The Sock Market

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sneaky toad named Eddy B. Enn is fooling the forest animals that socks are good-luck charms. Cleo, a prissy pet cat, and Nutella, a clever squirrel are trying to prove otherwise.

Table of Contents

Toad Invasion

Cleo wakes up to two toad twins trying to steal her human's socks. Read Chapter

Sock Allergy

Nutella, a squirrel bakes a cake for a neighbors birthday, but gets an allergy from the socks. Read Chapter

The Gift Shop

Nutella makes a trip to the Toad Grove Manor, and visits the gift shop where she meets a strange bunny. Read Chapter

Suspicions Meet

Nutella and Cleo meet in the Enn's sludgy backyard and discover where the toads' secret entrance is! Read Chapter


Toadiel and Toadella get punished for telling a cat their father's secret, and Cleo and Nutella meet a worm president and his dancing and singing girl menagerie! Read Chapter

A Big Savior in a Little Package

Cleo and Nutella go into the Toad Grove Manor from the secret entrance, get caught, and taken to jail. But Mr Willoughby Wallaby Worm has plans to get them out! Read Chapter

A Human Meets a Worm

Debbie, Cleo's owner goes and saves Cleo and Nutella. Read Chapter

Bella and Percy

Cleo and Nutella go to visit Cleo's older sister, Taja Marie, and her three kittens. Read Chapter

The Animal Agents

Cleo, Nutella, Bella, and Percy go to visit the Animal Agents Headquarters! Read Chapter

The Tale of the Agents

Alexis tells Cleo, Nutella, Bella, and Percy about the Animal Agents. Read Chapter

Monster Bella

Bella dresses up like a vampire and pretends to eat Percy, as a diversion to help Cleo and Nutella sneak into the Toad Grove Manor. Read Chapter

Eddy's Secret

Cleo and Nutella manage to sneak into the Toad Grove Manor and discover a shocking secret. Read Chapter

Party at Gianna's

The agents have a party at the burrow until the police arrive. Read Chapter

Jakey and Tweety's Misadventure

the youngest Tweetsy siblings sneak into Toad Grove Manor to explore Eddy's bathtub... Read Chapter

Cleo's Big Risk

Cleo makes a big decision... Read Chapter