Limericks About Othello

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Bill Shakespeare would be so proud... something old I dug up from my days in Shakespeare class. Just a few bizarre, stupid, and really random limericks about the characters of the classic tragedy "Othello."

Submitted: March 02, 2011

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Submitted: March 02, 2011



Roderigo’s Tale

There once was a man called Roderigo

Iago was feeding his ego

He wasted his life

To get the Moor’s wife

And was hated by Brabantio


Iago’s Tale

Iago was a man with a plan

Of Cassio he was not a fan

On him he got dirt

And called him a flirt

Now Othello needs a second-in-command


Othello’s Tale

Othello needed some advice

He thought Cassio was screwing his wife

To Iago he came

Though he was to blame

Now he has a miserable life


Desdemona’s Tale

There once was a woman so pretty

She married a Moor in the city

On the sea she did roam

And made Cyprus her home

Her downfall was such a pity

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