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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

One steamy afternoon. Hyungwon does not want to eat what Wonho prepared but he want something else.
Hyungwon and Wonho lived their life with sweet and raving moments for about 7 years.

/* chia's note: I've recreated my first fanfic and turned it into HyungWonho one shot. It contains explicit and detailed moments. Please, be careful of your imaginations. */

Hyungwon and Wonho lived their life with sweet and raving moments for about 7 years.

It’s the same day to Alom’s house. As usual, Wonho cooks enough food for them while Hyungwon wakes up late noon. After cooking, he carefully walks to their room, scared of waking him involuntarily with the sound of his big feet though Hyungwon is a heavy sleeper. As he reached their bed, he slowly pulled out the silk sheet that covers Hyungwon while softly patting his shoulder and leans to kiss him on earlobe down to his long, attractive neck.

Hyungwon tossed and parted his plump lips releasing a soft moan, “Dad, don’t. I’m still sleepy.”

Wonho smirks as he jaunted on Hyungwon’s body and whispered, “Food is ready. Let’s eat, good boy.”

Hyungwon frozed as he saw his big man on top of him, enough friction between their thighs wherein one move could made them both hard and wanting, exchanging hot breaths while Wonho supports his whole body with his muscled arms before it weakens caused by his desires and enticement on Hyungwon.

Hyungwon hesitantly said, “No. I don’t want what you cooked today. I want something.”

Wonho frowned thinking his efforts are wasted and moved his body on the side of bed, sitting “Then if you don’t want, I’ll just eat alone instead. You don’t need to get yourself up now. Do what you want, I’ll not respond on your hunger strike later.”

Tantrums by the big man and walked out of the room, Hyungwon doesn’t want to be mean. He teased him because he felt earlier that he was once again tempted. Wanted him at this late hot afternoon. Unknowingly, he hurt him easier with his naughty idea. Hyungwon hurriedly got up and ran towards Wonho who about to reach the kitchen.

He used his skinny, long body to block the countertop, “Are you mad? I’m just kidding, dad. Of course, I love what you cooked.”

Wonho looked with dark gazed, “So why do you need to say that if you do oppositely? Do you, by any chance knew that you hurt me with kicking my efforts out? I prepared som—”

Hyungwon rush his lips to Wonho’s to shut his tantrums, he grabbed his neck hard enough to press the Alpha’s soft and naughty lips while his other hand roaming around his chest down to stomach and semi-hardened groin.

Wonho curled a bit and pushed him “So what was that for? You’re sorry? Well, you can’t lure me with that move. Remember, I’m an Alpha and you’re just an Omega.”

Hyungwon smirks but somehow hurt with that phrase and started to kiss him again. This time, it became sadistical, inhumane move as his tongue suddenly swirled on Wonho’s mouth, trying to get his tongue to do so. Remembering that this move would make an Alpha his Omega now. As planned, Wonho unhesitant let his tongue do the work too.

A short pause, “No. You can’t lie to me. I know you want me, weak Alpha. You’ve just supported your body to prevent more friction. You aren’t dumb when I told you I want to eat something. You little daddy did not get my clue? It disappoints me actually.”

Wonho frozed as he heard his whisper. It gave him shivers on spine and at the same time, annoyed. He knew it. Forgot he made him turned on with those little kisses on lobe and neck. I should’ve got this earlier. I’m dumb to do tantrums, I should’ve let my desires out on his body, his mouth, and on his hole or better he should do that for me as what an Omega does. Not at me an Alpha, getting weak on him.

With strong arms and grip, he carried Hyungwon on their large sofa, on top of him hungrily kissing him while his hand locates erected length of Omega. Stroking it up and down, tracing his neck with hard little kisses, up until sucking nipples, abdominal kisses to make him pre-cum. I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t stop myself and want to stroke his ego so bad, licking his cum, gagging out but it does not matter. I want him, inside of me.

Hyungwon moans on every hard kiss Wonho does. He moved his head side-to-side, letting out soft moan signals that he is about to have his pre-cum. “Dad, please. I can’t, not now. Let me, a-ahh do it instead. A-ahh.. fuck!”

Wonho didn’t stop, “But when baby? Seems like you’re too fast for a pre-cum. Why?” He removed his hand, and his lips reach his length, plunging his face up and down until be choked. Hyungwon pulled his hair and guided him well. He felt like he’s coming anytime.

“I don’t know! A-ahh.. Please, ohh. Shit a-ahh.. Can you please, a-ahh.. HOSEOK I’M BEGGING YOU! I- I WANT TO BE INSIDE OF YOU! Not now. A-ahh. S-stop stt-roking me. Let me fill you with this first wave.” I did not realize I called him on his real name. I’m done. A moment, he will stop and left me wanting more. This is my punishment.

Wonho did not expect that Hyungwon released his danger word, his real name. He toyed him, “Oh, not now too. You just called me Hoseok, then I’ll leave you hanging now.” He removed his mouth, his fingers started circling the tip of Hyungwon’s length, making him weaker. He can see Hyungwon being more impatient.

Hyungwon cries and begging “Why did you. Please, let me continue in your hole, I’ll do the work. I’m going crazy. Let me be your Alpha for now”. I’m desperate, I want to fill him up now. I want to thrust so hard, ripping an Alpha’s hole. I did succeed at turning tables. Please, let me.

Even though he’s weak, he pulled Wonho on his top and kissed him desperately. Wonho felt guilty so he voluntarily moved his body, letting Hyungwon entered him with his longing length. He groans as he felt he’s slowly being plugged. I still can’t believe how good he was at turning tables. Now I found myself begging for more, rough lusty feeling, forgetting my dignity as an Alpha.

Hyungwon on top now, biting Alpha, now his Omega’s earlobe, kissing his jawline, tracing his chest with plump and swollen lips, licking his nipples while positioning himself comfortably inside of his man.

He tiredly whispered, “I may be your Omega, but I can work as an Alpha like you. Now, tell me what you want?”

Wonho moans at every slowed thrust Hyungwon does. With this rhythm, Wonho could easily begged him to do more as it tingles. “I- I want more, master. Please, harder.”

Hyungwon felt an excitement as he heard Wonho’s danger word, Master. “What did you say? Louder.” As he thrust faster and deeper on him.

“I- a-ah.. I want mo- more, master.” Wonho releases loud moans as he felt he was being thrusted harder that before.

Hyungwon played his ace card. He stopped for a moment and started again slowly. Stopped. Thrusting faster. Stopped. Slowly. Until Wonho cries “A-ah.. Can you refrain from stopping? A-ah.. You really a-ahh.. making me so crazy.”

Hyungwon laughed and kissed Wonho again. Twirling his tongue, licking his lips, biting his lower lips until it swells. Giving another set of bites on his neck. Naturally, Wonho responded. He is already weak and tired of impatient thrust he received but manages to give back dirty kisses.

Hyungwon parted his lips, “It seems like you’re already tired. Should I stop now?”



Hyungwon is still playing, “Are you shouting on me right now? Well, I guess I’ll sto-”. Before he said it fully, Wonho kissed him and started talking between their lips “No, master. Please, fill me up. I badly want my hole be filled with your hot, dripping cum.”

Hyungwon started to thrust him again, but this time with perfect rhythm. Slow and soft to fast and hard because he can also feel that he will be coming anytime around. The rhythm became faster enough to make Wonho drool.

“Master. A-aahh.. Can you do it a-ahh.. fa- faster?” Wonho moaned loudly.

“I- I’m coming. A-ahh.. Don’t move! Let me end this. A-ahh..”

“Master, I- I can feel it. A-ahh.. More a-ahh.. please”

“A- almost there. Shut your a-ahh mouth. It’s here. A-AHH!” Hyungwon loudly moans as he end up filling Wonho’s hole.

“A-AHH.. MASTER! A-ahh. Thank you. I- I can feel it’s dripping outside” Wonho exclaims.

“Because my love for you is overflowing.” Hyungwon leans on Wonho and kissed him for the last time.

“I never had this feeling in my entire life. Not until… I met you and you turned our tables. You slutty Omega, I can’t resist you.” Wonho sexily proclaims and hugged Hyungwon so tight, still sticking on his hole for a few more minutes.

While Hyungwon pulled his cock out of his hole, and cleaning himself, he uttered, “Our food is cold now. Let’s eat for real.” I don’t want to eat food right now. I’m tired and weak. Needed something delicious than what he cooked.

Wonho leans on his ear and whispered, “Sure. Do you want to eat ramyeon instead?” Hyungwon, I’m already turned on whispering that sinful phrase. Eat me, can you? It’ll be quick.

Hyungwon halted as he felt shivers, “Daddy, yes please.” Daddy, how can you really read my mind dirtily? Yes, badly craving for you. As always.

Submitted: October 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 imchiarrieta. All rights reserved.

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