Good Things Do Happen, Dean Winchester. Prt. 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

part six...woof

"What's going on here?" Bobby asked, scratching his chin.

"Well, don't be so exited about my return." Dean grimmaced, taking a breath in.

"We all knew it was coming." Bobby hiccuped. Dean winced at the sound.

"What was that?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, I have been a little twitchy lately. We should try and summon the thing that pulled me out, like....get Pamela or something to try and communicate or whatever." Dean shrugged.

"Twitchy, huh?" Sam asked, clapping his hands loudly together. Dean jumped at the noise and bit his lip.

"Sam, it's not important, please can we just figure this out?" Dean shook his head.

"Only out of the pit twenty four hours and you are already jumping onto a case." Bobby sighed. "You need rest boy, for all we know, you could have a cas of yellow fever."

"Yellow Fever, excuse me?" Dean asked, crossing his arms angrily. "I'm sorry to tell you, but i don't have any ghost sickness."

"You are a little twitchy thats one sign of a case." Sam laughed, pattign his hand on Dean's shoulder, turning to leave.

"You two arn't fighting? After Sam was gone all that time?" Dean ignored the comment.

"How did you know about that." Sam turned on his heel to face Dean again.

"You told me last night, Sherlock." Then there was scilence. No one spoke. Bobby turned to leave, but Dean protested. "No! Bobby, I'm going to need your help, all we need is a name, please, can we get Pamela?"

Bobby nodded his head, heading out. Sam followed and they left Dean alone.

With no one around, it was easy to drift off thinking, closing his eyes, laying back down. He wasn't quite asleep, but he was close to being there. He thought. His story could go from normal to crazy in the matter of two seconds. It all seemed to be like a stupid chick flick love story when Castiel came into his life, it really didn't change after he died, but, it was still weird not having him around.

It didn't matter to him that they had only known eachother for a week and a half. He didn't care that someone his age had fallen so hard for something so little. It didn't ever occur to him that he was overreacting, because in his mind, he knew what he was reacting was alright, he didn't care what others said about it. They could beat him down with teir opinion, wiht how wrong it was to be in love with his student, but it didn't matter anymore. He didn't feel the wrongness anymore because he didn't see what he was loosing, untill after it was gone. No one could really ever realize how right it was in such a wrong way. Only some could see the love that was tangled between them. Others would spit on it, stomp it to the ground and state it a lie. Dean knew about the people that would spit on his grave for being in love. Little do those people know that what they are doing is the wrong thing. They don't understand that loving shouldn't be such a bad and horrible thing.

He hit his hand against the pillow that was there by him. It sunk inward, pulling Dean's hand with.

Sleep tugged at his head, pulling him under softly. Sleep was uncontrollable now. He seemed to need it, mostly because he felt like he should just give up now. His heart didn't deserve to be beating in his ears. He should be burried right now, six feet under, but that wasn't happening anymore.

The paradice sprung before him. The grass grew tangled within itself. The trees touched the clouds that floated above. The hilly land seemed to streatched far out, like it could go on forever. Dean couldn't help but smile, showing his teeth. His feet thumped into the grass as he began to run through the trees. It all was much too cheesy for him, but he could have cared less. It was too beautiful. Breath taking in him mind. Too bad it couldn't last crushed into peices, that pain fluttering back into his chest slowly.

Dean's eyes wettend without warning. He bit his lip softly, trying to forget, when he obviously knew he couldn't. He wanted Castiel back, he wanted to shift back and not get into any kind of demon buisness. He wanted to go back and run away from his future, and not get stuck into the family buisness....but he was a hunter. He couldn't change that now, his fate had been chosen.

Slowly, he stood, rubbing the saddness from his eyes and shoving past his brother and Bobby, walking out into the dark starry night. He didn't know that he was laying there all day, he didn't care at all. He just looked to the sky, stairing up with every feeling in his eyes. His pain, his greif, his sadness, his anger, his fear. The tears picked at his eyes again as he looked up, clentching his fists. He didn't beleive in angles anymore. It was useless. It was a lie. Slowly, he took a deep breath in, letting his tears fall. He felt cold, and so alone. He didn't know which way to turn anymore. He felt like he was getting weaker by looking up at those stars, knowing that he couldn't ever take controll of his own life, not when everything else seemed to be controlling it for him. The air around his grew colder, and he couldn't help to think about it again.

"I can not....." He studdered. "I will not let him go, and I don't care about what you say, what you want me to do." He hissed, looking down and walking to the Impala that he seemed to claim his.

As he grabbed a cold bottle, he thought about Castiel's brother and sister. What did they think? He couldn't just, leave them worried..but he couldn't just go back and show himself. He was so screwed now. His life was so screwed up. He knew everything wasn't always good, but he also realized that nothing was good in his life anymore. He kicked the dirt road as he stumbled back into Bobby's house slowly, throwing his bottle aside angrily before enetering.

"Dean, we have a case." Sam grubled, squinting at his buzzed brother.

"Yeah?" He asked, slamming the door and sitting down by Sam. Bobby nodded, smiling slightly.

"Mhmm, only a few miles out, kentucky, seems that there have been people dissapearing, and when they are found, all thats left is the body, and it looks like it is suicide." Bobby grunted, popping open a cold beer swiftly. Sam looked from Bobby back to Dean.

"You sure? It could just be suicide." Dean shrugged, looking between them.

"They are found in the middle of the forest, and some have stated odd thirs degree burns on the arms, or the legs, no one knows why. there hasn't been a fire or any sign of fire in the town in the past year. This could be our type of case." Sam said softly, locking eyes with his brother, tucking locks of brown hair behind his ear.

"Thrid degree burns?" Dean stapped closer, sitting down by Sam, whos computer was open.

"Yeah, and claw marks, and others that explored the ares said they seen trees that were scratched, with claw marks." Sam shook his head, looking at his computer screen.

"Dragons?" Dean guessed, looking at the screen, watching his brother type things in.

"No, they are too Rare, hunters havnt seen them in over seven hundred years, Dean." Sam huffed. Bobby shrugged, bringing the bottle up to his mouth.

"There is always that possiblility, Sam." Dean fought back, biting his lip. Sam smirked.

"You really think it's a dragon?" He asked, searching it on his computer.

"Claws, burns, death, yeah, sounds like one." Bobby laughed, entering the conversation. They sat in silence for a bit, watching Sam resurch dragons. Bobby relaxed, watching Dean lay his head down, closing his eyes. Sams eyes grew wide.

"They take human form, you guys are right, we have a dragon in hands." Sam turned to screen to his napping brother, shaking him awake. Bobby chuckled softly, throwign the empty vottle away.

"So, we going to kill it?" Dean asked, shaking his eyes open.

"Well, we kind of have to, read for a trip?" Sam asked the two, raising his eye brows.

"Totally." Dean grunted to a stand, grabbing the Impala's keys and walking out the door. Sam and bobby gatherd their tools quickly. Everything they had was packed and they were all in the Impala, down the road. It was the first time in a long time that Dean felt that need to kill something, it might have been what kept him comleatally sane, and he missed it. To some, it might be weird, but to Dean it was a whole different story.

"So, we know how to kill this thing, right?" Dean kept his eyes on the road in front of him, tilting his head.

"A sward fordged with dead dragon blood." Sam breathed, lokign to Dean. "Unfortionatly, we don't one."

"I have a friend close to here, she has one." Bobby stepped in, leaning in the backseat.

"Alright, lead us to her, we'll get that sward and kill these son's a bitches." Dean squinted, taking one hand off the wheel and using one hand to steer.


They had been driving in the dark for quite some time, Dean was practically falling asleep at the wheel and they had jsut got into town.

"Hey, pull over and lets check into a motel, we are all tired, we can get up and get the sword in the morning." Bobby said over Sam's soft snoring. Dean agreed and pulled in, getting out and slamming his door, causing Sam to wake.

They checked in and walked into a room with two beds and a couch.

"I got couch, you guys can have the beds." Dean called, being generous to his younger sibling and his older friend. Sam plopped down, falling asleep without even having to get any kind of ready for bed at all. Bobby pulled off his shoes and hat, laying down in his clothes and Dean pulled off his jaket, kicking off his shoes, cuddeling into the couch.

He didn't get it, just a second ago, he was falling asleep at the wheel, now he was wide awake, and thinking. His thoughts travled far and deep, but before he could stop, he found sleep creeping up on him again. It draggeed his eyes closed and made him snore, falling deeply. Bobby and Sam were fast asleep, and Dean was passed out. They had their plans, they were going to go straight back into old times and serch for answers. Right now they needed to find and kill Sebastion, and they would do anytihng it took to stop anytihng worse to rise from hell.


The sun pulled them all awake, screaming the morning into their eyes angriy. Slowly, Dean stood, wiping away the sleep from his eyes, clapping his hands in rush for Bobby and Sam to get up. A smile tugged his lips for the first time in a long time when he seen his brother struggle to get up. Sam streatched out, taking his sweet time, letting his eyes crack open slightly.

It was no struggle for Bobby to get up, and it made the other two wonder, but they shoved it out of their minds. Sam stumbled out of bed and over to the couch, sitting down slowly.

"C'mon Tons of Fun, get up, we have to get work done." Dean huffed, eyeing his brother, who was falling asleep on the couch steadily. He mumbled sometihng useless and off to another sleep he went. Dean shook his head, pursing his lips together angrily. He slapped his brothers shoulder, causing him not jump up to attention.

"Hey, Stud Muffin, time to get back on track here." He said. Sam breathed out with irritation, lookng straight into his brother's eyes. Bobby grumbled something that sounded like 'idjits' and went outside to smoke.

"Actually, I have some laundry we need to get done, we will be staying here for a while, so we might as well get it done now." Sam turned to the door, smirking at his brothers irated moan that followed behind his shoulder.

"Come on, i'm dying to gank some dragon ass." Dean blurted, throwing his arms to the side. Sam deeply sighed, ignoring him and walking to the Impala, jumping into the passengers side.

"C'mon, Squirt, the faster we get there, the faster we get this done!" Sam called after tierdly rolling down the window. Minutes later, Dena was walking oout with the key right around his finger. Soon, they were off and on their way to the laundry mat.

"You just had to bring laundry." Dean scolded, biting his lip in discust. Sam smiled, not answering as they pulled in. Dean's luck ended when he realized how close the local wash was, and it peeved him. He slammed his door and stormed in before his brother, tearing a magzene off the shelf and sitting on a table, dangeling his legs, watching his brother angrily. Sam slowly walked in with a big back, that must have been full of clothes. This could take an hour, maybe longer. Dean just wished there would be a better way to pass the time.

Sam grabbed quarters and plopped them into the machene one by one, feeling something small and rigged hit his head hard. Dean huffed out a laugh and a tearing noise sounded from sam's behind. He pursed his lips and turned, being his right between the eyes with a small paper ball.

"You are acting like a child, Dean." Sam grunted, clentching his fists, but it didn't stop Dean from tearing off another peice of paper and balling it up. Sam shook his head. "If you evern think-"

"Too late." Dean smield, flicking another peice of paper. Sam bit his lip hard and turned back around, trying to ignore his inmature brother.

"You must have gotten it from you're students over the two years, huh." He ran a hand down his face.

"I also have spit balls and but smacking, which one would you like next?" Dean tilted his head softly, rolling up another ball and throwing it. He got no answer, he was ignored yet again. He let out a long, happy sigh and walked over, holding his hand up and smacking his brothers but before turning around, acting liek it wasn't him.

"Dean!" Sam blurted, trying to keep his voice down so the three others in the room wouldn't hear. "Would you stop and go for a walk or something?" He hissed, gripping Dean's shoulders and turning his so that they were face to face. Dean shrugged and pulled out of Sam's angry grip and turned to leave the wash, turning a corner and walking to somewhere he might just like right now. The Coffee shop.

Dean sighed in releife, smelling the coffee in the air and not the smell of sweat and deturgant; he took his seat, listening to the old classic rap that the two man band was playing. Why they were playing this song, he didn't know; it must have been somekind of coincidence, because when he sat down, he noticed something that appealed to him slightly...but he was pulled away when a young looking waitress came to serve him.

"You're new, havn't seen you around, first time in town?" The young girl asked. Dean noticed her flirting, so he decided to play around before he got to his big punchline.

"Yeah, I don't know anyone, maybe I could get to know someone; sometime soon." He cockily smirked, slowly sitting forward, licking his lip.

"Well, I could help you around sometime, whats your name? I'm Jenny." She smiled, thinking that it would work. Her beleiving smile made Dean smile wider.

"I'm Danny, and I have something secret that I want you to know." He gestured for her to come closer so he could whisper into her ear. She nodded softly once and came closer, feeling Dean's soft breath against her ear; she shiverd. "I think that guy right over there-" Dean pointed across the room to what he found was a coincidence and smiled when she looked over. "He is a sex God." He mumbled; Castiel quickly showed up in his mind as he said it, and it almost made him whimper. He couldn't help but feel guilty for finding another man attractive, but he pushed it out of the way; Castiel was gone. Jenny looked at him a little bit confused and went back to her job as she took Dean's simple order, losing all appeal she had for him.

"Triple Shot Espresso, with a bagel spreaded in strawberry cream cheese, please." Dean smiled at her warmly and she silently nodded and scurried away, leaving him to listening to the music. He recegnized it, the classic egyptian lover song playing around his ears; so he sang along.

"I'm bad; I'm bad; I'm bad.." He went on, laughing softly after when he got an odd look from someone in the room..but he didn't care, he was saving this towns ass for even being here, they all just didn't know it. "and my beat goes boom boomboom boomboom boom." He continued. "i've got the baddest beats around you little freak." He decided to stop when the slim man looked over to him, his red hair dangeling around on the top of his head almost perfectly. Dean looked to him, biting his lip as he looked the man up and down, seeing his faded dark jeans tuck just over the high tops he was whereing; but the rest of his outfit was more formal. He was dressed in un jaketed tuxedo. All it was was a fitted vest over a button up, a tie hidden away.

Dean was obviously instantly attracted to this...person, and he didn't know why. He looked younger, around Castiel's age and Dean was terrifyed of being in love wiht a younger person again, so he turned his head back, seeing his order arrive.

"That was quick." He sniffed, taking his coffee closer, licking his lips, holding back an obvious drool. The waitress walked away without a word as the song ended quicker than Dean thought it would, hearing a movement from where the red haird man was sitting. Dean tenced slightly, taking a drink of his coffee, swallowing it down, seeing someone approach him.

"Hey, you were....just looking at me?" A tall man sat down with huff, interlocking his fingers together and setting his arms on the table in front of Dean.

"Yeah, Hey, I'm Dean. My brother was doing laundry and I decided to come get some coffee." Dean looked down at his coffee with regret of looking. He thought of Castiel again and swallowed, how much this man in front of him reminded him of Castiel. It was nerve wrecking; and scary. They way he sat in his chair, the way his eyes were glowing blue. It killed him inside; he chugged more of his coffee, trying to ignore it.

"Hi, I'm Scott, short for Scotland, yeah, my parents are crack junkies, you will never guess what my sister's name is over there." Scott introduced himself happily, holding out a hand. Dean chuckled, taking his hand.

"What's your sisters name?" Dean softly asked, swallowing the courage to look up itno Scott's eyes.

"France, short for Francine. We tryed calling her Fran, but she hated it and decided France was good for her." Scott burst out laughing, Dean smiling wider, calming in his seat. They smiled at eachother for a moment, trying to figure eachother out as though it would seem.

"So, Scott, you heard anything weird in this town?" Dean raised his eye brows, tilting his head.

"Are you kidding, I live in weird, my damn middle name could be weird for all I care." Scott softly threw his hands out to his sides. Dean smiled wide again at the cocky comment, but then he closed his eyes.

"No, like, maybe some odd deaths." He refrased.

"Oh, the burns and scratches?" Scott looked down, locking his hands again. "Yeah, those are weird, I try to ignore it because if I think about it, they could find me." Scott whisperd, looking back up into Dean's eyes, scared.

"Mm, so.." He pushed the subject away, respecing Scott's beleifs. "Tell me about yourself."

"Well..." Scott straightend in his chair, squinting softly. "When I was it, twenty? I was kicked out of my house and sent to college, So i took simple music classes, and quit after two years, it got boring, i wasn't into the parties, I liked exploring other places, and traveling, resurching ghosts and ghouls, but my best intrest would have to be Music...and roses." Scott looked to a light, biting his lip. His hair wasn't orange, but a deep maroon red. Dean's eyes widend. "Do you beleive in ghosts, Dean."

Dean's heart raced when Scott said his name so softly. "To tell you the truth," He moved in close, lowering his voice. "I hunt them." Scott's eyes grew wide, smiling.

"My kinda guy, so you are a hunter?" He asked, shifting in his chair.

"Yeah, my brother Sam and I."

"Wait, so you are the famous....Dean....Winchester?" Scott said with exitment.

"Call me Dean, please." Dean smiled, leaning back in his chair and he ate down his first bagle.

"It's wonderful to meet you, I have always dreamed of hunting with the Winchester boys, are you on a case?" Scott rested his tenced shoulders.

"Yeah, we think all the deaths around here are caused of...dragons." He nodded, crossing his arms and licking his lips.

"Whaa?" Scott leaned in closer again. "Dragons? Those havnt been seen in over seven hundred years!" Scott got a little bit exited.

"Yeah, Not sure why they are here though." Dean furrowed his brow, shaking his head slowly.

"Can I hunt with you guys?" Scott bit his lip in wonder when the waitress walked over, handing Dean the bill. Dean paied and gave the waitress a ten dollar tip, just because she tryed flirting with him. She smiled and waved goodbye. Dean looked to Scott, his insides mealting when he looked into his eyes, studdering a breath, getting compleatally lost. Castiel was gone, it was over, it was wrong. That all matterd so much to Dean, somewhere deep in there, but it didn't matter at this point, and he was scared, of falling in love. "Dean?" Scott's voice called. Dean jumped awake, grunting a flat yes, pushing his number across the table quickly, excusing himself and speaking the motel he was staying at, quickly leaving.

He felt bad for leaving Scott, but he was too frightend, all he wanted was to back at the local wash with his brother, whining like a baby.

"Oh, Dean, you are such a whore, it kills me." A fimiliar voice popped wight beside the quick paced Dean.

"Not now, Gabriel, leave me alone." Dean pushed through the doors, not seeing his brother untill he rammed into him, the laundry thankfully not scattering.

"Dean? Gabriel, what's going on?" Sam asked, staying calm and looking at the two.

"You know Gabriel?" Dean furrowed his brow more than they already where.

"Yeah, isn't he Casitel's brother?" Sam cocked his head, scratching his neck.

"What?" Dean whimperd, slamming a hand to his forhead and leaving to the Impala. He just wanted to go home...but he knew he couldn't do that just yet, he was on a hunt. They had to go get bobby and find the sword.


"Alright, scoot over jerk face, don't hog all the room you aren't the only one wanting to sit." Dean squeezed into a spot on the smaller type couch. Sam willingly scooted over slightly, but he didn't let Dean get off with the 'jeark face' comment.

"Why don't you scoot over, ass hat." Sam joked, throwing some popcorn into Dean's face softly, smiling. Dean grabbed a bag from Bobby, leaning forward in his chair happily searching though the bag.

"Did we get licorice?" Dean narrowed his head, turning to Sam adgitated.

"No, we did not get licorice." Sam scowled with his mouth full of popcorn, biting his lip in discust. "We got good snacks, licorice is discusting." Dean frowned deeper than he already was, pushing the bag down angrily. He held a hand up, acting puzzled at the whole thing in general.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that, Mister penut butter and bannana sandwich." He taunted, shaking his head and squinting, looking into nothing.

"You know what, I stand by that sandwich, nobody likes licorice, you know, i-i-it's made of...dirt." Sam tryed to make a point, holding a finger to the air, fighting back.

"You jerk!" Dean scoffed. "It is a classic movie food, it is right up there with popcors." Dean pointed at the popcord bowl, furrowing his brow, biting his lip as he watched his brother straighten his spin, ready to shoot back.



"You are out of your mind." Sam rested a hand on his knee, shaking his head, his shoulder leangth hair bobbing as his head moved around. Dean licked his lips, shifting in his spot. He heald his hands up, squeezing the agir, trying to get his point across.

"What?! It's like little chewey peaces of heaven." He put his hands back on his legs, squeezing them in anger. "It's tradition."

"Yeah, chewey peices of heaven, if you're a girl." Sam shook his head, looking back to the t.v

"Would you two idjits shut your mouths and get to reasurching. Why do we even have all this movie stuff anyway." Bobby angrily stepped in, popping open a beer. Sam nodded, openign his mouth.

"Shouldn't we go get that sword now?" Sam tilted his head.

"Whail you two knuckle heads decided to pamper your laundry, I picked it up myself, I suggest you two go to the police department and get down to this case." Bobby breathed out in leadership.

"Can we please just watch a movie." Dean asked. "It's a nice way to relax."

"You can relax when you get off your ass and do work." Bobby left the room in protest, Sam scowling at his brother.

"He is right." They looked at eachother before Dean gulped down the rest of his beer, moving to his room, pullin goff his shirt and pants, grabbing his best suit, pulling it on. He situated himself in the mirror, taiming his hair and leaving downstairs.

Sam looked over to him, already dressed, his fake ID in his jaket. He tossed Dean his ID and straightend his spine, taking a breath. Dean caught his fake self and popped open another bottle, drinkin git down before having to go.

"Are you drunk?" Sam asked as he watched him push the ID into his poket and thumble with his keys and wooz, his eyes drooped.

"No." Dean protested, lying, smiling and squinting at the light, hopping in the Impala. Sam was insecure about his brother, which he knew was a little waisted, he couldn't protest though, the police building was only a block away, so he pushed his insecurity aside and got in the passenger seat. Sam settled in his seat, feeling the start of the car, the music beginning to play loudly.

"Oh come on man, turn it down." Sam straightend in his seat, furrowing his brow and looking out the window. Dean sighed and turned down the music to a reasonable state.

They drove down the road wihtout a word untill they reached the police department, parking and getting out, the doors slamming and the sound of their shoes skidding agaiunst the pavement.

A slight jingle sounded when they walked through the door and up to the front desk seriously. Sam pulled out his fake ID and showed it to the officer working the front desk. Dean woozed and did the same, pushing it back away, bringing a hand in front of his face.

"Hello, FBI , Stephen Walker and my partner, Rodger West. we are here to investigate the dissapearance of Mister Dusten Kendl. We are going to need all the information you've got." Sam nodded once, taking a breath in, glympsing back at Dean, who was messing with the nails on his fingers.

"Yes, yes of course, but, May I ask, what does a fire have to do with the FBI?" The officer reached for folders, tilting his head as he set them down in front of him.

"It's our job to investigate what is going on here, don't worrie." Sam reassured, noticying the Officer's eyes flicker to Dean.

"Is..Is he...Drunk?" The officer squinted. Sam tenced, looking back at his brother, who waved and smiled idioticly, woozing in his place, nodding once. Sam looked back, shaking his head.

"No." He stated.

"Alright, here is Kendl's records, sir. Good luck." The officer answerd a phone, squinting at the call. Sam left the room, but Dean stayed, looking at the officer untill he hung up.

"You know what?" Dean raised his voice, squinting, leaning slighly sideways. The officer tilted his head and shrugged, answering with confusin. Dean pointed his figer at him casually, dropping his hand."You're awesum."

Just then, Sam stormed in, grabbing Dean's arm and pulling him out of the station, walking him to the Impala.

"What was that?" He asked angrily, gripping the files with anger. Dean's eyes grew wide as he shugged.

"Just stating the obvious." Dean giggled slightly

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