Life in Snakes and Ladders

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Living life is like playing snakes and ladders. You're the key to your own life. If you meet a snake, you'll fall. But you'll rise with the help of the ladder. The dice, is your hunch. Follow it and who knows where it'll lead you.

Submitted: November 09, 2010

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



Close your eyes,
And shake the cubic dice.
Big numbers in your mind,
But opposite ones laying behind.

It fall from your grip,
Too precious for you to keep.
Move two steps ahead,
Not big but not bad.

Stay away from the green snake,
Open your eyes and stay awake.
Climb up the wooden ladder,
Make it safe, make it faster.

The snake is your friend,
They'll kill you by hand.
Stay cautious,
These people are mischievous.

The ladder is your family,
They'll help you if you need any.
Go to them and ask for a solution,
For family is the best possession.  

Drop the dice again,
See what's beneath your hand.
Six equal dots,
Similar to dalmatian's spots.

Your friend eats you,
What did they do?
They betrayed your trust,
Bringing you back to the past.

Walk up back,
"What the heck?,
It's not your turn."
Said your friend, Fern.

Just stay calm and wait,
You need courage to create.
Use this time to pray,
Wish for the right way.

Grab the cube of future,
Let it bounce and show the number.
One, two, three.
Move your key.

You reached the end,
And defeated your friend.
Good job well done,
You claimed your victory, hon.

But the game never stops,
Your key still hops.
Find the greatest fame,
Then you'll know how to play the game.



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