**For Mum**

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For My Mum mothers day 2004

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



I appeared in the world

Screaming and helpless

Unable to communicate the things I wanted

But She knew

She understood

She fed me when I was hungry

Clothed me when I was cold

Held me when I screamed out loud
And prayed one day I'd make her proud

Mama raised us single handed

Daddy was nowhere to be found

Yet none of us were found to ever lack love

There was an abundance of that around

I wasn't the easiest child to raise

But Mama, she didn't give up

She taught me how to be strong

Stand tall

Walk Proud

And love myself

In order that I would be loved

As I achieve in life

And when I think who I need to thank,


Thank you for being support


And love.

You always worked hard to raise us right

You were there for us when we were sick at night

And I feel that it's only right

That I say thank you mother for giving me love

Thank you mother for giving me Love

Thank you for sacrifices made

Thank you for the time you gave

Thank you for the joy you bring

Thank you Mama for everything!

© I.Charles 2004

© Copyright 2018 Imani Charles. All rights reserved.

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