Biber love story 3

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Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Justin shuts the door behind him and leads you upstairs. You enter a huge room with a bath in the corner that was more like a hot tub in the ground, a king sized bed, and a huge plasma flatscreen. 

JB: I'll go and make us dinner downstairs. You stay up here and do what girls do haha (;

You: Thank you

JB: I'll call you down when dinners done, don't miss me (;

You: I'll try (:

Justin walks out the room smiling. You hear him walking down the stairs. 

You: (whispering) Huh? what should i do? 

You look down and realize that you have your bag still. You search through it and grab your makeup. You go into the bathroom and put it on so you look like your self again. You look at your clothes and theres blood on them from justins cut. You think..

You: (yelling downstairs) Hey Justin? Can i borrow a shirt?

JB: Yeah of course! Dinners almost done.

You: Okay!

You look around Justins room for a shirt. You grab one off the floor. You take off all your clothes but your bra and underware. Slipping the stirt on so that it barely covers your butt, you run back into the bathroom for one last look. You spin around and deside you look hot. 

JB: Ready! you can come down now!

Quikly spraying "someday" on, you run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Justin looks at you and his eyes grow wide.

JB: Holy.. you look...daaayum. (;

You: Well thank you. (:

You walk up to the table and see spagetti, yum. 

Justin takes the seat next to you and smiles deeply.

JB: You look gorgeous. Im so lucky to have you.

You: Not as lucky as i am to have you.

You both grin and start to eat.

JB: Taste good? ( he says this as he places his arm on your leg)

You: Yeah, its delicious. How did you learn to cook?

JB: watched my mom alot when i was small.

You both finnish and justin says to go wait upstairs while he cleans up.

You: I want to help.

JB: you wanna help..clean? girls hate cleaning.

You: yeah i know, but i dont hate you. And leaving you to clean would be rude (:

You bring yours and justins plate to the sink while he puts the leftover spagetti in the fridge. Justin takes some of the bubbles from the sink and puts it on your face while laughing. You do the same. You both get into a soap war and are covered in soap. 

JB: Hahahaha, go upstairs and get dry ill be up in a minute(:

You go up and dry of with a towel and quickly fix your hair and brush your teeth. You chew a piece of gum and spit it out so your mouth tastes of clean mint.

Justin walks up into his room while your fixing your hair again. He comes up beind you and raps his arms around your waist. You spin around and start kissing passionatly. He obviously likes the mint because he dosn't stop kissing you. You jump up and wrap your legs around him while he carries you to his bed. He lays you gently on the bed and you continue kissing. You take his shirt of of him and slide your hands down his chest to his abs and rub his stomach. He obviously liked it becuase he got hard. He takes your shirt of so your in your bra and undies. You take of his pants with your feet and now hes in his boxers. You unclip your bra and take it of slowly. You feel the heat of his chest against your boobs. Hes getting horny and takes his boxers of and your undies with it. Now you REALLY feel his boner. You move so that your ontop of him.

You: Are you sure you wanna do this?

JB: Im possitive. All i want is you.

You: Then lets do this, lets have sex (:

JB: Scream my name first.

You: Justin!!!!! (moaning)

JB: Shit. (moans)

He grabs you and you go have sex.


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