Does He Like Me?

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Just thought I should let out my feelings for this guy I like.All true by the way.gonna be long & maybe a bit cheesy so BE WARNED!!!Enjoy!!

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




In English

You creep up behind me like a creeper & squeeze my neck, making me jump. You laugh, eyes closed, mouth open, and sea green braces shine in the sunlight. I push you playfully & you smile, showing perfect teeth over the braces. You talk with your friends while I sit on the edge of the table outside of English class, listening to the conversation. You & your friends talk about skate boarders while I listen with fascination. The door to English opens & we walked inside. I sit at the table across from you as you make a silly face, which makes me giggle. Class starts & it's silent. As I finish the test, I sneak a glance at you. You're focused on your test, writing & erasing, erasing & re writing. Finally you finish, and sneak a smirk over at me. I smile & look around the room. As the teacher gives out the answers, you sneak a few glances at me. I smile. As English winds down to a close, you follow me to Spanish, asking if we had any homework.


In Spanish


As I sit in my seat, you walk past. I smile & try to trip you. You stumble & smirk as you walk to your seat, with a 'I'm gonna get you back' look in your eyes. As Spanish starts, the teacher calls on you to say a word in Spanish. You stand, obviously nervous. I look over & you sneak a quick glance at me before nervously stumbling over the word.I give a sympathetic smile as you sit down. Spanish goes by muy bueno & we walk over to Art class.


In Art

Our teacher explains our assignment & we get to work. I meet you near the paints & you try to scare me, failing miserably. I shake my head & you nudge my shoulder. I smile & nudge you back. This goes on for a while before you stop. As we got our stuff, you try to make a rap, making me giggle. You smile & walk back to your seat. i go back to mine & work. We finally head to lunch & then to Math.


In Math


You walk in & set your backpack on the table. I walked over & sit on the edge as you try to do tricks on your eraser. You sneak a few glances at me to see if I'm probably still watching, which I am. As class starts, I slide off the table & go to my seat. Math starts & I pulled on my jacket. I seal a few glances at you & see you staring at me. I instantly look away. Math begins & we all start working. Though you're talking with your group, I still see you looking at me. You smile & turn back to your group. We clean up the class & head home. And, as I walk over to the intersection, I see you grinning & hear you shout my name out of your Mom's car window like a maniac. I grin & walk home.




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