Our Ancient Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This one was written a little over a year ago when my first love left me for an older girl, whom was pregnant at the time. I went into a major depression, and I was very suicidal, how silly of me.

Sometimes, I just wish to die,

To relieve myself of all the pain…

The pain other bring me,

And the pain I bring others.

I really didn’t mean to hurt you,

But why did you hurt me?

After you promised me you wouldn’t,

You did anyways…

Why would you make a promise that you shan’t keep?

Did you just want to hurt me?

Because you did, you hurt me very badly.

Does my pain amuse you?

You’ve slowly broken all of the promises you made to me.

You’re giving me disordered emotions,

But it’s all to much,

I can’t handle them,

So sometimes I break down and I cry,

Sometimes I hurt myself,

Cut myself,

And I dedicate the red river of blood to you.

All of my friends ask me ‘Are you okay?’

I paint the smile on my face again,

A disguise I am now used to.

And I tell them I am alright,

Just not feeling great.

I don’t let anyone know, how I really feel.

Every night, my pillow get’s soaked,

Even in my sleep.

Although I never cry in public,

I do it a lot on my own.

Because, without you, I have nothing.

You were my everything.

And to see you with her,

Happy with a family,

It’s a new brand new pain.

Hurting me more than my loving blade,

Yet leaving no evidence of the murder.

The victim is my heart,

It was suffocated then snapped into pieces,

Although, you don’t even realise what you did.

I see you with her,

And I feel ugly,

Like worthless scum compared to her.

Then she speaks,

She tells me what you didn’t.

Of everything everyone accused me of,

How she knows all of this,

I do not know.

For that information is all false.

You had my heart,

But you thought it belonged to others.

When I tried to show you otherwise,

You would not listen.

That alone cracked my heart,

Made me want to become one with the shadows,

To leave this world.

Now my love still remains,

Although yours has neutralized.

It breaks my heart all the more,

Kills me a little more inside.

To see you loving her,

It makes me want my blade,

It makes me want to,


Submitted: August 03, 2010

© Copyright 2022 ImaxEatxYew. All rights reserved.

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