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Because of this dream, I have decided to make a dream journal, of old dreams and new ones. I will make them as detailed as they were, I won't add anything that wasn't there. They will have a date to the best of my knowledge of what the date was. If you have any question, feel free to ask, please tell me what you think.

Date of dream-

I had a dream. I was in a building, all brick, dark, and the brick was cold. The bricks were a dark tan and green. It was filled with children, laughing and playing. They ran right through me, as if I wasn't even there. I felt peaceful. Then all the children but two disappeared. The two looked like twins, black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He, the boy, smiled at me, and began telling me a story. One of how he and his sister had been happy, so very happy. But then they saw something strange, he showed me it, it being the strange thing, in what seemed to be a memory.

Sometimes I was following them, and others I saw through his eyes. They, he and his sister, were walking, and then they saw it, the strange thing, it was only a few drops, it was blood. I tried to tell them that it was blood. But I couldn't, for I was mute for some reason. Then I was him, in the memory, and his sisters cool hand slipped out of mine, and we began to change. I cannot tell you of the feeling I had during the change, only that it was more unpleasant then when I was hit many times. I could hear him talking, as I felt the change, he said "it was horrible once we saw it. She change into this monster, I changed as well, we began ripping each other apart feeding of one another's blood."

Then I was him again, I was running from this creature, with the little girl's blue eyes. And then nothing. I was me, back in the same hall of the building. He looked at me, with his wide blue eyes, his sister was no where to be seen.

"Men saw us, he said, and poked us with needles, and took away the parts of us they didn't like. They hurt us!"He then stabbed himself with a needle, and we were sitting on what was like a hospital bed, that came out of nowhere. A shrill beeping, like one you would here when someones heart stops, started to sound off, and I heard screams and cries of children and babies, echoing of the walls. They had no source. It all stopped at once, the needle was gone, the screaming beeping, crying, all gone. I though, had begun to cry, but without sound, only tears. We were standing in the hall, when he took my hand, and pulled me.

Now is when I should break of to tell you, as he pulled me through the halls of the brick building, I could feel the dampness of the bricks on my bare feet, and I could feel his hand, sweating and squeezing mine.This is not the first time I have actually felt in my dreams, I doubt it will be the last.

As we ran, I opened my mouth to say something, but then I saw something turn the corner, a creature of such horror, I believe it is impossible to describe it. It was coming right at us, when I noticed something, it had the little girl's blue eyes. It was then I knew she had not changed, and that it was blood she was after. We continued running for awhile, he was talking to me, as he held my hand, for I could see his mouth moving fast, but I could not hear him over the creature-sister's animalistic shrieks, and children's laughter.

Out of now where, there was a door, and he pushed me out. I was in great pain. I saw the blue eyes of the creature behind him. He smiled at me, and then, there was nothing but darkness. I saw myself sitting in the middle of it crying, and I felt so alone, so helpless. And then I woke up, tears sliding down my face.

Still I can see his eyes, his tears, and smile. I can still feel the softness of his hand in mine, and cold dampness of the bricks we ran on. And still my heart beats fast, so very fast. And still, do I cry.

Submitted: January 08, 2009

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Alovi Luna

wow...huh, thats interesting. very nice detail...i think we should get in touch for i have very vivid creepy dreams, though it has been years since i have woken up crying. thanks for posting this.

Sat, January 10th, 2009 2:17am


No my reader, thank you for reading this. And as for discussing ones dreams with another, I find it to be a fine and entertaining idea.

Fri, January 9th, 2009 10:41pm

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