A Sudden Change 12

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Joey is in love with his bestfriend. It sucks when your lover doesnt see that same feeling in you. But it seems Joey's luck is getting better! A new student has just made his way into Joey's heart. A boy named Nick. He is a model for PlayGirl, so he is very hot to everyone. But this sudden freindship between Joey and Nick later bugs Sam. He really is a lost romantic...

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Chapter 12

"Ahhhh..." I moaned out, taking in some air. I flipped over to my side, hitting something.

"Eh?" I opened my eyes slowly, seeing Nick next to me.

I stared at him for a while, trying to remember what had happened. After a few moments my eyes shot fully open.

"Shit!!" I shouted, juming up into a sitting position.

"J-Joey...?" Nick mumbled, still half asleep.

I quickly slapped my hands over my mouth and blushed a deep red. I eyed Nick while he looked back at me, clearly confused.

"Joey? What are you doing?" Nick finally asked, rubbing his eye.

My hand slid down and I looked the other way, trying not to show my pink blush.

"Its nothing..." I shivered, stepping out of bed and walking to the door.

"Want some breakfast?" I smiled behind me.

He perked up and smiled with a tiney bit of red on the tips of his cheeks. He wiggled out of bed and jumped up. His legs quickly gave out, landing on his face.

"Aak-!" Nick shouted.

"Owww..." He mumbled, rubbing his hip.

"N-Nick! Are you okay??" I asked running to his side.

"Ahhnnn..." He mumbled, with a pouted look.

I couldnt help but chuckle a bit.

"Sorry Nick..." I laughed.

"You'll be a little sore for a while" I smiled, helping him up.

"Owowow..." Nick stood up with my help and we slowly walked out the room door.

"Good Morning~" Elijah yawned, streatching his arms on the couch.

"You just wakin' up too huh?" I smirked, leaning on the back of the couch.

"Mhm~ We should go out to eat today" Elijah smiled.

"Sorry, im a little busy today" I sighed.

"Oh? What are you doing?" Nick asked me.

"I have to work soon anyway I guess..." Elijah pouted.

I nodded then walked back to Nick, pecking him on the lips as I passed by the stairs. He chuckled the cutes laugh ever with a tiney blush.

"So where are you going today Joey?" Nick asked as I made my way to the fridge.

I opened the firdge, searching for something to drink. "Oh well I was just going with Sa-" I was cut off when my phone started to ring.

"Ahh... Hey Nick, can you get that?" I called, since it was up in my room.

"Ah! Yeah sure Joey!" Nick said, limping up the stairs.

I went and sat by Elijah on the couch, while I waited.

-Nicks P.O.V-

I lipmed up stairs, as a little pain shot through my spine. I groaned, putting my hand on my hip. I walked in Joey's room, taking in his scent. I blushed then smiled, reaching for his phone.

"Hello?" I smiled.

"Whos this?" Sam's voice came.

"Oh... Hey Sam... Its Nick" I slumped, just hearing his voice.

"Nick? Why are you there so early? That determined huh?" Sam chuckled.

I glared, wanting to brag about how Joey and I where complete now... But it seemed pretty personal...

"What do you need?" I sighed.

"Just tell Joey, we're meeting at the little park down the street from his house tonight at 7"

"You guys are hanging out?" I asked a bit concerned.

"Sort of~ Im surprised he didnt tell you~ Maybe he really did want to just fool around with me this weekend" Sam laughed.

"What are you talking about?" I asked annoyed.

"Joey's coming with me and my friends on a camping trip this weekend" Sam said in a happy tone.

"I dont trust you Sam..." I growled.

"Hey hey hey... I was friends with Joey for years... We've done lots of trips like this before~ Sorry Nick~ Oh and ill promis not to do anything to Joey... BUT- if we do, do something, then it was his choice" Sam lastly said, hanging up the phone

The phone was still up to my ear as I sat there a few more moments, in my own little world... Joey wouldnt cheat on me would he? I mean... I know he likes Sam and all... But would he actually try something, trying to hide it from me?

"Niiick~! Who was it?" I heard Joey call to me.

I twitched, standing up and walking down to the living room.

"I-...It was Sam... Saying you guys are meeting at the park tonight at 7..." I mumbled with a pouted face.

"Oh~ Gotcha" Was all Joey said.

I stared at the back of his head while he was sitting on the couch. I walked over, sitting next to him.

"Your going to be with Sam this weekend... Joey- I dont trust that guy" I sadly said.

He looked at me then smiled. It took me off gaurd and I blushed.

"Nick... I wont let him touch me... I swear" He chuckled, kissing inbetween my neck and my jaw.

"Ah..." I quivered, blushing.

"Y-your going to be gone this whole weekend??" Elijah shouted.

"Oh... Yeah sorry... I should have told you sooner..." Joey saddened his face.

"Ah- No no no no! Dont look upset! Even though that face is adorible in any expression!" Elijah blushed, throwing his arms around Joey.

I twitched, looking at them for a moment.

"H-hey!" I spoke up, yanking Joey back, so he was almost sitting in my lap.

"Ohhh~ Joey... You look so innocent right there... I could just... Eat.You.Up" Elijah purred, getting on all fours and hovored above Joey.

"Erk-" Joey blushed.

"Enough" I glared, pushing Elijahs head back.

"Hahah~" Elijah playfully laughed.

He rolled back and started to watch tv again.

I sliped my hands under Joey's arms to pick him up a little, moving him near me more.

"Sorry I didnt tell you sooner Nick~ Ill be back on Sunday night" Joey said, tilting his head back, to look at me.

"Its alright... Just... Call me when you get up there, alright?" I smiled at him.

He chuckled then nodded.

-Joey's P.O.V-

It was now 5:30 and I was packing my clothes. Nick sat on my bed, watching my every movement. It didnt really bother me, I didnt mind in the least.

"You... Wont do anything... Right?" Nick suddenly asked.

I peaked my head up to look at him.

"Nick... Have some faith in me" I chuckled a bit.

"Y-yeah I know... I just... dont trust him..." Nick sighed.

I smiled and got up. I walked to Nick, putting my hands on each side of him on the bed and kissed him solftly. We made a light smack when we parted. I stared at him for a few seconds.

He blushed, then threw his arms around my neck, pulling me towards him. I fell on top of him on the bed, wraping my arms around his waist. I dug my face in his chest and sighed in relife.

"Mmm... Joey..." Nick mumbled.

"I love you" I smiled, tightening my grip.

"I love you too" He whispered, kissing my head.

I dont recall how long we sat there together, just holding each other. Before I knew it, the clock read 6:36. I gasped and shot up.

"Joey?" Nick mumbled, rubbing his eye.

"I didnt know we fell asleep!" I hurried, packing the rest of my clothes.

"Me neither... Cant you just come back and sleep some more?" Nick whined.

"No way! I have to be there in less than 20 minutes!" I said fastly.

"Why do you have to go anyway..." He pouted some more.

"Because I promised him"

I heard Nick sigh and fall back on the bed.

"Im going to be stuck with that guy for two days..." Nick mumbled.

"Heh... Sorry~" I chuckled.

"Its fiiiine~ Ill just stay up here" Nick smiled.

"Do as you like~" I grabed my bag and swung it around my right arm.

"Well, order out, make something, go out, do whatever and I'll be back soon" I instructed.

"Okay..." Nick sighed, looking to the side.

I sighed with a smiled and walked towards him. I lightly grabed his shoulder at kissed his forehead.

"Ill text you when I get up there" I smiled.

"Y-yeah" He nodded with a tad bit of red.

I walked down stairs, rushing, opening the front door.

"Later Elijah! Im gone~" I waved.

"Already?? Awww Joeyyy" Elijah whined, hugging my tight.

"Ill be back... Sunday" I tried to breath.

"Mmm... Alright... Hurry back~!" Elijah smiled.

I nodded and headed out, walking down the street to the park.

I sighed at how dark it already was, I looked ahead, seeing the tips of the light poles around the park. I started to pick up my pace when I saw the traveling van.

"Saaaam!" I shouted.

I saw a head twitch and look up.

"Oh hey~!" He smiled, walking towards me.

"Sorry im late!"

"No worries, we where just checking if we had everything" He smiled.

I sighed in relife. I smiled and looked up at him, then behind him.

"So thats it huh~ Brings back memories" I laughed a bit.

"Doesnt it? Haha... Well lets get going" Sam smiled.

"Sam! Did you pack an extra pillow??" A girly voice called from the van.

I twitched, then looked over at the van's entrance, seeing that... Woman.

"Oh yeah I did! I'll get it for you, Katie!" Sam smiled, walking over to the van, walking inside.

"Oh... Hey Joey" Kaite said, in a non-interested tone.

"Hey..." I glared a bit.

"Here you go babe" Sam handed her a pillow, then kissed her on the lips.

I twitched again, seeing them being all romantic... I honestly bugged me.

She walked back in the van and I took this chance to talk to Sam.

I crossed my arms and glared.

"What the heck is she doing here" I asked in a angerly tone.

"Katie? Shes my girlfriend, of course I would take her here" Sam chuckled, seeing like this was funny or something.

"Dude, I thought this was just a guys campign trip?" I questioned.

"I never said that specificly man" Sam sighed.

"I didnt even know you still liked her..." I grumbled, looking to the side.

"Shes like, my life, I love her" Sam smiled, looking back at the van.

"A-ah-" I stuttered, a bit shocked.

"Alright guys! Lets get going!" Sam shouted to the rest of the guys.

He all started to pile into the van, moving slowly away from the parking space.

I sat on a couch in the back, letting my bag fall next to me. Sam sat on the opposite side of me, with Katie practically on his lap. I glared at them, watching as they kissed, nuzzled, hugged... It all bothered me...

Chapter 12 END

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