A Sudden Change 10

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Joey is in love with his bestfriend. It sucks when your lover doesnt see that same feeling in you. But it seems Joey's luck is getting better! A new student has just made his way into Joey's heart. A boy named Nick. He is a model for PlayGirl, so he is very hot to everyone. But this sudden freindship between Joey and Nick later bugs Sam. He really is a lost romantic...

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



Chapter 10

"Hello?" I groaned. It was 2 am at night. I had woken up by the ringer of my phone.

"J-Joey! Im sorry to have woken you up this late! Its just- my ex broke into my house... I got out through the back before he saw me, but im scared outta my mind!!" Elijah shouted while crying.

"Are you ok? Where are you?" I jumped out of bed in panic.

"Im fine... Im walking down the street called... Ferris..."

"Stay there, im coming" I put my phone in my pants pockets and ran down stairs. I had tight jeanes on and no shirt. I didnt find it important.

I ran down my street. About a block away, I found a boy currled up in a ball next to the wall. I ran up next to him and squated down. He was panting and wheezing. I heard him hick-up a few times from crying.

"Elijah..." I said in a worry tone.

He twitched then looked up at me.

"Joey!!" He shouted, wrapping his arms around me.

"Are you alright?"

"Im fine... I just cant belive him..." He glared.

"It will be okay... Did he mess up your house?"

"Yes! He had a bat and everything!!" He cried again.

I growled to myslef, rubbing his back as he weep in my chest.

"C'mon" I said, helping him up.

"W-where are we going...?"

"To my place, you cant go back to your house now can you?"

"Joey..." Elijah blushed.

I took his hand, walking him up the steet, back to my house.

"Joey... Your an amazing guy..." He smiled, cuddling up to my arm.

"Heh, thanks..." I smiled.

"Nicks lucky..."

I unlocked the door, letting him inside. He looked around and smiled.

"C'mon, my rooms up here" I chuckled.

"Y-your room??" He blushed.

"Yeah, why?"

"No... Its just... Nothing..." He blushed, looking away.

We walked up the stairs and up to my room. I was dead tired. I fell back onto the bed and sighed.

"It smells good in here"

I blushed and looked at Elijah.


"Yeah" He smiled.

He slowly crawled onto the bed and lay cuddled up to me.

"Thank you Joey...... You know... You seem really... Familiar..." He examined my face.

"To be honest, you do too... Hmm... Elijah... Ive heard that name... Wait, your last name isnt Carrillo is it?"

"It is... How did you know?"

"...Your from Felters Elementary school!" I jumped up into a sitting positon and smiled wide.

"Joey... I remember...! We hung out all the time!" He blushed.

"You where my second friend, after Jessica! We met when we where like... 10" I laughed.

"Yeah I remember, I moved away when I was 12... I cant belive it!" Elijah hugged me, pulling me down on the bed.

"Hehe, I remember when we did this at sleep overs" He chuckled on top of me.

"Well, its a little different since we're older..." I giggled.

"Your right..." He looked down at me, staring for some time.

"What is it?"

"Your just soo cute" He smiled.

"D-dont say those kind of things..." I blushed, trying to push him away.

"But its true Joey..."

I stopped and stared up at him. I was deep red. He leaned down, closing his eyes. I was startled. There was no way I was going to cheat on Nick. Even if it was this guy...

"N-no... Elijah, wait..." I blushed, turning my face to the side and putting my hands in his way.

"Joey... I love you... I always have... It killed me when I moved away..." He said, taking my hand and moving it.

"I-Im dating Nick!" I shouted.

It was scilent for a few moments.

"R...Right..." He mumbled, moving off me.

"Im sorry..." He lowly spoke.

"Listen Elijah... If we had met again before Nick... I would have chose you..." I sighed.

"You... Are you serious?" He perked up.

"Y-yeah... But I love Nick! Im not going to let anyone break us up..."

"I understand... Being your friend is going to be fine with me..." He hugged me.

"But im never going to stop telling you I love you..." He kissed my cheek, then rolled on the other side of the bed.

"Good night!" He chuckled, leaving me, yet again, deep red.


The next morning, I woke up, turning around to see a beautiful sleeping face. I examined all his features. He was just gorgeous... I shook my head, then got out of bed. I got a towel, then went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Elijah's POV

"Nnng..." I moaned. I stretched out my arm to put it around Joey, but just hit the matress. I opened my eyes and saw he wasnt there. I got up and rubbed my eyes.

"Joey?" I yawned.

I heard the shower on and sighed, laying back down.

I had to thank Joey properly after this.

I heard the door open, turning my head over to him. I blushed seeing down in a small towel around his waist. He was all wet, rubbing another towel on his hair.

"Oh, good morning" He said to me, getting into his closet.

"G...Good morning..." I blushed.

"So what do you want to do today? You want to go to the mall and get some new clothes?" He asked me.

"W-what? Why?"

"Well im not letting you go home anytime soon with that guy around, he doesnt know where I live, so your safe. So in the mean time, lets go get you some clothes" He smiled.

"T-thank you... So much Joey" I clutched the blankets tightly.

Joeys phone rang a moment later. I was in deep thought, so it startled me a bit.

"Hello?" He answered, grabbing a shirt and pants.

"Oh, hey Nick" He smiled.

"Yeah sorry... Im kinda busy today... How bout tomorrow?"

"Yeah, alright, talk to you later, love you" He smiled.

He hung up the phone with a frown.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, its just Nick... He has trouble saying 'I love you'" He sighed with depression.


"I dont know, he just says something like "Yeah" or "Mhm" I hate it..."

I sat there looking at him for a moment, it was kinda sad. Joey loved Nick, but I didnt understand if Nick even loved him back...

"I love you Joey" I smiled.

"Wha? N-not you..." Jopey blushed.

"Hehe" I chuckled.

I got out of bed and headed for a shower. Having me ex break into my apart ment like that... I cant belive I ever liked that guy... But as for Joey, I have never met someone like him... He was always very special to me when we where younger. It broke my heart when I had to move away...


Joey's POV

I went downstairs, waiting for Elijah to get dressed. I slumped down on the couch and sighed. Was I actually concidering letting that guy move in with me? Its not like my mom is even here... It gets pretty quiet too. How do I even know he wants to move in with me?

Joeyyy!~ Im done!" Elijah shouted, running down the stairs.

"Hey Elijah" I said getting up.

"Hm?" He smiled.

"This house has enough room... Uhm... Would you concider... Staying here for a while...?" I blushed, rubbing the back of my head.

"Your asking me to... Move in???" He had the widest grin I have ever seen on.


"Nnnnn!! Yes!! Thank you Joey!!" Elijah shouted, jumping into my arms.

"Heh, yeah yeah, no problem, just listen, we're keeping this a secret from Nick, Sam and everyone who enters this house!"

"I want to tell people!" He pouted.

"What? Why??"

"Cause I want them to be jealous that I get to be soo close to Joey~" He hugged me again.

"Ugh, lets just go!" I blushed, pushing him away.


We walked down into town. Since our town was soo small, they made shops much bigger. I didnt go out much to these kinds of places, but it was sorta nice with others.

We entered the mall, seen some couples walking around. They where holding hands, hugging, kissing, most of the stuff you do alone...

"Im... Im Jealous!!" Elijah shouted, looking at all the lovers.

"Joey! Lets hold hands!" He demanded, throwing his hand out.

"Uhh... No..." I grumbled.

"Oh come on! They are all doing it!"

"And if you look at them, they are all females and males" I groaned.

"So what?" Elijah pouted, grabbing my hand.


After a few hours of shopping, we had been to about 5 clothing stores. I learned that Elijah loved to shop... And I hated it...

He picked out some girlish clothes, but I didnt really care... To be honest, he was pretty cute in them.

"Hehe... So fun so fun!" He giggled, swinging our attatched hands back and forth.

"Yeah yeah, lets just go, I think you have enough clothes for a few weeks" I smiled.


I twitched. I turned around and saw Nick and Jessica.

"H-hey..." I slowly spoke.

"I thought you said you where buisy today" Nick said, a little worry.

"Yeah, well you see... I was just helping out Elijah pick out clothes..."

"Then why are you two holding hands?" Jessica glared, crossing her arms.

"C-cuz he wanted to! I didnt insist!" I shouted, wiggling my hand free.

"Dont worry Nick, I fully support you two. I know Joey like the back of my hand, and he would never cheat on you, I swear!" Elijah cutely winked.

Nick just stood there and glared at Elijah.

"I thought you just met Joey..." Nick glared.

"Oh! Turns out, we knew eachother when we where kids!!" Elijah smiled widely.

"Apparently" I added.

"Huuh?? I thought I was your only friend when we where kids!" Jessica complaint.

"Ive known Elijah since I was about 10, few months after I met you" I said, crossing my arms.

"Awww! I felt special..." Jessica groaned.

"Well I still dont trust you two alone!" Jessica shouted.

"Fine fine, we'll just hang out with you guys" I rolled my eyes.

"Elijah! Come with me! I know some cute shops right over here!!" Jessica said, grabbing Elijah's hand and running to a shop near us.

I started walking to the shop, when Nick tugged on my shirt.

"Hm?" I blushed.

"C-can... We hold hands...? You where doing it with... That guy..." Nick lowly said.

I blushed a little bit more, then smiled.

"Of course..." I smiled, slowly grabbing Nick's hand, interwining our fingers. I looked back at Nick and smiled.

"I love you..." I chuckled. I didnt expect it back, so I just started to walk to the shop.

"Elijah! This would look super cute on you!!" Jessica shouted, holding up a pink plaid shirt.

"Totally!!" He squealed.

"Oh my gosh..." I groaned.

I realised where we where. In a stupid Hello Kitty shop. I looked around, seeing no boys, only Nick, Elijah and I. All the girls where looking at us, giggling and blushing.

"Joey! Come look how cute this is!" Elijah shouted, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from Nick.

"A-ah..." I mumbled.

"Look how cute it is on you!" Elijah smiled, holding up a skirt to my waist.

"W-wha... Nick!!" I complained, shouting for help. Yeah, enough help he is. He stood there staring at me, blushing. A few seconds later, I heard a few squeals from girls.

"Ugh" I groaned, pushing the skirt away.

"No." I glared.

"Oh Joey, dont be all mad~" Elijah smiled, passing me to put the skirt away.

"Thanks for the help!" I joked to Nick.

"S-sorry... It just looked..." Nick blushed.

"Please dont think of it..." I blushed.

"Heh" Nick chuckled, grabbing my hand again.

I kept looking at Nick from the corner of my eye. He kept looking at this black hello kitty plushie. It was about a foot tall. It had dark red eyes, and red wings, holding a red pitchfork. I didnt really know why he liked it... It guess it was cute in a way...

"Alright, we are ready, now for the next store!" Jessica and Elijah joyfully skipped out.

"Okay, oh! I dropped my wallet, Nick, can you go with them while I go find it?"

"Oh... Uhh sure" Nick nodded, walking to Jessica and Elijah.

I walked back inside, picking up the plush toy. I walked up to the counter and got out my wallet. It was soo embarrassing...

"Thank you sir, that will be $21" The lady blushed, putting it in a bag.

I got out a 20 and a 1, grabbing it, and rushing out. All the girls where staring at me. I was never doing this again..."

"Joey! Did you find your wallet??" Jessica asked. Jessica and Elijah where sitting on a bench, but Nick was standing.

"Yeah I got it, uhh... here..." I blushed, handing Nick the bag. I looked away and scratched the back of my head.

"Ohh!!" He blushed, pulling out the toy.

"Aww! How cute! Joey thats soo sweet!" Jessica blushed.

"I... Uhh saw you staring at it... Is this the one you wanted?" I asked.

"Yeah! Thank you Joey! I was too embarrassed to get it..." Nick smiled.

"Yeah Joey, I bet this killed you! Its soo out of character!" Jessica laughed.

"You have no idea..." I groaned, looking to the side.

"Joey..." Nick lowly said.

I looked at Nick, just to be kissed hard on the lips.

"Mm!" I mumbled out of shock.

"Haa..." Nick breathed, letting loose of my mouth.

He blushed, looking up at me, having the cutest look ever.

"Too... Cute..." I mumbled without knowing.

"A-ah... Thanks..." Nick blushed.

"Aw... Not fair..." Elijah pouted.

Both Nick and I looked at him.

"I want Joey to buy me cute gifts and kiss me sweatly!!" Elijah blushed.

"Elijah..." I sighed.

"Joey's mine..." Nick glared, putting his arms around my waist and pulling me close.

"Too... Close for... Comfort..." I fidgeted, blushing.

"Mm..." He rubbed his face in my neck.

I heard loud stomps running towards us. I opened my eyes, seeing Nick being shoved away a few feet.

"Whats your problem?!" Nick angerly shouted.

"Nothing, whats yours?" Elijah glared.

"Elijah!" I shouted, being ignored.

"You dont have anyright to push me, when im having time with MY boyfriend!" Nick glared.

"And your just doing it to make me jealous!! Do you even love Joey? Cuz I do, and I would say it a million times a day! Unlike someone who just nods when he says it!"

"Elijah! Thats enough!" I ordered, even though I wanted to hear his answere.

Nick just stood there, looking down with a disturbed face.

I stared at Nick, hoping he would back up that fact... But he just... Stood there.

"Lets call it a day..." I mumbled.

"Joey..." Jessica started.

"Uhm... I'll walk you guys home..." I forced smile.

A few minutes later, we left the mall in scilence. Not even Elijah was complaining about holding my hand or making any comments. We walked all the way to Jessica's house without anyone saying anything.

"W-well... Thank you for walking me home... I'll see you at school..." Jessica smiled, walking inside.

I sighed, turning around to Nick's house. I looked at him, seeing him still looking down. Lucky his house was only down the street, since I couldnt take much more scilence.

I could see his big house. I walked him up to his door, with Elijah following behind. He turned around and looked at me.

"Uhm... Thanks..." He mumbled.

"Yeah sure, I'll see you later..." I started to turn around, before he grabbed my arm. I looked at him, seeing his face bright red.

"J-Joey I..." He started.

"Its alright..." I forced a smile once again.

"Listen, I'll see you alright?" I got out of his grip and walked a few steps.

"Hehe... Lets go home Joey" Elijah smiled, grabbing my waist with one arm.

"What?" I heard Nick say.

"Shit! Elijah!!" I glared.

"What? He would find out sooner or later" Elijah shrugged.

I glared at him for some time.

"You guys are-"

"Living together? Yes, didnt take you as long as I thought to figure out" Elijah smiled.

"Joey, how long have you been living together?" Nick asked.

"Ugh... Just since last night... His ex mess up his house and I offered him to stay for a while... Nothing of what your thinking of Nick" I said, looking at him.

"Its fine if he goes back to his own home, right? Hes nothing special" Nick glared at Elijah.

"Heh, well its funny, cuz usually you would ask your boyfriend to live with you right? Not another man" Elijah smiled.

Nick twitched.

"We've only been dating for 2 weeks!" Nick shouted.

"So what? Once again, how much times has Joey said I love you to you? And how many times have YOU said it? I would find it hard to belive if Joey even wanted you to live with him!" Elijah laughed.

I sat on a big rock, close to the door, letting them finish it.

"Listen..." Nick growled.

"Just because you like Joey, doesnt mean hes yours... Hes TAKEN! What dont you get?!" Nick shouted.

The door opened behind Nick, making our gazes to the woman.

"Whats going on out here?" She glared at all of us.

"Oh... Nothing mom..." Nick lowly said.

"Shit..." I muttered under my breath. I got up quickly and stood by Elijah.

"Who are you?" She growled.

"Uhh... Im Nick's bo-" I looked at Nick, seeing his face full of fear, he looked at me and shook his head a little for his mom not to see.

"Bo... Im his uhh buddy..." I blushed.

"Wha-" Elijah started before i covered his mouth.

"And you?" She asked to Elijah.

"Uhh... Im this guys boyfriend!!" He shouted, pulling me closer.

"You bastard..." I muttered.

"You two are... gay..." She asked.

"N-no I uhh-"

"Of course!" He smiled.

"I see... Nick, come inside, you have to do more photos" The lady said, walking back inside.

"You..." Nick glared.

"Apparently, im this guys lover in your moms world, since... Someone didnt want their parent to know they where dating a... maaan~" Elijah moaned in my ear.

"B-back off..." I blushed, pushing him away.

"Mom!!" Nick shouted, walking inside, keeping the door open.

"Crap... Whats he doing..." Elijah groaned.

"Well! Hes gone, lets go!!" Elijah, turned around, ready to walk out.

"We're waiting till he comes out." I sat down, crossing a leg over the other.

We waited about 6 minuets before Nick came back out. We both looked at him, seeing he had a big backpack.

"Im staying over at your house for a few days" Nick glared.

"Uhh..." Elijah and I both said.

"What, I cant?" Nick crossed his arms.

"No, your always welcome, its just... Why?" I asked.

"To keep this guys hands to himself"

"Ch..." Elijah grumbled.

"Heh... Well I guess we cant do anything about that, now can we, Elijah?" I smirked.

"Whatever, lets just go, theres a movie I wanna see that startes in 13 minuets"

Elijah started walking away, in the direction of my house. He didnt seem too happy about Nick staying for a while, but I loved the idea. I guess... I should be working on my reationship with Nick while hes over...

Chapter 10 END



(I am done with chapter 11, but wont update it or a while)

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