Clean Plate

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Someone else would love to be you.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



She's got a clean plate and an empty stomach,

she'll lose her hair just to lose some numbers,

She thinks it's all she'll want,

she thinks it's all she'll ever need,

but as her heart stops beating she'll realize that all she's ever loved she's leaving.


Another perfect girl has gone to waste,

another perfect girl with an unhealthy taste for perfection,

never content with her reflection.


She's got a torn heart and a dull pain,

a time of misery and a small blade,

she'll lash out because she doesn't know,

harming her own skin won't make her any more in control.

It may seem like a never ending string of bad days,

but the slightly raised reminders will be with her in the coffin where she lays.


Another girl has been pushed too far,

another cruel word leads to a brand new scar,

and bright red arms.


She's got a tumor in her brain and a newly shaved head,

what she wouldn't give to have had their lives instead,

to have more than 3 months and get married someday,

to have one more Christmas and more than 14 birthdays.


Another girl has been taken too soon,

another girl flies up to the moon,

she meets the other two up in the stars,

and tells them both they could have gone so far.

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