Yu Yu Hakusho S.C. : Dark Tournament Saga

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

To save his sister from the dangers in his life, Kurama leaves her behind, but fate has different plans them. Guided by the love for her brother, Kimika searches long and hard for her brother finding herself in the middle of the infamous dark tournament. Danger, treachery, and new allies lurk around every corner for Kimika and Team Urameshi along with deep secrets and phantoms from many of the members pasts.

Table of Contents

Episode 1: Kimika's Deepest Desire

Kimika doesn't ask for much in life, but to be reunited with her long lost brother, Kurama. It's unknown if she will receive her heart's desire, as she is surrounded by secrets and dangers. One of the greatest dangers is a threat of a 'Rogue Goddess' lurking around the Human World killing off demons for her own pleasure. Being an apparition herself, will she be able to reach her brother before she falls prey to the goddess' dark vendetta? Read Chapter

Episode 2: An Unexpected Reunion

As the sun began to rise in the sky, Makoto made her exit quietly from the temple. But before she left, she made sure that she left behin... Read Chapter

Episode 3: Anger's Remedy

While following the direction that Kimika ran in, Kurama and the others reached a small clearing of scorched earth and plants. The flames... Read Chapter

Episode 4: The Girl who came with the Rain

Early morning came with a heavy rain beating down on the island. Lightning flashed through the sky followed by the roar of thunder. It sh... Read Chapter

Episode 5: Someone Worth Fighting For

“Urameshi said that the elevator over there should take us to Makoto’s suite.” Kuwabara said as he guided the mask fighter down the... Read Chapter