Biber love story 2

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Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



You: What? 

You can't believe this. Justin Bieber, THE Justin Bieber just asked you to be his..Girlfriend!! AHH<3

JB: Will you be my baby? I know its sudden but when im with you, i feel good. I feel like a regular kid.

You: Thats becuase you are a normal kid, with an angel voice, amazing hair, deep brown eyes, and... soft lips.

Justin grabs you and pulls you into a kiss. You feel his heart beat against your chest. 

JB: So is that a yes? (:

You nod, and smile brightly.

JB: Your so beautiful (:

You blush. You forgot that you looked like crap. 

You: (thinking) Wait, did he just say i was...Beautiful? Wow, a guy that likes me 

Doctor: *cough cough*

Woahhh, when did he get there? awkward.

JB: Oh, sorry. So whats next doc? ( he dosnt let go of you)

Doctor: Well judging by this cut, you'll need stitches. 

You can tell Justin is scared becuase his lip starts to quiver.

You: Justin, don't worry. Im here and i won't leave you okay?

JB: That makes me feel so much better. Your perfect(:

You: I'll never be perfect.

JB: Never say never<3

You laugh.

Doctor: Yeah, so. I'll be back.. i have to go get the needed materials for your cut.

The door shuts.

JB: What would you say if i asked you to spend the night at my place tonight?

You: Would your mom mind?

JB: Shes out of town for some girls time thing? shes gone for a few days (;

You: Funny, mine is too. But shes gone for some buissnes thing.

JB: Then its a date(:

*Knock Knock*

JB: Come in!

You get off of Justin and sit in the chair next to him.

The doctor walks up to Justin.

Doctor: You ready?

Justin: No, But do it anyway.

You grab his hand and hold on.

The doctor starts to stitch him up and you feel his hand clench yours in pain. You bring his hand to your lips and hold it there. His hand loosens a little bit of pain. He smiles.

Doctor: All done! Just come see me in two weeks and no sports.

JB: Oh, okay Doc.

The doctor leads you and Justin to the front door. 

JB: Thank you.

He grabs your hand and walks you to his car. When you reach the car he opens the passenger door for you.

And you get in. Justin runs in front of the car and hops into the drivers seat.

JB: Are you warm enough?

You: Not really. Im freezing haha.

JB: One sec.

He reaches into the back seat and gently hands you a soft sweatshirt.

You: Thanks(:

You put it on. It smells just like him. Sweet and fierce.

You: Thank you.

He grabs your hand as he starts the car.

JB: No problem babe.

You: Babe? I could get used to that (:

JB: So what music do you like? 

You: I love all the music on kiss108. And of course, i love your music(:

JB: hahaha(:

You and Justin talk and smile for a while as you listen to kiss108, Justin put it on just for you.

JB: Were here(:

You look at the HUGE house your pulling up to.

You: Damn.

JB: what? you see yourself in the mirror? (:

You: Haha, thats cute (:

JB: Your cute (;

He reaches over and kisses your cheek.

JB: Okay lets get out.

You: Of course.

You get out and meet justin in frount of his car.

He grabs you by the waist and spins you around while the darkness hugs you and snow falls on your head. He kisses you then leads you inside.








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