Good things Do Happen, Dean Winchester prt 9

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well, this might be my last part i have finished this story, unless i write a sequal :D PART 9

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012



Dean shifted and started the car, swallowing and driving away from the hidden away place. All he wanted was to sleep, but apparently now he wasn't allowed to do that now. It scratched at his brain to beleive Matthew, but he had to, he was the last hope.

"I don't know where to go..." Dean hissed, tightening his jaw. Matthew shrugged.

"To Bobby's maybe, I'll bet you a thousand stars he is there and willing." Matthew smiled, looking out the window. This kind of travil was slow compared to what he was used to, but it didn't matter right now.

"Bobby doesn't want to see me.." Dean trailed off, narrowing his eyes at the road.

"Bobby is the closest thing to family you have now, Dean. Stop being so stuck up and fight this war."Matthew shifted in his chail, slightly adgitated at the anger that began to course through his body. Dean bit his lip, Matthew was right, it killed him to admit.

"Bobby wont be there." Dean shook his head. Matthew grunted and was gone. Dean jumped slightly, turning down the road to Bobby's. "Never said I wasn't going to try." He looked deeper through the window, seeing Bobby's mansion of a house. Every time he seen this house, he wonderd how Bobby even afforded it. It was so nice, but old and creepy. There was nothing to be scared of about this house though, it was loaded with spells and traps that could keep you save for a million years. It was one of the happyest places Dean had ever cozied into.

The engine died when Dean hopped out and went up to the door. His hand went up to knock the old wood, but a fluttering sound jumped him away. Dean breathed hard as he huffed slightly.

"You angels really need to learn that sneaking isn't nice." Dean turned to see Castiel. Someone he hand't seen in a while. His voice cracked and he got lost for a slight moment.

"Dean, what are you doing?" Castiel stiffend.

"I'm getting off my ass." Dean hissed, turning back around.

"You are beleiving a demon Dean." Castiel scoled.

"Look, Castiel." Dean warned, turning back around and looking at Castiel. "Some say that before you start a war, you have to know what you are fighting for, but that was a great mistake i made, now wasn't it. I thought I knew what I was fighting for, but then I lost everything and anybody that ment anything to me. My world crashed and burned and the war started fighting itself. I wonder if there is any God at all anymore, I mean really, if there was, would there be this war in the firstplace?" Dean grimmaced, shaking his head.

"Listen to me, I rebelled for you, I killed two angels this week, every mistake I made, every order I followed, everythign I did, all of it was because of you. So you should really keep your opinions to youself." Castiel stepped closer, squinting as he boared his eyes into Dean's, swallowing angrily. Dean tuned his body at an angel, stairign at Castiel, a mix of feeligns he couldn't understand welled up. Anger, sadness, hope, love maybe. He didn't know, all he knew right now was that he inched closer, touching his lips to Castiel's slowly.

Casitel winced, closing his eyes softly, seeing things that he felt he lived. Memories he labled them as his memories. He remember the feelings, the moments. He rememberd why Dean was so angry with himself all the time.

I pushed my hand to the pane window, feeling nothing but sadness and a huge loss of hope, my heart sank and all of my faith was gone. Nothing ever went right for me and all I wanted was for it to be done and over

I stood in the corridor, looking down the way to see an attractive man, feeling myslef blush with anticipation, wishing he wasn't there, I looked down. I heard Jo mutter something about speaking of the devil and the devil shall appear. This must have been the so called wonderful teacher they were speaking about.

"Good things do happen, Dean Winchester, and I know.." I pointed to Dean's forhead, squinting more. Everything about this man was amazing, weather I was compleatally drunk or not, I knew exactly what I was thinking. "...I know that I am in that head of yours" I subconciously slurred poking his forehead hard. "I was meant to come here, because everything happens for a reason and I was meant to be hurt.." I pouted down, rubbing my chest softly, tilting my head.No i wasn't born with this, it was made ther by people I didn't understand.

Dean pulled from Castiel slowly, looking into his eyes softly, frouning. Castiel swallowed and whimperd slightly. Dean furrowed his brow and turned aaway, trying to ignore all the contact. Casitel grabbed his shoulder and turned him to look him in the eye wiht confusion.

"I remember." He breathed. "I remember you, I remember Jo, Pamela, all of it." Dean shudderd, his hope dragging him down and choking him angrily. "Dean....It's all here." Castiel narrowed his eyes, looking down shamefully. He glympsed at Dean, then back down to the wodded porch. Dean teared up, moving close and kissing Castiel again, shoving him into the wall desparatly. Castiel grunted, wrapping his arms around Dean slowly, kissing him back slowly.

They pulled, gasping for breath.

"What the hell Cas.." Dean mumbled, resting his forhead against Castiel's. "I missed you." He cryed softly, gripping the Tan trenchcoat that hung effortlessly on his shoudlers.

"I was right here, why didn't you tell me." Castiel opend his eyes.

"I lost faith." Dean stepped back, looking down.

"No you ddind't it was always there." Casitel noddedonce, smiling softly. Dean shook his head, leaving Castiel and walking into Bobby's house. Castiel followed slowly, rubbing his neck slowly. Bobby looked at them in amusement.

"So, how was your little vacation there." Bobby grunted, throwing him a knife. Dean caught it, hiding it away in his jaket, looking around the room, his eyes glistening.

"It was fine..." Dean grunted, looking back down. Bobby huffed, looking at Dean. His eyes widend and his jaw dropped. Dean furrowed his brow. "Dean! Look out!" Dean grabbed a knife quickly and turned, stabbing the one that was coming after him. Matthew gasped and spat up blood, an odd light flicking like a light bulb when its just about to burn out. Bobby ran over wiht a jar and heald it over Matthew's mouth, catching as much black smoke from his mouth as possible, closing the jar and looking to Castiel and Dean in surprise.

"Who the hell was that?" Bobby's mouthed gaped open as he sheepishly set the jar down.

"That was my friend." Dean sniffled in disbeleife. He didn't realize that he had just killed the one person that cared for him in his time of need, but they didn't know eachother well, so it didn't hurt him too bad. Castiel scoffed, crossing his arms.

"Your friend? Dean, that was a demon."

"Yeah, I know."

"You shouldn't have trusted him." Castiel looked at Dean a little more angry than he had just been.

"Who was I supposed to trust? No one else was there for me!" Dean dropped the knife, shoving past Castiel and moving to the Impala.

"Where are you going?" Castiel asked following Dean in concern.

"It's over Cas, nothing is the same, I am not the same, and neither are you." Dean turned around.

"You are scared." Castiel walked closer.

"I'm not."

"Fear..." Castiel looked to the sky. "It all the same, I evolved to tend to wasn't easy, I said it outloud then said it again, if my fate was so wrong, why do i still live?" Castiel looked back to Dean. Dean huffed and turned again.

"So why, Dean, why has my life made no sound." Casitle continued.

"You revolt me, I ruined you. no better man could fail the way I did, I don't want to do wiht your fate. We are worlds away from understanding." Dean slammed the door to the impala at his side, leaving everything as quickly as possible. Castiel teared and left Bobby alone and confused.

Bobby shook his head, he knew Dean was not going to kill someone innocent, so he would have to do it himself in the time Dean was out pouting. He laughed at the moment softly, picking up a half filled duffle bag, trucking it to his mustang slowly. He smiled at how bad his car sucked, throwing the bag into the back seat and getting in. This whole situation to him was just getting dramatic and pathetic.


Bobby frowned, entering a small space, a yung, snakey like man walking in behind him. The corridor smelt of wet dog and shameful metaphores. Bobby grunted and looked at the man softly. He knew this boy from a small town he had viseted a couple years back, he knew he could convince this boy to do anything if he said that the Lord would want it. He didn't care about what he was going to become from this, he didn't care if he was sent to hell, because he was damn well headed there to begin with, desparate times called for desparate needs.

"The lord would want for this." Bobby lied to the boy.

"Oh gosh, sir, please, do it now." The boy smiled, holding out his arms and looking to the sky. Bobby heald back the screaming protests and shoved the knife deep into the young man's chest.

"I'm so sorry." Bobby cryed, turning the blade and letting the body drop. the jar in his hands suddenly felt heavier and he dropped to his knees, greif spilling over him. He just hurt an innocent man. He was dead to himself. He felt like a murderer, a demon.

the blood spilled into the jar, filling it half way. Bobby sighed and shoved the filled jar into his duffle back, along wiht the knife. He picked up the boys body and snuck him out into a deep wooded area where he had earlier dug a nice grave. Dropping the body, he began to fill the hole, saying a silent prayer for the boy. It was over, they were dont killing. Only one more thing was to be done. And it was time.


Dean shoved a gun into his bag, swollowing hard, his adams apple bobbing as he did. He hand't see Castiel since he had spoke nonscence, and it killed him. He begged to go back and do things differently, but it was far too late.

"You have all the blood, right?" Dean asked Bobby, slumping the bag over his shoulder. They were going into battle, they needed as much weapons as they could have got their hands on. Guns, iron rods, Angel resin swords they had received form other come around angels, and the one of a kind majic knife. Bobby nodded when Dean looked at him, walking past his companion. Dean looked around the room. They had a war to stop, they had come this far so who was to say that they couldn't go further?


The sky cryed it's vengeful rain, soaking Bobby and Dean as they hurried to the wearhouse that Sam had passed away in. An edgy feeling if distress creapt up on Dean. He shouldn't be here, his brother wasn't there to fight with him. He had doubts about even getting up that day that everything turned into a fatal forced lie.

Dean watched Bobby set up the ritual, darkness creaping into his soul, clutching his heart and not letting it go. He hid it well, covering it with a smiled and a shrug. Bobby tulted his head, looking at his work.

"Good enough for me." He opend the four jars and mixed them together, the black smoke was now an oozy, think substance like syrup. Dean edged back slowly, swallowing at the thought of how bad this was. Bobby gulped and grabbed the sage he had collected, closing his eyes and speaking the spell. Dean ignored the forein words and looked down to the mixture of blood in a small bowl in the center of an odd Sigil he hadn't seen untill that moment. The blood started to bubble slowly and Bobby threw the sage down, a spark like a firework causing them to jump back in horrer. Nothing seemed to happen, everything calmed and the smell of rain filled their noses.

"You were looking for me?" A voice sprung from behind them. Their bodies were swept from the ground, hitting the metal wall hard, taking the breath out of both of them. Their guns droped and they forced to stay away. "Smart, tell me, how long did it take you to get these?" Sebastian slowly picked up the bowl, sticking a finger in and taisting it like it was a sweet candy. Dean tryed to talk, but his stomach was clentched. Bobby closed his eyes tight and gasped for air. "You are so cute when you are in pain, Dean."

Dean gulped, regaining his scences and looking up at him, a small line of blood trailing from the corner for his mouth.

"Oh I think I am adorible." Dean hissed. Sebastien set the bowl down and held a hand up, clentching it quickly and turning it in the air like he was twisting something. Dean gasped and clentched his stomach, using one hand to hold himself from falling.

:I have to say, I am quite impressed with you." Sebastien laughed slowly. Dean ached to shove somethign sharp into his ugly, faithless face. Bobby tryed to stand, getting to his feet and grabbing a knife when his back was turned, charging at him. Dean watched him helpless.

"Oh you waist of a man." Sebastian swung his arm back and sent Bobby across the room with a thud. Bobby was gone, Dean could feel that he was alone. He wished to scream and scry, but he couldn't. Sebastian let his invisible grasp on Dean go, turning around to face him. Dean grabbed teh Angel Resin sword from the back of his jeans, charching at Sebastian angrily. Dean gasped when he his a wave of embarrasment, plummiting to the floor, dropping the blad to hold his stomach again. Sebastian laughed.

"Hats off to you, Dean. You are just the brave little trooper that I thought you were, now arnt you." He joked, picking up the knife from the floor. "Like you said, where is God when you need him right."

"You sonofabitch." Dean gagged, closing his eyes. Sebastian dropped the sword and struck Dean in the face. "I'm not going to quit until my blood spills all over this floor." Dean gasped and felt another his to his face. His cheek swelled and he was bleeding. His nose hurt and the pain in his stomach only hurt worse. Sebastian laughed and pushed Dean back, sitting on his stomach, grabbing the coller of his shirt.

"You are weak-" He hit Dean again, grimmacing at the sound of his fingers hitting Dean's cheek bone. "You are desparate-" Another hit. Dean let his blood rush out across his face and onto his clothes. Sebastian slid his fingers over, grabbing an abandoned knife, holding it above Dean's chest. "You are dead." He shoved the blad deep into Dean's Chest. Dean felt the pain overwelm him, flooding through his body so quick and effortlessly, he almost liked it, he looked at Sebastian with a smile, his eye lids narrowing. As he choked up more blood.

"My life mad no sound." He smiled wide and laid back, looking at the light that engulfed his body. Sebastian furrowed his brow, standing up and throwing the knife down. He looked at the two dead bodies on the floor. Dean's breath hitched and his chest stoped moving. Sebastian smiled and turned to leave triumphantly.

"This war is not over." A deep, angry, revenge filled voice cryed. Sebastian turned back around, glairing.

"You are supposed to be Dead." He huffed, clentching his fists.

"Yeah, I have heard." Castiel stepped closer, holding a hand out, grabbing Sebastian's shirt, throwing him across the room effortlessly. Sebastian grunted and stood, grabbing a nearby chair and throwing it directly to Castiel. Castiel caught it, frowning deeper, throwing it aside and he bent down and grabbed the Angel Resin sword.

"Some angel you were, Sebastian, I have heard a whole lot about you." Castiel creaped closer. Seabstian was helpless, his body was stuck against the wall. Castiel came real close and heald the blad over the evil heart. "You are lucky this wasn't just out of revenge." He groaned, slowly pushign the kife into the chest. Sebastian scrame out in terror, gasping for air as his body raidiated of light. Castiel let the body drop down. He turned to see Dean laying dead on the floor.

"Dean?" Castiel asked, joging to the body when he didn't get an answer. "Dean you are still in there, I'm right here, don't worrie love." Castiel lifted the body to sit up, holding his hands against the smae placce he had grabbed to lift Dean from hell. Castiel cried, not able to take it. He tryed to heal Dean back to life, but it was no use. He pulled Dean close, crying into his shoulder, his chest burning.

"Brother, everything is alright." A fimiliar voice enterd into the room.

"Dean?" Another voice called. Castiel jumped up, turnign on his heel.

"Gabriel!" Castiel ran into his brothers arms, crying softly.

"I have been resurrected. And I have brought a friend." Gabriel smield and pulled from the hug, holding Castiel's shoulders. Gabriel turned his head to look at a long chocolate brown haired lad that stood confused.

"Dean will be alright, let me tend to him." Gabriel looked to Dean's body, walking over.

"I have tryed, Gabe, he is gone." Castiel's eyes welled wiht tears again.

"Dean is dead?" The tall man looked in terror. Castiel walked over and neald by the body.

"Two heads are always better than one." Gabriel took Castiel's hand and rested it onto Dean's forhead. he did the same with his own hand. Castiel closed his eyes and shook his head. Gabreil smiled and followed Castiel's actions. They wroked together and with double the power, Dean's breath hitched in his throat as he coughed up blood.

"Dean, baby, shh you will be alright." Castiel paniced when Dean's eyes opend, his face whitening every second. Castiel touched his fingers to Dean's tempel and Dean was heald. It was so easy it pained him. Dean looked around confused and dazed, Catching a fimiliar set of eyes. His brother. He jumped up and crashed into Sam, hugging him tight.

"Whoa whoa there giggles." Sam smield, nuzzeling his face into his older brothers neck. Gabreil huffed and moved to Bobby's body and sprung him back to life.

After a long, faithful hug, Dean and Sam parted. Dean turned to Castiel and narrowed his eyes.

"Look...Cas I'm-"

"You don't even have to say it." Castiel moved close and hugged Dean, burrying his face into Dean's chest like he had always dreamed of doing. Dean welocmed him and pulled him into a warm embrace. They stayed like that for awhile and Gabriel, Bobby and Sam talked. Dean pulled Castiel to the side where they were hidden away from the others.

"Castiel Novak." He murmerd, searching his eyes slowly and delecatly.

"Dean Winchester." Castiel tilted his head softly.

"You were right.." Dean smiled softly, pressing a hand softly to Castiel's chest. "Good things do happen."

With that, it was all said and done. All demons on earth retreited back to hell and maybe just maybe Dean Winchester could have a normal life once and for all.


Sam Winchester went on to have a wife and two young men with his wife, Ruby. His sons names where Daniel and John. He had a part time job at the local coffee shop, where he seen Scott and his sister, France, very often. He gave them unpdates on Dean and his life, linking to be good friends.

Bobby Singer returned to his home, meeting a lovely woman by the name of Ellen. He fatherd Jo and often seen Castiel come over to 'hang out' as he heard it had been said. Ellen and Bobby married and lived a normal life out of town in Bobby's mansion of a house.

Dean winchester moved on to be a college professer of History, where he seen a few students he rememebrd from teaching history back when he was trying to be normal. He shared a ome with someone that he never thought he would make it this far with. Every night he came home and was happy. For now at least.

Castiel Novak and Gabreil Novak rturned to the hopless Anna, covering up their Angeleticness, becoming a family like they used to be. Castiel move out and in with Dean. they kept eachother safe from odd things that started to rise up again. They were happy.

For these ones, I would have to say this was a huge test. Against good and evil, death itself. Some could say that it was the end, but it was far from the end. Others would point out that it wasn't a test, when truthfully, they are just scared about the whole situation. Well, me, I would say this isn't the end. Endings are hard enough as it is, anyone could pick up a pencil and paper and write out a beginning, but trying to end things is hard, in every scence of the word. Everyone tells tails that have farie tail endings, but none of it is true, because nothing ever really ends...does it?

The End.....?

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