Between the Honeycomb

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Dandelion, a.k.a Dandy, a tiny bumblebee pixie has a really stupid conversation with the really stupid Queen Bee.

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014




Dandy peered into the Queen Bee's room.

"Do you need anything?" she asked.

The Queen glared at her.  "Not yo' anythin' at this minute, why, pullin' another prank on me?"  She picked up a larvae and rocked it back and forth.  Oh, right.  There was no way she'd be in a happy mood after having a thousand kids.

"No, nothing of the sort, why do you ask?" replied Dandy.

"Cause!" The Queen stopped.  "Cause I feel like it.  No-- You feel like it.  They feel like it."

"What?" Dandy fidgeted.  "Who feels like it?"

"You!  They!  They was feelin'!  Wat?  You feels like yo' chu' gotta lie to me now lad?"  The Queen paused.  "That ain't make no sense, do it, baby girl?"

"Who was feeling like, what?" Dandy shuddered.  The larvae opened its eyes and drooled happily.  "Ew," she said before she could catch her mouth.  It laughed stupidly and chewed the Queen's finger.

"They meanin' the larvaes!  See dem lil' black eyes?  They starin' at chu!"  The Queen poked its nose.  "At least we ain't treat our babies like ants do.  You wanna give a try?"

"Sure," replied Dandy reluctantly.  "So, how did you become Queen?"

"Wat, with dis silleh stupid attitude of mahne?" said the Queen.  "Ah won a fight.  End of story."

"And then you had six thousand kids?"

"Pretty much... yah."  The queen handed a larvae to Dandy.  "Hold the lil bugger."

Dandy held her hands out to recieve a little fragile larvae.  It spat in her face.






the end writer's block yaaay

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