Limericks About Star Trek

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
IMPORTANT:If you don't like Star Trek TOS and don't have a sense of humor, then why the hell are you even reading this? A short collection of random limericks about everyone's favorite BAMF Trio, with a dash of slash and a healthy dose of McCoy lovin'! *Sigh* only a crazy fangirl could've come up with something so pointlessly amazing...

Submitted: March 02, 2011

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Submitted: March 02, 2011




There's no other man quite like Jim

He never believes he can't win

They say he likes ladies

But it's a pretty big maybe

When I see the way Spock looks at him!




Illogical is something Spock ain't

Emotions are his only complaint

His logic and wit

And the way that he sits

Are so sexy that fangirls will faint




McCoy is by nature quite crusty

I just love to watch him get fussy

He may not be the captain

But when shit starts to happen

He sure as hell proves that he's gutsy!



The Corbomite Maneuver

When the captain was not in his place

A cube stopped his ship dead in space

With aliens so bad

He bullshitted like mad

But they couldn’t read his poker face!



Kirk and KHAAAAN!

From the beginning Khan hated poor Kirk

Though with him dear Jim seemed to flirt

By the end of their game

He’ll be screaming his name

Until your ears start to hurt




(These next three are also dedicated to my favorite character, Dr. McCoy, who I am more or less currently a little obsessed with. The *ahem* slightly embarrassingly-named “Love Doctor” limericks are loosely based on a Star Trek fanfic I’m writing on called “The Good Doctors,” if you’re a nerd and fellow Bones fangirl and want to check it out.)



Dr. Pwnage

On Star Trek my favorite guy

Is the one with blue eyes like the sky

His friends call him Bones

Oh, the bad guys he pwns

With sarcasm and humor so wry


The Love Doctor #1

Go ahead and think what you may

We prefer discretion, anyway

But I’ll forgo the apple

And instead drink a Snapple

For who’d want to keep this doctor away?



The Love Doctor #2

When he sees me, how big his eyes grow!

Even doctors need lovin’, you know

Now when it’s time for my check-up

I know he won’t mess up

And it’s off to the good doctor I go!

© Copyright 2020 ImaRocketDog. All rights reserved.

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