I believe that there may be more poems like this one out there. But this is how I had felt, and I had, had the to write it out. I would enjoy you thoughts on this. I wrote about what I would say to a friend and the actions following.


please forgive me,
for I have been lying all along.
I hide a million tears behind,
this cracked,
but lovely,
smile of mine.
And this laugh of mine,
so annoying,
so loud.
It lies!
It's empty and disgusts me! 

please don't look at me that way!
I can't stand pity!
Not for me no!
Give it to those who deserve it!
Others have hurt worse than I.
And those arms,
don't hug or hold me.
I know that you don't want to hug me with those.
I know that inside you feel like slapping me!
For I have lied!

please forgive me.
I just couldn't stand lying,

Submitted: December 04, 2008

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