He's the best guy i like. But he didnt like me.

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How you move on for the love that you will never get?? Its story is start in hIGh school.

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



When i was 2nd yr. High school. I met him inside the canteen with his classmates and friends. That is my first time to see him and i found out that he is a friend of my new classmates and second cousin of my new friend. His angelic face catches my attention and i feel im inlove with him. Next day i saw him again and i guess his classroom is beside in our classroom. Almost everyday, i see him. But later on, i heard that he is in a relationship with other girl. I cant explain my feeling, i feel im heartbroken.. But its not a reason for me to stop my craziness haha. One day, i told my friends to pick a picture from him.. And i got what i want but i told her not to say that im the one who want his pictUres. My friend asked me if i want to have his number, but i ignored them 'coz i feel ashame to text him. In my long years in high school, my feelings for him never end but i dont get a chance to tell him that i like him and i love him so much. In 3 yrs. In high school, i got many information about his bAcKground, personal and many interesting things about him. Like the other girls, if they like a person, they searching information about the guy they like even the things is not really interested. Every time i saw him, im fEeL im in heaven and the reason why i always present in our class just to see him even were not classmate at all. But i tried to do anything to walk near their classroom. I think crush is just for a few months but a very loNg years is not a crush anymore; its calleD love. Now im in college, almost 5 years of loving him secretly, i think i love him not because he is handsome, i love him because he is very kind, respectful, and responsible guy. He is very different in any other guy. In our days now, very few person who has a good personalities like him.. I portrayed him like Shone of crazy little things called love, the best guy and i think i like Nam because of loving the person but she didnt get a chance to get Shone. But our differences are, shone have also fEeLings for her and me? Impossible.!. He is happy now for his girlfriend. And i think, he is not the right guy for me thats why we dont have the chance to be with him. But i accept it. Im happy for him, i wish there is another guy for me like him. Until now, i dont have a boyfriend, i look for the guy like him.. Not perfect but with a good heart. Its better to me for not seeing him to forget my feelings... I only see him in my dream..

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