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So this I a romance. I know romance is really really cliché and REALLY overused, But most teens are like blood thirsty leeches and they feed on cliché stuff so here it is. Um its for Forever And Always's Picture perfect contest. I don't know if I will win, I have some REALLY tough writers doing the same contest. Um thanks for Inviting me it was REALLY fun working on this story :)

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012




•?• The Dance That Changed Forever •?•


Its funny how much distance changed me. College in England, which is very far from my home in Louisiana I was gone for four years. I needed to find myself, and for me that meant leaving the place I felt safest. I cut the tape on one of the many boxes, in my new house. I pulled out a newspaper wrapped picture frame, as I was unwrapping it the phone rang causing me to drop it and, it shattered into a million shards of glass and wood splinters. “Hello?” I asked knowing it was Mama. “Hey, Jade sweetie just calling to see how you are settlin’ in.” Mama’s southern accent ran through my ears “I’m fine just unpacking.” I said trying not too sound annoyed. “Oh do want me to come help?” “No I'm fine.” I said hanging up the phone and grabbing the broom, then headed to the kitchen. After only cutting myself once I threw away the broken frame and glass bending down and grabbing the picture.

I looked at the back of the photo the date read “August 24th 1995” That was my tenth birthday, which was eleven years ago. I flipped to the front to find a ten year old me and Jon dancing on the train track. Jon is my best friend or was. We grew up together, are Mamas were best friends, and they grew up together too. “Mama what are we doing for my birthday?” I asked tugging on Mama’s sleeve as she packed the picnic basket. “We’re going to the train tracks to have a picnic.” She said putting some pie in the basket. “Are Jon and Ms. Suzy comin’?” I asked sounding slightly worried. “Of course they always do.” She chuckled shutting the lid on the basket.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by the door bell, must be my pizza. I grabbed a twenty out of my purse and headed to the front door. I paid the delivery guy and walked my pizza to the kitchen grabbing a plate on my way. I put my pizza on my plate and pulled a stool up to the counter. I was lost in memories, once again.


I remember the day I found out I was going to the London Academy for Dance; I haven’t talked to Jon since then. You would think he would have been happy that I was going to a dance school, and Jon would have been if I had told him I was going. I walked the corner to Jon’s house; I walked up the porch steps unlocking the door with my key. “Hey Jon I have somethin’ to tell you!” I shouted walking into the house but, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a girl sittin’ on the couch. “Who are you?” she asked “Um, Jade.” I said I was gonna ask her the same question but Jon walked in. “Hey Jade. I see you met my girlfriend Emily.” I nodded pushing back the tears that were about to fall. “What did you want to tell me?” He asked “Um, Mama got the job at the diner.” I said. “Oh really tell her I said congrats.” That was my cue to leave; I nodded and walked to the door “Talk to you later.” I walked out the door letting the tears fall as I turned the corner.

That night when I went home I looked up flights to London, booked a flight, packed, and left nothing but a note. After that memory I started asking myself questions. What if I didn’t go to college? Would I be married? Would I have kids? Would Jon be mine? I smirked at the last one knowing I would be. Our Mamas used joke about us gettin’ married and growing a family, I used to think it was gross, but I grew up and thought him as more then a friend. I was gonna tell him, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually tell him. I didn’t ruin a perfect friendship, for a crush. Plus he was dating around, he wasn’t ugly. He had short brown hair and blue eyes, most girls in high school had wanted him. But he didn’t really date until senior year. I got up washing my plate then headed my bedroom to find myself more tired then I thought.


I woke up to the smell of bacon. I rose from bed realizing that someone was in my house. I grabbed the baseball bat I had in my room. I walked into the kitchen to find Mama making breakfast. “Mama what are you doing here?” I asked making a mental note to change my locks. “I stopped by to see how you were but, you were asleep so I figured I would make you breakfast.” I sighed walking to the counter and sitting on the stool as Mama sat a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me. “So what happened when I was gone?” I asked “Well, Carry moved to New York, Um Jessie finally got married, and Jon joined the army.” She said “Jon joined the army?” I asked “Yea, it was about a month after you left.” She said

After breakfast Mama left leaving me and my thoughts. What he doesn’t come home? What if he moved on? What if hates me? Stop thinking like that Jade! This went on for about an hour before I moved into a memory; I was sixteen, “Jon! Stop splashing me.” I said looking at my now soaked sneakers, before slipping them off. Walking to the rope swing that leads you into the murky pond water, I jumped on and swung out over the water. Letting go smiling as I hit the water causing a splash, I let myself sink a little before pushing to the surface of the water. I sighed standing up why wasn’t that simple anymore? I walked to the bathroom; I figured I would try to wash away the memories. I stepped into the steaming water waiting about twenty minutes before realizing that it wouldn’t work; there were too many memories that would never be erased. I sighed once more stepping into some shorts and a shirt.

I walked into my bedroom thinking maybe I could take a nap to forget everything. I rolled over and off my bed walking to the window. I pushed open the rusted window sticking my head out. I smiled as the warm July air washed over my face. I shut the window and walked into the living room. I figured I might as well finish unpacking. For the next two hours I have been putting thing where they belong. I smiled as I looked around my finished project. I walked to my room hoping to get some freaking sleep.


Its been a boring three months but, I survived. It’s October; Jon comes home soon. I keep tellin’ Mama he is gonna hate me. But she just laughs and shakes her head. I forced myself out of bed and into the shower. I figured I would walk the town to get out of my house. I walked the familiar corner, running into a few high school friends and having a little chat. I smiled when I walked past the coffee shop I worked at as a teenager. I walked to the park, I was hoping for peace but I found a band playing. I listened to a few songs before leaving, and heading back home.

I smiled as I walked through the door of my home. I put down my bag and slipped off my shoes. I walked into the kitchen; since I was starving I figured I would make myself dinner. I grabbed the pasta noodles, sauce, and meat balls. I boiled the noodles and the continued to make my spaghetti. I sat my plate down on my table, and started eating. Only to find myself getting lost in my memories once again.

“Jon I hate you!” I was outside Jon’s house, I was going to go in but there seemed to be a break up going on, so I stayed outside. I saw Bree, storm out of Jon’s house. I ran inside once Bree was out of site. “Jon?” I asked walking towards the weeping person in the corner. I walked over to him. He lifted his head; his blue eyes were flooding with tears. “What did I do?” He asked “Nothing, she messed up by leaving you.” He nodded standing up. He wiped his tears, and put a fake smile on.


I walked through the door of the market; I was running really low on food. I walked down the aisles grabbing the items and sitting them in my cart. I pushed my cart out of the aisle, I was lost in thought when my cart got hit with someone else’s cart. I looked up to see a face that I hadn’t in about five years. Jon? I asked getting butterflies in my stomach.

Jade? I nodded I was speechless. “We should go get coffee sometime.” He said I nodded. “What are you doing tonight?” I asked. “Um, nothing.” He said I smiled “Wanna go tonight?” “Sure.” He said. I bought what was in my cart, and then walked home. I walked into my room and went straight to my closet. NOTHING TO WEAR!! Ugh I threw on a sweater, skirt, black tights, and white flats. I walked to the kitchen, putting away my groceries. 6:00 we said we would meet up at 6:30. I shut off the lights and locked my door.

I walked the streets the coffee shop, my hands were shaking. I pushed the door finding Jon sitting at a table checking his watch. I walked up to the table “Sorry I’m late walking isn’t fun.” I smiled as he just shook his head and rolled his eyes. “So how is your life?” He asked. “Pretty good, I’m just trying to finding a job.” I said. “You went to college and you can’t find a job?” he asked. I smirked “It was a dance school.” I said “You left me for a dance school?” He said sounding angry. “I thought you would be fine you were doing fine, you didn’t need me you had Emily.” “Emily was just a girl not a friend.” I shook my head “I thought you would be happy that I was living my dream.” I grabbed my jacket and ran out of the coffee shop.


I let the tears fall as I sat on the train tracks. The tracks haven’t been used in ages so it was silent, I was alone. My “bestfriend” was no longer a friend. He was more like an enemy. Maybe I was wrong, it wasn’t meant to be. “I should’ve just stayed in London.” I said to myself shaking my head, I sobbed quietly. I was cursing myself for thinking I could be in love or the fact that he was in love with me.

I looked towards the tunnel, I used to come here everyday to get away from my life. I used to sit in the tunnel and just think about everything that I was worried about. But when I turned sixteen I stopped I don’t know why. I just felt like this place held too many of my secrets, that tunnel knew everything about me. Its crazy that a tunnel could ruin my life. I laid on the track, wishing that the train would come and cut me up. Why? So I wouldn’t have to burden anyone anymore. Was I wrong going to college? I asked myself. I was following my dreams I thought that was what I was supposed do.

I followed my dreams for the wrong reason, I was jealous. I shouldn’t have left home I should have stayed. I shook my head and wiped my tears. But, my tears didn’t stop they just kept coming. I’m just as confused as I was when I was eighteen. I just was trying to find myself and where I belonged. I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone coughing.


“What do you want?” I asked the last person I wanted to see right now “Okay so I need to say I’m sorry I really shouldn’t have snapped at you back there.” He said his voice was pleading me to forgive him. I chuckled “Seriously who am I kidding, you were right I could have told you where I was going and when I was leaving.” “Do you forgive me?” He asked his voice didn’t sounds broken anymore he sound almost happy.”

“Of course, but I do need to tell you something.” I said hoping that today was the day my life turned around “Okay.” He said. “I love you.” I said looking at my feet waiting for an laugh. “Remember you tenth birthday party?” I nodded not realizing what this had to do with what I had just told him. “Well when we were dancing on the train tracks, is when I realized I was totally in love with you.” I smiled standing up.

“Well, then I think we should dance.” I said with a huge smile plastered on my face. “Of course we should.” He took out his phone and put on some classical music. I had my head lying onto his chest memorizing his heartbeat. We danced for what seemed to be hours, but was really only minutes but, it didn’t matter because it wasn’t about how long we were dancing it was the fact of dancing with him that really mattered.

~*~? Epilogue ?~*~

I smiled and held my head high I as I walked down the aisle. The music was flawless, but I was lost in memories as usual. Its funny how the past three years have flown by, “Jon, are going to move in with me? “Of course because not only do I love you, but we all know you can’t cook.” I smiled hitting him playfully. “Jon?” “Yes my love?” “Can we get a dog?” All he did was laugh. “Jade.” “Hmm?” I asked my head leaning on his shoulder while we were at the park. “Will you marry me?” I was speechless. “Yes!” We hugged and kissed and everyone cheered.

When I reached the alter I looked out in the crowd to see both our Mama’s crying. I couldn’t help but smile at them. I looked down at my dress before locking eyes with Jon. “We are all gathered here today to bring together Jon and Jade…” The preacher continued on with the ceremony, and I tuned out. “Do you Jon Fasecal take Jade Malery as your loved wife?” “I do.” “And do you Jade Malery take Jon Fasecal to be you loved husband?” “I do.” “Well I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride.

See I guess there always, was a path for me and Jon. But, we both got lost and it took each other to find it. After the honeymoon, I came home and we had a dog. But, I guess true love does exist. Or ya know it could have been the fact that our Mamas were right. I mean were married and little does Jon know that I’m pregnant.

•?• The End •?•

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