know either.

After all this Lucy said to her mum cheekily "I may have liked the doll mum but you didn’t have to make me look like one."

Her mum then said "I’ve had enough of your attitude you’re grounded."

So Lucy went to bed and fell asleep out of boredom and when she woke up this time she felt like plastic she got scared and panicked.

All of her body then felt like plastic she started screaming, she felt it not knowing what was wrong so she started to panic even more but this time her heart was racing she screamed again "mum help me" and then she started to shrink on her pillow next to the doll which still had its little smile looking at her and then nothing there was no sound just silence her mum came up the stairs and couldn’t find her daughter anywhere, she then turned around and saw another doll laying on her pillow staring at her but this one was different from the last one this one was not smiling at all this one had a tear on its cheek and this doll she knew was her daughter.

The End

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