This is the worst one

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

ugh im sorry im sick of romance too

Oh you oh you oh you

You know who you are

Uh oh wasn’t that your excuse?

I hear you


Somebodys name

I wonder

If I know them

I see your body moving

But  Its not in my bed

You got lucky

You got lucky


Its too late for me

You got another beautiful girl

You got a beautiful sweetheart

You got another somebody to tell it to

You got another believer

So sincere so sincere

Oh your eyes aren’t blue

Theyre dark

Darkened receivers

I wish I could believe that you

Are any less innocent

Than you are

I wish I could

See you for more than

Thiis beautiful baby boy that tore me apart

In the nighttime

Your memories so pretty

Its pointing out a lost belt of stars

Barely visible

Barely visible now

From where we are

Your always so far

Im not stupid

I know when

Its too late and you know it

And your completely okay

I wanted to be a part of where your going

But it all got cast a different way

I wish there was something more to say

Im in deep

And your standing on the shore

Im drowning and your

Building sandcastles

No matter how far you go

Youll know

I hope

And if he fucked me oh if he fucked me

Would you feel even a little bit of jealousy?

If he took my virginity

Would you feel even a little bit of jealousy?

You “don’t dislike me”

And after all

It seems so cold

You once gave me a name

Sung me a beautiful song

You once

Touched my skin

And asked me not to ever change

Your Deranged.




Sometimes you  hide behind the trees from me

And ill never find you

Ill  never find you

I will never find you

Ohh ill never find you

Submitted: May 05, 2010

© Copyright 2021 imalloverit. All rights reserved.

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