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Many quetions to darling death, and we he/she/it is so miss-treated. My dear friend, my sorrows go out to you.

Submitted: December 03, 2008

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Submitted: December 03, 2008



the majectic Reaper,
one who is feared by millions.
Such loneliness you must hold.

To be hated and feared,
such an undesirable place to have in this world.

When all you do,
darling Death,
is bring peace to those in pain.
Their bodies may rott in a manor of horror,
and their hearts will cease to beat.
But their pain and suffering,
will be ended.

If not for you,
would the world not be hectic?
Would it not be a place of mass-hysteria?

The old,
moaning and crying,
for the pain shall not stop,
and the tormented souls,
will they not be forced to continue their path of suffering?
And those born with hearts of black,
will they not continue to rein terror upon the innocent?

Because of you this is all brought to an end.
But poor ridiculed Reaper,
no graditude is given, is it?
Mearly cursing and angry words,
shouted your way.

But you do have satisfaction do you not?
In giving blessed relief to those who deserve it,
and eternal suffering with those of cruel intertions.
Ah yes
I believe so,
a day given in your honor,
as unknown or unpracticed as it is,
it is still there.

I thank thee,
my graditude is given to you ,
and your ways.
May your path be clean,
darling Death,
your day of reconition is soon to come
Is that day lonely too?

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