Bieber love story 1

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Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Bing! You jump, what was that? Then you notice someone messaged you. New message from Ryan Hyler Your heart rises. You click Open message and read " Hey, so about prom.." You stop reading, you know it was only a matter of days before he broke up with you, You continue reading. " I dont think its a good idea we go together. We are both so.....diffrent.."  You hate this, but you manage to hit reply and type : " Ryan.. you know how much this means to me. prom is a HUGE part of a girls life.. Don't do this to me. Please." Your finger slides to Send. You wait, and wait. And wonder what you did to diserve this. Bing! You click the message and read : " Sorry, but its not just prom, i dont want to go out with you anymore, Sarah Leisten asked me out and shes a BABE, so yeahhh budddy." You cant believe it.. How could you ever of gone out with him. What.A.Dick. You cry yourself to sleep, knowing that tomorrow you will have to face Ryan and the rest of the world, FML. 


Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! You hit the alarm clock, it reads 7:10. 

You: 7:10!?!?!? Crap! ( you fly out of bed and rush into the bathroom) Sh!t, i cant believe this!! ( you do a crap job of your makeup and shower for 2 minutes.) UGH. I look so bad! 

You run down the stairs and jump into your car, yeah thats right, your 16, and your pretty darn hot. Just not today.. You pull out of the drive way and speed to school, You look up into a mirror to apply some lip gloss and dont see the car in front of you. CRAAAAAASSHHH yo.

You: F**** i dont need this! ( you start to cry. you get out of the car to see if the person is okay.)

Just as your about to walk up to the window of the car, the door opens... your whole body freezes. 

???: Hey im so sorry! I was texting and i didnt realize someone was behind me! Are you okay?! ( He walks up to you and gives you a hug.)

You: Im Fine, its just my car... are you... Justin Bieber?

JB: Yeah, Just don't freak out hahaha, im begging you. My head kills.

You look up, a stream of blood is coming from his eyebrow.

You: Oh my god! Are you okay? 

You reach up and try to wipe the blood away, but it wont stop.

JB: Ouch, that really hurts. Do you think you can drive me to the hospital?

You: My car is done though.

JB: Take mine, theres not much damage to it.

You look at his car, its a range rover.

You: Are you sure? ( you smile)

JB: Possitve, just dont crash into anyone else. ( he winks at you and you both giggle)

You help him into the passanger seat and you get in the drivers. Then it hits you. Your in Justin freaken Biebers car. You start to laugh.

JB: What? ( he smiles)

You: Nothing, its just this whole situation..

JB: Haha, yeaah, it is kinda messed.

You: Right?

Justin turns the radio on and Mistletoe comes on. You giggle and justin starts to sing. You join in and look at him, he looks at you. You both start laughing histericly. You drive to the hospital while talking and laughing with Justin. When you get there, he asks you to come inside with him incase he falls. 

You: Where am i sopost to go after i drop you off? i dont have a car and i ran out of the house so fast that i forgot my phone.

JB: Just come with me(: we can figure that out after.

You walk into the hospital with him and you follow him to the front desk.

Nurse: What can i do for.... Your Justin Bieber!!

JB: Haha. yeah. and im also hurt, can i see a doctor? 

Nurse: uh yes, of course. 

JB: thank you. 

He turns to you.

JB: So, can you come into the room with me when i go? I don't want to be along. I hate hospitals.

You: Justin Bieber.. afraid of hospitals? Don't worry i'll stay. And im afraid of them too :/

JB: Don't we have a lot in common? ( he smiles and winks)

Doctor: Justin? You can come this way please. And who is she?

JB: oh uhhh, this is my.... girlfriend.

You blush and your heart sings to you.

Doctor: Well then, she may come too.

The doctor leads you and justin to a room.

Dotor: Stay in here. I'll be bak in a minute.

The door shuts and its just you and Justin.

You: So why did you say i was your girlfriend?

JB: (blushing) They only let family and close friends in with you. So i said you were my girlfriend.

You: Oh ( feeling disapointed)

JB: But that wasnt all a lie.. i mean, your pretty cute and really outgoing. I wouldnt exactly mind if you were my girlfriend..

He looks into your eyes and strokes your hair behind your ears leaning in. You feel your stomach spin as his pink soft lips hit yours. He tastes like strawberries. Mmmm. He releases and brings his hand from your head to your arms and down to your hand, he grabs it warmly. And stares intently into your sole.

JB: So what do you think? Want to be my one less lonely girl?




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