Love Starts With A Kiss 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chris has a feild trip to California with his classmates, but not so exited about having to share a room with Clover. Clover and Ellie, Chris's friends, keep getting into a fight about Ellie being gay and dating a guy. Chris on the other hand hates when Clover makes fun of Ellie for it and startes to get into fights with him. Maybe this little trip together will change that.

Submitted: June 09, 2011

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Submitted: June 09, 2011



For some reason I was starting to drift. I felt my head tilt and my eyes narrowing, focusing on his face. Once I figured out what was going on, I shot my eyes wide open. I roughly pushed Clover off as har as I could.

"W-What The Fuck?!" I shouted as I rubbing my mouth.

"You always practiced kissing with Ellie... Whats the difference with me?" Clover asked.

"T-That wasnt practice kissing!! That was full on kissing!!" I shouted.

"Ch! You never seemed to have a problem with Ellie doing that!" Clover shouted with a blush.

"W-well because we both wanted to practice...!" I shouted a tad bit embarrassed.

"Dont you think that I ever wanted to try it??" Clover shouted.

"No! Your a fucking homophobe!!"

"Nn... Your such a little kid Chris..." Clover squinted, pushing me down to the floor.

"C-Clover!!" I shouted under him.

"Just play along..." He whispered, laying his lips on mine once again.

"I wonder what that teacher did with Chris and Clover..." Ellie sighed.

"Dont worry about it" Jordan smiled, cuddling up to Ellie.

"U-uhm... I think I'll check up on them" Ellie said, pushing away Jordan.

He heard a sigh from his boyfriend, then left down the aisle.

"Hmm... Where are they?" Ellie thought to himself, going to the back of the plane.

Ellie came to the back of the plane, making a turn, seeing Clover ontop of Chris. He stood there for a moment with wide eyes. He then slowly took one step further, turning into a running pace.

"G-get off him!" Ellie shouted, shoving Clover as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" Clover shotued, landing on his butt.

"Ellie..." Chris said in shock, seeing Ellie crouch down besides him.

"What the Fuck!!" Ellie shouted at Clover.

"Whats your problem?" Clover glared.

"Why the heck where you kissing him?!" Ellie shouted again.

"Ellie... Calm down..." Chris worriedly spoke.

"Why?? Did you want him to kiss you?!" Ellie turned towards me.

"N-no! I mean..." I blushed.

"You... Do you like Clover...?" Ellie asked a little petrified.

I locked my gaze with Ellie for a moment, then looked at Clover. Ellie saw where my gaze was, then looked behinde him to see Clover stairing back at Chris.

"You two... Stop joking..." Ellie nervously chuckled.

"Ellie... To be honest..." Ellie, quickly turned to look at Chris, seeing Chris blushing, looking down.

"I have honestly always loved... Loved you..." Chris picked up his head and looked at Ellie.

Ellie seemed a little taken back by this. He faintly blushed, prosessing this information. Once it kicked in, he began to grow deep red.

"Y-you have...?" Ellie blushed.

"It... Its never bothered me that you fell in love with a different guy because I know that you love him deeply... But you will never stop being my best friend Elliot..."

"Chris..." Ellie whispered, seeming like he was going to cry.

"Why are you just telling me this you jerk?" Ellie quickly hugged Chris.

"Its not cool to confess when the person is in a relationship" Chris chuckled, patting Ellie on the back.

"But you still did it..." Ellie smiled, pulling away from Chris's chest.

"Well i didnt want you to missunderstand..." Chris blushed.

"Fags" Clover pouted.

"You just wish I was your fag, fag" Chris smiled.

Clover looked at Chris from the corner of his eye and blushed.

"By the way, why are you over here?" Chris asked Ellie.

"I wanted to see what was taking so long... And by my opinion, it was a good choice!" Ellie glared at Clover, making Clover roll his eyes.

"Well, lets go back... Jordan will worry you know" Chris smiled at Ellie.


The three boys walked back in scilence. They sat back in their seats, being greeted by Jordan.

"Hey baby... What took soo long?" Jordan asked, kissing Ellie on the cheek.

"Uhh out and bout..." Ellie chuckled.

"Homo-" Clover started before I put a hand on his mouth.

"If you dont want everyone know you made out with me, I would cut it out" I evily smiled.

I heard Clover gulp, then turn to the window.

I rolled my eyes, turning to look at the Ellie and Jordan. I saw Ellie stare at me with a faint blush while Jordan was talking to him. Then I smiled with a little wave. He did a little jump, then blushed. He turned back to Jordan and pecked him on the lips. I sighed and turned away, looking back at Clover, who was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Chris... Your really cute you know..." Clover said with a serious tone.

I blushed. "W-what..."

Clover leaned over, taking the back of my head and pressing me closer to him.

"C-Clover" I groaned, trying to get away.

Then he pressed his lips against mine.

"Mmp!" I moaned.

"Clover!" Ellie shouted, making Clover jump back in his seat.

"What?" Jordan asked, looking over at us, seeing Clover looking out the window and me looking down blushing.

"What is it?" Jordan asked, looking back at Ellie. Being surprised to see Ellie fuming with anger.

"Chris! Come with me!" Ellie shouted, getting up out of his seat and pulling me by the arm to the bathroom.

Ellie pushed me inside, a little too hard.

"Ow! Ellie! What the heck??" I groaned.

"Sorry Chris... I just... I really cant take you and Clover anymore!" Ellie shouted.

"What are you talking about?? Theres... Theres nothing going on between me and Clover..." I blushed.

"See! Your blushing!!" Ellie shouted.

"N-no!" I blushed even more, putting my hands infront of my face.

"Chris!" Ellie grabbed both my hands and pulled them away from my face.

I blushed looking down at Ellie, waiting for something to happen.

"Chris... I dont think I can enjoy this trip anymore..."

"Why not?"

"Jordan... I honestly do love him... But Chris... Chris you have been there forever... Since we where born down to this point... I have always had feelings for you... I tired my best to move on beacuse you where getting soo much girlfriends! I had every doubt that you where gay... Then when you said you loved me... It really broke my heart... Im stuck... I dont know weather to break up with Jordan and be with you... or-" Ellie was stopped when I put a finger on his lips.

"Ellie... Honestly, your over thinking this... Its great that you have feelings for me, it makes me very happy... But I dont want you to break up with Jordan" I sadly smiled.

"What? But... If you love me..."

"I do, but its your happiness that I want most, so please... Stay with him" While saying this, my heart felt like it was breaking in two. It hurt a lot, but I loved Ellie too much to make him sad.

"Can I ask a favor at least...?" Ellie asked.

"Anything" I narrowed my gaze.

"Kiss me... Kiss me how Clover kissed you, Chris..." Ellie looked at me with a serious gaze.

"Ellie... You know I cant do that..." I sighed.

"You said anything Chris..." Ellie grabbed my shirt, pulling me closer.

"Ellie" I squinted my eyes, blushing, moving down towards Ellie.

I slowly kissed him, pressing harder and harder, till my tounge was deep inside his throat.

"Mmmm..." Ellie moaned, throwing his arms around my neck.

I slid my hands from his face, down to his waist, rubbing his thigh.

"Ahh..." He moaned as we parted lips for a split second, right before he quickly rushed his face back into mine.

Making sloppy sounds as we parted and attatched again, made me remember the old times when we did this for fun, now knowing he loves me is amazing. He pushed me roughly against the wall, sliding his hands up my shirt.

"Nnn-" I groaned, pushing him away.

"Elliot! No more of this... Your cheating on Jordan! Im sorry Ellie, just please deal with it, like we both have all these years..." I sighed, walking out of the bathroom.

"Chris... I love you soo much..." Ellie sank down to his knees, just stairing at the ground, with a tear dropping.

Chapter 2 END

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