Pixie trouble

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You think you've got problems meet this pixie ... :D

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011




The sun could no longer be seen as the stars came out of their hiding place. The moon shone brightly as a whole circle, creeping out from a tiny tree trunk came one of the small pixes. With the evil yet mischevous chuckle the pixie overlooked the village on the hill. This pixie loved to cause trouble, it was like a game and tonight the pixie could think of nothing better to do other than pull pranks on the innocent villagers.

With a hop and skip she floated to the closest window which was cracked enough for her to fit through.

"Locked windows do no good, watch out here I come" she giggled.

Pulling herself inside she skipped and danced around, plotting her evil scheme as she looked the house over. Whilst she jumped about and redecorated she sang a little song, "up stairs down stairs, it doesn't matter where, I will cause you trouble and give you a scare" which always put her in the mood when pulling pranks.

Entering the living room she found some wool which was still in process of becoming a sweater, she picked up a loose end and wraped it around all the furniture creating a massive spiderweb which she then dressed in glitter, ruining not just the room but the sweater.

In the kitchen she opened all the cupboard doors and swapped the places of everything that was inside, she stuck the plates in the cupboard belonging to the cups and the cups were placed where food was stored, she even put the pans on the floor whilst the food was put on the counters, removed from all packaging. The knifes and forks were used as decorations that hung from the ceiling threatening to fall at even the slightest bang but that's not all, she blocked the sink and turned the taps on in an attempt to flood everything.

Once upstairs she entered the children's bedroom and woke the baby up assuring that someone would go down stairs and see what an aweful mess she had made. Hysterical she threw her arms up in the air laughing, as the new born baby cried. Once one of the child's parents got up and screamed "what's happened!" she watched as chaos took over the once happy family's lives. Running down the stairs both parents were hectic, looking at the mess the pixie had made they ran back and forth cleaning it up, taking turns they tended to the screaming baby who's cries shook the house. The pixie laughed at the chaos she had caused and left the house to go back to her tree trunk that over looked the village awaiting another day to cause nothing but trouble.





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