A Sudden Change 6

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Joey is in love with his bestfriend. It sucks when your lover doesnt see that same feeling in you. But it seems Joey's luck is getting better! A new student has just made his way into Joey's heart. A boy named Nick. He is a model for PlayGirl, so he is very hot to everyone. But this sudden freindship between Joey and Nick later bugs Sam. He really is a lost romantic...

Submitted: February 25, 2011

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Submitted: February 25, 2011



A Sudden Change

We hopped from one basement to another. Although, this one was more lively, as there was a bed to sleep on, a stereo, a big bathroom, kitchen, and a little living room to it.

"Nng..." I stressed with my hand still throbbing.

Everyone was out and about running all over the basement, leaving me in pain.

I arched my back on the sofa I was sitting on. I flipped on the tv to subside the pain. I flipped channel to channel, searching for something I may enjoy. I squinted at the tv as it began to look blurry.

"Ah..." I sighed. I felt light headed. I summed up that I must be losing a little too much blood. Quickly, I took off my shirt, un-wrapping Sam's shirt off my arm. When the cloth was off and my hand was bare, I could see the wound. Scars where re-opening and bleeding more than necessary. I wrapped my shirt around my arm tightly.

I clutched my arm, feeling a bit dizzy.

"Ahh... Saaam~!!" I shouted as loud as I could.

I heard foot steps coming down the hall.

"Joey, you ok??" Sam ask putting his hands on my shoulder from the back.

"I feel dizzy..." I sighed.

"Damn... Okay hold on a bit longer, the storm will be over in a while..." Sam smiled kissing my forehead.

"Mmm..." I smiled.

"Hey Nick! You got any gauze??" Sam shouted.

"Uhm no... W-whats wrong?" Nick asked shy, walking down the hall.

"This dick here is bleeding too much."

"Haah...." I mumbled annoyed.

"J-Joey! Are you o-ok?" Nick asked running infront of me.

"Im fine... Got any cigarettes though?" I sighed.


"Dude this isnt the time to start that again!" Sam shouted at me.

"Joooey~ Whats wrong?" Jessica bounced, running over to me.

"Ugghh! Listen Im Fine! I Just Need Sam Right Now, Alright?!" I shouted losing temper.

"Listen dude, the news said the storm died down, so just get me to a fuckin' hospital..." I glared at Sam.

"Jeez no need to be so mean~" Sam smirked kissing my cheeck next to my lips.

I looked away with a blush and slowly got up.

"Stay here you two. I'll call your cell when I think its okay, alright Jessica?" I informed.

"Sure! But why cant we come??" Jessica pouted.

"Cuz' he wants to be alone with me~" Sam purred, grabbing my crotch.

I felt a tingle speed through my spine. My body reacted on its own. I quickly punched Sam in the stomach with my injured hand.

"Ah Fuck!!" Sam and I both shouted.

"Jeez! To Harsh!!" Sam groaned, clutching his stomach.

"No It Wasnt!!" I also groaned, clutching my hand.

"J-Joey... I wanna come..." Nick said with a tilted head and a little blush.

"Ah damn it! Why do you have to be so dang cute?!" I shouted, pulling Nick into a rough kiss.

"Gah!" Sam shouted.

"A-ah... Joey..." Nick muttered as I started to kiss down his neck.

"Alright! Thats enough!" Sam shouted pulling me by the shirt, with a little drool coming down my mouth.

"Ugh I hate you..." Sam growled at me, licking my saliva away from my chin and up.

Sam stuck his tongue down my throught once he got to my lips.

"Ah! Are you actually going to let Sam steal Joey from you?!" Jessica whispered to Nick.

"I... I dont know..." Nick shivered.

"Heh, see that puss isnt even going to try to stop me!" Sam chuckled.

"Mmph!!" I mumbled, trying to push Sam away, yet my streangth wasnt cooperating with me.

I felt a hand press on my stomach, pushing me away to the ground. A second later I heard a loud 'thump'.

I looked over at Sam, who had a mark on the side of his cheek. Nick was glaring at Sam, stading by me.

"Ch... You have pretty good streangth for that little body." Sam chuckled walking to Nick.

"Sam! Enough!!" I shouted, bolting infront of Nick.

"That little bastard punched me!!" Sam shouted back.

"If He Didnt Do It, I Would Have!"

The room became quiet for a minute.

I felt my fingers being touched. Then intertwined with anothers. I looked behind me, seeing Nick blushing and looking to the floor. I tightened my grib on his hand.

"We are all going to the hospital, lets just go..." I mumbled.

"Fine..." Sam growled.

We all walked up the stairs, slowly opening the door. I took a look first, seeing nothing. The house was pretty dirty with stuff everywhere, but didnt seem the house was broken.

"Hnn..." Nick whined, clutching my hand harder.

"Its fine" I looked around a bit more, then walked out the door.

Trees where split in two, some where in the middle of the road. While I was scanning the area, my eyes caught a person, laying undera bunch of trees.

"Ah Fuck!!" I shouted, letting go of Nicks hand and rushing to the man.

I quickly threw the branches off of the man, one was even a full tree. I hoped he was still alive.

I shook the man, turning him over on his back and giving him CPR. I could feel negative vibes coming from Sam and Nick.

I blew air into his mouth one last time when I backed away as he coughed. I helped him sit up. "Ow... Ow ow...." The boy repeated. He clutched his leg.

"Let me look..." I gently removed his hands, searching his leg, clearly it being broken as a bone poped out on the inside.

"Well we are going to the hospital, your coming with us" I smiled gently.

The boy turned a tad bit red.

"I'll carry the guy" Sam grumbled, picking him up and putting him on his back.

"So whats your name?" I asked as we began to walk, grabbing Nick's hand.

"Oh... My name is Kasey... Why are you guys going to the hospital? Someone hurt?"

I smiled and put up my arm, nodding my head.

"W-what happened?" Kasey asked a little shocked.

"Punched a glass wall, now im pretty dizzy..." I chuckled.

"Im sorry about that... Uhh... Your name?"

"My names Joey" I smiled.

"And these guys here are Nick, Jessica and Sam" I pointed out.

"Nice to meet you guys... Thanks for helping me..." Kasey blushed with a smile.

"No problem"

We walked for a while with random conversations poping up, us learning that Kasey is a 15 year old in the same grade as us, just a different school (9th grade).

Since the town was prettf small, everything was close together, so the hospital wasnt far at all, at least a 20 minute walk.

We entered the hospital main doors, to see nurses running all over the places, and too much injured people to count.

"Ah great..." I sighed, sitting in a seat.

Sam placed Kasey down in a seat next to mine, while Nick sat in the other chair besides be, still holding my hand. I looked at Nick then smiled, rubbing my head inbetween his neck.

"Can you give me that answere soon?" I asked, my head still burried into his neck.

"Ah- I mean I-I... Uhh..." Nick stuttered.

"Heh..." I smiled, closing my eyes.

"Ch... Lucky bastards got Joey under his spell..." Sam glared, talking to Kasey.

"What do you mean?"

"Well look at them! Joey has already made out with him! Now their gonna date!" Sam shouted.

"Joey's gay?" Kasey questioned.

"Yeah dude, hes had like 5 boyfriends already"

"Hmm..." Kasey smirked.

About half an hour later, the nurses finally got to us. Nick shoke me awake a while after, as Kasey and I where going to a hospital room.

The nurses set us up on the beds and left us there, waiting for a doctor.

"So Joey, Sam tells me you like that Nick kid?" Kasey asked me.

"Ah... Uhh yeah I do... What about it?"

"Oh nothing~ I just wanted to tell you I support you 100%~" Kasey smirked.

"Uhh... Thanks..." I said un-sure of this guy.

Chapter6 END

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