Superhuman: Broken

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
The seal has been broken!
But that's not the only thing. Everything is being broken. The Superhumans have to stop the Demonics from taking over the Realm. And it's all happening so fast. But will they be broken before they stop.
Find out in the finale of the second third of the Superhuman series.

Submitted: October 07, 2013

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Submitted: October 07, 2013



Superhuman: Broken


“It has been broken!”

This wasn't good. Malum had found a way to break the seal that the Superhumans had accidentally cast on him. They all knew bad things would arise.

Malum shot all of them down. It barely took any energy. They were all down as soon as the magic touched them. That's how powerful he is.

“How is he that strong?” asked Vanessa.

“Remember who he is,” reminded Eric.

“You are all my servants now!” ordered Malum.

“Not a chance in hell!” spat Drake.

Malum grabbed him with his powers. Drake started screaming in agony as the power clutched him.

“NO! Drake!” Lilly shouted as she went up to try to save him. Nathan jumped in front of Drake to stop her though.

“I don't think so,” said Nathan. He grabbed Lilly's arm.

Vanessa shot fire at him before he could do anything.

Nathan hissed in pain.

Eric got up and severed Malum's grasp of Drake, only to get shot down by Conscience.

“Now, if you want to live to see your world end, we suggest you do as we say!” threatened Serena. She grasped all the Superhumans with her powers.

“Never!” shouted Torrie.

She and Brenda then severed the grasp and flashed everyone to their lair, the only safe house.



Everyone found a seat and sat on them.

Their clothes were ripped up after the attack and their energy was drained. They weren't in the mood for anything.

“How is that even possible?” asked Logan.

“We sealed him away. Aren't we the only ones that are capable of reversing the seal?” asked Tara.

“He obviously found a way to break the seal. It was his only way out of it!” said Vanessa.

“What are we gonna do?” asked Lilly.

“Yeah, we can't just let him take over the world! That will be the end!” said Drake.

“And we're not!” said Torrie.

“We are going to stop them if it's the last thing we do!” said Brenda.

“We also need to get back Christopher for what he did!” reminded Eric, just to add fuel to the fire.

“Not to forget our little friend, Conscience,” added Vanessa.

“This is good. They are preparing to take over. Nothing can go good If it happens. Just like his seal... everything will be broken,” said Master Kurt.

“We need to go to battle. But this is for real. I'm not sure if we're gonna be done after this, but all I know is... they just started the next battle,” said Eric.

They all stood up.

Then, a huge explosion came from their kitchen.

Everyone screamed.

“What the hell was that?” asked Vanessa.

Lilly then read her text.


Let the battle begin.



“Get out, now!” ordered Master Kurt. “If the battle has begun you guys need to go and defend the world! I will take of this!”

They hesitated but they left.

The walked into the regular school. There was a special Valentine's Day dance going on. Even though it's been a few weeks since Valentine's Day passed, the school didn't care.

It seemed as if their explosion wasn't they only one. Everybody was worried and there was some people screaming.

“It's chaos,” said Trevor.

“We need to split up,” said Torrie. “They aren't all in the same place.”

“She's right,” agreed Eric.

Torrie & Brenda flashed out.



Brenda sensed that a Demonic was up in the roof.

“There's nobody here,” pointed Torrie.

“Yes there is. I can feel it,” said Brenda.

“Hello my darlings.”

They both turned around. They couldn't believe who they were seeing.


“What? No warm welcome for the original winged Demonic?” teased Adrian.

“Why are you still here?” asked Torrie.

“We killed you!” said Brenda.

“It's called the Amulet of Resurrection!” answered Adrian.

Torrie attempted to shoot him. He easily repelled the spell. He shot them down instead.

“Let's make this simple. We are going to need more slaves. And since your little group with give in, we are taking them,” said Adrian.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Brenda.

An airplane passed by.

Adrian looked at it with a smile.

“Later babes,” he said. Then he disappeared.

The twins realized what he was planning.



The group moved to a more secure spot in the school to make their plans. Everybody's noise was too distracting.

“We need to make a plan,” said Vanessa.

Then the twins popped in.

“What the hell? Weren't you girls supposed to be on the roof?” asked Trevor.

“Yeah,” answered Torrie. “We just found out that the Demonics resurrected Adrian.”

“Dammit! We need that Amulet back!” said Lilly.

“He's going to abduct an airplane and make all the passengers Demonic slaves,” said Brenda.

“Why the hell aren't you up there?” asked Logan.

“We need to tell you something first!” said Torrie.

She looked at Brenda and sighed.

“When we became angels... it wasn't exactly how you'd think. We weren't exactly chosen first by God,” started Brenda.

“A Demonic murdered us because we crossed their way,” said Brenda. “When we died, we didn't die.”

“Death, death itself, was late. The Angel of Death did eventually spot us. Me and Brenda started running. We didn't want to die,” said Torrie.

“We were praying for a second chance. We begged God for another turn at life, but that this time we would defend the innocent people. He spoke to us. He actually spoke to us. He blessed us with the gift of being angels and sent us into the Superhuman group, but we didn't join because of the danger,” explained Brenda.

“Since that day, Death thought we cheated it. The spirit is furious. It hasn't been able to find us since that day because it's been too occupied with all the dying people. But if it were ever to find us, you would never see us again,” said Torrie, with tears in her eyes.

Nobody could believe what she was saying.

“Recently, that angel like devil voice that's been contacting us has been practically telling us that Death is near. It knows we are here. And it's looking for us.” said Brenda. “We needed to tell you that, because we knew that Death won't hesitate to take any of you.”

Everybody thought for a moment.

“It's okay,” said Eric. “You didn't cheat Death. Death is just pissed at God. And don't worry. We got your back.”

Everybody nodded.

“With that being said, they can't go out to stop Adrian alone!” pointed out Lilly.

“I'll go with them!” volunteered Tara.

“Great,” said Torrie.

“Wish us luck!” said Brenda.

They flashed out..

“My and Lilly need to go find Nyoka. We have been teased by her for long enough. If we're lucky, the masked bitch will show up,” said Vanessa.

Drake leaned in to kiss Lilly.

“Good luck,” he whispered.

Lilly nodded.

She and Vanessa flashed out.

“Alright, I'm gonna go take care of a certain vampire who obviously can't take his mind off of my girlfriend,” said Drake.

He flashed out.

“I think me and Trevor have to pay a certain Paralyzer a visit,” said Logan. With that, he flashed out.

“That leaves me alone to get my dad back from Malum,” said Eric.


Drake flashed himself to the woods behind Carol's house.

These woods were a dark place. Was there any better place for a vampire to hang out?

“Well... it looks like the bad doggy decided to obey his owners this time,” said Nathan.

Drake turned around.

“I don't obey anyone. Especially, little obsessive blood suckers who obviously have nothing better to do than wait to be killed,” replied Drake.

“That is a lot of talk for someone who is just my girl's second choice,” taunted Nathan.


“Come on Drake. You're not fooling anyone! Face it. I am Lilly's true love. Look at me. I am beautiful. I am a vampire. I am immortal. She wants everlasting love and I can give her that. What can you give her? A few more years of your love?” explained Nathan.

“I can give her a love that is worth fighting for. Me and her have a conntection!” replied Drake.

“Save it,” snapped Nathan. “You wanna know what she told me on your little journey that I sent you on?”

“That she loved me?”

“Yes... but you're not the only one.”

Drake looked confused.

“Yeah, exactly. She still loves me! She always has and always will. Don't fool yourself Drake. When she's with you, she feels safe and loved. When she's with me... she feels a million times better,” explained Nathan.

“You are lying! I know when someone lies. In case you've forgotten, I am a werewolf!” insisted Drake.

“Alright, you got me...” admitted Nathan. “She doesn't even love you.”

Drake's eyes widened.

“The only reason that Lilly is even with you is to fill the gigantic abyss that I made in her heart when it was revealed that I am a Demonic,” said Nathan. “Face it. You are just a pathetic little bandage attempting to heal the endless wound that I implanted. You are nothing more than her second choice. If she didn't care so much about being a loyal Superhuman, she would come crawling back to me in an instant!”

Drake began choking up as the words sank in. Was Nathan really telling the truth? Was he really Lilly's second choice.

“Too bad she's so naive. The only reason she's with you is because you're right there! You're one of her! You'll keep her in touch with her roots! But hopefully she'll realize that nothing can get in the way of true love. Not even a pair of fangs or evil allies... or even a stupid dog.”

Drake snapped.

He fully transformed into a werewolf.

Nathan shot him with black magic. It had no effect. Drake was too infuriated to feel pain.

“Oh yeah, we'll play it way!” said Nathan.

He hissed with his fangs.

Drake scratched him on the cheek, knocking him down. Drake got on top of Nathan. But Nathan didn't even look worried. He just smiled.

Nathan blasted Drake in the face.

Drake got up and Nathan kicked him in the stomach. Nathan tried to punc Drake, but Drake grabbed his fist and twisted it around, breaking his wrist.

“You really think a broke wrist will stop me?” mocked Nathan. “Please, this heals in seconds.”

Nathan punched Drake. He kicked him into a tree. Nathan grabbed a log and threw it at Drake. Drake caught the log with his claws but was shot down.

Nathan grasped Drake with his torturing magic.

Drake growled in pain.

Drake managed to sever the tie. He then tackled Nathan to a tree. He heard a huge crack. He heard the blow give Nathan a concussion.

“Concussions only last a minute in my world.”

Drake became furious his eyes began glowing red, as he back away. He started charging towards Nathan.

Nathan reacted instantly. Nathan blasted Drake as he charged.

The blow reverted Drake back to his human form.

“It's time... to put the doggy.. down,” said Nathan. He grasped Drake with his torturing magic.

Drake broke the hold and blasted Nathan. Nathan flew and hit a tree.

Drake then conjured the trees to make all their branches hit Nathan. Nathan could barely have a chance to look the other way as they tree branches were beating him.

Drake was about to blast him with one final, and fatal, shot.

Then Nathan disappeared.

“Dammit!” cursed Drake.

He thought Nathan was gone.



The twins and Tara flashed into the plane.

There was no sign of Adrian anywhere.

“He's here, I can feel it,” said Torrie.

“The question is... where?” asked Tara.

Adrian flashed into the front of the plane.

“Everybody! This flight has been cancelled!” he announces. Adrian's hands start glowing black. The plane starts moving unsafely.

The passengers scream.

Torrie shoots Adrian down.

Brenda and Tara flash every passenger out of the plane into safety.

“Looks like you know how to crash a party, don't you?” asked Adrian. He stood up as Brenda attempted to shoot him down.

He grabbed the magic and shot into one of the windows, shattering it.

“We killed you once, we'll kill you again!” said Brenda. She launched for Adrian. He ducked and she landed on her feet. Torrie attempted shooting him, but he repelled it and she was shot by her own magic.

Tara stepped forward until she was pulled back by her hair to the floor. She looked up to see Christopher.

“We still have unfinished business to attend to,” said Chistopher. Tara kicked his head as he bent down. She got up and kicked him in the chest sending him flying through the door that the flight attendant used to get to the phone. Tara was sent back flying by Christopher.

“I just remembered. A certain enraged person wants me,” said Christopher. With that, he flashed out.

Brenda turned Adrian around. She punched him. Adrian then grabbed Brenda's arm and flipped her over and bent her arm in an unnatural way.

Brenda screamed in agony.

Torrie got up and shot a fountain worth of magic towards Adrian. Adrian let Brenda go and shot his magic at Torrie's. The two powers collided and were battling to get to the target.

“I am the Original Winged Demonic. Do you really think your magic stands a chance against mine?” mocked Adrian.

Torrie didn't let his comments distract her from keeping her magic flowing towards Adrian.

Adrian then relinquished a powerful shot that sent Torrie flying back. The force of the power shattered all of the windows making the glass flow in.

Adrian grabbed Tara before she could hit him. She headbutted him. She then kicked him in the stomach and punched him in the face. She grabbed his shoulder. He hit her in the stomach. Then he slapped her across the face and kicked her in the chest, sending her flying.

Adrian blasted most of the roof off.

His eyes started glowing green. The wind was blowing hard. Torrie attempted sitting up. She grabbed onto what was left of a destroyed seat.

Adrian grabbed her off.

“I'm gonna finish you off just like they all did to me!” said Adrian.

Then they all heard a puncturing shriek.

Adrian let go of Torrie and covered his ears.

There was a huge clap of lightning that almost hit the plane. Brenda screamed when she saw it.

Then everything went eerie.

A figure started forming in front of Torrie. The black smoke becoming thick. Torrie was afraid of what was happening.


The Angel of Death had finally caught up to them. All the years of not being found. All the years of safety. All of them thrown away into this very moment.

“It looks like someone else wants the job done...” said Adrian. He backed away from Torrie to the front of the plane.

Tara stood up.

“Tara don't!” shouted Brenda.

There was another huge shriek and Tara backed up instantly.

Then the voice began.

“The time is here. Cheating Death is never a smart idea. Justice shall be brought.”

The voice wasn't Death.

The voice remained anonymous.

Tara formed up a huge ball of magic.

She was prepared to shoot it.

Then, she was hit in the back of the head.



When Vanessa and Lilly flashed out, they felt a sudden push. Someone else had hijacked their spell and had flashed them into somewhere.

They landed on their feet. They were in the woods. But these woods were different. They were creepy. The sky was a dark shade of purple.

“Where the hell are we?” asked Vanessa.

“In my home.”

Vanessa and Lilly turned around to see Nyoka. The veil covered her eyes, but not her sneer.

“Good thing. We were looking for you,” said Lilly.

“And why in any circle of hell would I be in your Realm?” spat Nyoka. “That realm is ruled by stupid humans who know nothing of what is best for people. That Realm will become glorious when we take over!”

“Maybe in your wildest dreams, and our worst nightmares, that will happen. But here in reality, that will never.... ever.... happen!” stated Vanessa.

“Darling, you're too sure of things. Like how you think the Provider is just being paranoid, and how you think you don't have any family left...”

Nyoka was shot down by a fire shot.

Vanessa stood over her and put her foot on Nyoka's throat.

“What the hell did you just say?” demanded Vanessa.

Nyoka sneered.

“My family is dead! The closest thing I have to a family is Gretchen and if you ever speak of them again...”

“No need to threaten me. Out of all of you, you should know that you should never play with fire,” said Nyoka. Then she pushed Vanessa off of her. Vanessa tried to shoot her down, but Nyoka grabbed Vanessa's arm and sent a sharp pain through her.

Vanessa shrieked in agony as Nyoka pushed her down.

“I am your Torturer. I can and will cause you your deepest suffering,” said Nyoka.

Lilly kicked Nyoka in the chest. She slammed her against a tree and tried to punch her.

Nyoka grabbed Lilly's arm and sent the same pain through her.

Lilly fell to the ground.

A few seconds passed.

“Well... what the hell are you waiting for?” asked Vanessa. “Come on, if you're gonna kill us why don't you do it while we're down?”

“What would the fun in that be?” answered Nyoka. “When you suffer, I thrive.”

“I hope dying will max out that,” said Lilly.

“Why? You don't want me to live off of the confusion and pain that you go through when you think of your two loves?” said Nyoka.


“Don't play stupid mermaid!” spat Nyoka. “We all know that the only reason you are with that mutt of a werewolf is because you still love Nathan!”

“Lilly, what is she talking about?” asked Vanessa.

“Oh, don't pretend like she's going to answer you! She is only with Drake so she can mask the pain that Nathan inflicted on her when he revealed himself. She had to make the choice whether to follow her true love to this side, or stick to her roots,” explained Nyoka. “Your dog is keeping you from making the right decision. True love shouldn't be stopped by anything, now should it?”

“Lilly, tell me that everything she is saying isn't true. Tell me that she's just doing this to get inside our heads and manipulate our emotions for her life. Tell me that everything she has been saying is bullshit!” pleaded Vanessa.

Tears started rolling down Lilly's face.

“Too bad the news has already been delivered,” said Nyoka.

“What!?” demanded Lilly.

Nyoka laughed. “Nathan has taken the liberty of breaking the news to Drake, and he has also volunteered to put the dog to sleep.”

“No!” shouted Lilly. She stood up and tried to flash out to Drake's aid. Nyoka stopped her and shot her down. Vanessa rushed to her aid.

“If only your lovely Gretchen was here to heal....”

Vanessa tackled Nyoka to the tree. If it weren't for Nyoka's semi-immortality due to her Demonic powers, she would've been dead the second Vanessa made impact.

“Do... not EVER... EVER.... say her name again!” threatened Vanessa. Vanessa's eyes started glowing red. She somehow managed to reach into Nyoka's soul.

She immediately retracted and fell to the floor.

“My soul is too twisted for you,” teased Nyoka.

Vanessa was gasping for air. She felt as if she had been poisoned just by knowing what was inside of Nyoka.

Nyoka knelled next to Vanessa.

“Too bad you can't just be killed like Candice,” said Nyoka.

The pain was gone. Vanessa was infuriated.

“What?” asked Lilly.

Nyoka laughed once again.

“Her death was a long time coming. From the moment she absorbed the Provider power, she sentenced herself to death!” said Nyoka.

“She didn't absorb it! She didn't even know she had it. The power found her on its own!” said Lilly.

“That may be. But it doesn't change the fact that she nearly killed Malum in his human form. Lucky for her, Malum found out how to make himself closer to his true form.”

“What do you mean?” asked Vanessa.

“He is already in his true form!” said Lilly.

Nyoka laughed even more.

“If he were in his true form. The entire multiverse dimension would be dead,” answered Nyoka. “When Candice died, we had one less obstacle, too bad you won't know who.”

Vanessa and Lilly stood up.

“Your anger is so negative,” complained Nyoka. “Keep it up.

Vanessa and Lilly both shot Nyoka. They were too fast for her to dodge so she was shot back into a tree.

“Lucky for you, we don't wait. We kill,” said Vanessa.

They were about to finish Nyoka. Before they could, they were shot down by a higher power.

“Nice try ladies.”

Serena walked past Vanessa and Lilly who were in pain, only making Nyoka heal faster.

“You are doing very finely,” complimented Serena. “You have done exactly what you said you were going to do, and that is to make these bitches suffer.”

Both Vanessa and Lilly managed to pull themselves up.

They know that now that now that Serena has arrived on the scene, they had a real challenge ahead of them.



Logan and Drake went back to the library.

The library was closed.

There was no sign of humanity anywhere.

“Christoper!” shouted Trevor.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” continued Logan.

“You were so confident before! What changed now? Is it the fact that we're ready?” asked Trevor.

“Or is it the fact that you're a pussy!” teased Logan.

He was shot down.

Logan just smiled when he landed.

Christoper stood on top of him pointing his magic at him.

“You know, I should probably be scared at this point, right?” asked Logan. Christoper didn't understand why Logan was fearless at this point.

Trevor grasped Christoper with his powers.

“It doesn't feel so good to be trapped, right?” asked Logan. “You are nothing more than evil. You will never be anything in this world besides that. See maybe you paralyze people and torture and kill them. But we save them. Too bad that's not your situation.”

Logan hand started glowing.

“I hope Satan lets you back in,” teased Logan.

Christoper chuckled. “You guys are very clever,” he said. “Unlucky for you, so am I.”

Christoper flashed out of Trevor's grasp.

“Where did her go?” asked Trevor.

Christoper blasted Trevor from behind. As soon as Trevor fell to the floor, Logan jumped over him. He kicked Christoper to the side. Logan hooked Christoper on the face with his right fist. Christoper fell onto a nearby table full of computers. Logan grabbed a keyboard and smashed Christoper's face with it.

Christoper kicked Logan in the stomach. When Logan was recovering, Christoper sent the computers flying to hit Logan. Logan summoned a few books to block the computers.

Christoper then shot Logan into the first shelf behind him. Logan's impact was hard enough to knock down the other shelves with a domino effect. The place looked like it had been hit by a twister.

Christoper sneered in victory. Then he felt a sharp pain in his back. He reached to feel something lodged into his flesh. When he looked at his hand, the blood was all over it.

Christoper fell to his knees.

“You may win battles, but trust me, this war will end with us on the victorious side,” said Trevor.

Trevor turned around to Conscience standing there. Conscience grasped Trevor with her magic and launched him across the room into the shelves.

“That's exactly what you get for lying, Trevor!” shouted Conscience. “All of you Superhumans are pathetic liars. There is a damn good reason we do what we do. It is to get rid of each and every single one of you Superhumans who think they do good to this realm when all you do is destroy more than we do!

Conscience raised her wand. Black magic started to pour out of it.

“No!” shouted Trevor.

Logan was somehow able to get up.

“Ahh... you!” shouted Conscience. She grasped Logan with her magic.

Logan groaned in a sheer pain.

“It is time that you finally accept what you truly are!” announced Conscience.

“Never!” argued Logan.

Trevor got up and started running towards Conscience. She stopped him and grasped him with her powers.

“You better choose the right decision. Because if you don't embrace your inner-Demonic, your friend won't be living too much longer!”



Eric felt fearless.

He actually dared to flash into the Demonics Realm. Not only that. But actually in the lair of the Demonics. The Demonics weren't worried about Superhumans even trying to get into their lair, so the barriers weren't strong.

No one was there.

Eric didn't spot any single person in the Demonics lair. This gave him the chance to snoop around. This was a big lair. There were some lights. Eric stepped down the steps. He saw many tables full of potions.

He was interested about everything in this room, but one thing caught his eye in particular. He saw a big black book on a table. It had the words scratched on the cover, Impius Latin. He was about to touch the book when all of a sudden he was flashed out.

The Seer stood in front of Eric with her cane at her as he was flashed into her lair. She stared at him for a second, then smacked his leg with her cane.

“What the hell was that for?” asked Eric.

“I just saved your life. Instead of asking questions you should be thanking me,” said the Seer.

“What do you mean?” asked Eric.

“Eric, let me tell you something. That is an evil book. That is a cursed book. The scratchings on the cover translate into The Unholy Bible,” explained the Seer.

Eric was listening.

“That is Satan's book. That is his law. That is his way. The Demonics have a hold on that book because the devil himself gave it to Malum,” continued the Seer.

“Why?” asked Eric.

“That book holds the key to everything that they want,” said the Seer. There was a small pause. “That is all I can inform you of right now. Today, the stakes will rise. They will rise a lot. I suggest that you don't touch anything in there,” said the Seer. “Or you will end up dead.”

“That doesn't sound too bad, considering everything that's happening,” said Eric.

“And if you are not careful you may get your wish,” warned the Seer.

She then flashed him back into the lair. This time around though, he saw a a person.

This woman was frightened when he flashed in. Her clothes were a bit torn. She had dirt on her face. At first, Eric saw only fear on this woman's face. Then it turned into gratitude.

She got down on her knees and she started hugging his feet. “Bless you! Bless you! Thank you God!” she started saying.

“Excuse me, but what's happening?” asked Eric.

“You're the Provider, right?” she asked, as she stood up.

“Yes. And aren't you supposed to be trying to kill me right now?” asked Eric.

“No! Never!” she exclaimed. She reached out her right hand. “I'm Shelly!” she introduced herself. Eric shook her hand.

She couldn't resist hugging him again.

“Why is this happening?” asked Eric.

“Becuase! You are the Provider! You are our Savior! You are the person that will get us all out of slavery!” she answered.

Eric was surprised. “I would've thought that you've already been brainwashed.”

“No! No! The power of prayer is stronger than they think!” said Shelly. “Please, whatever you do. Never... ever... give up! You hear me? You are the world's only hope. You are the only mortal that destroy the Devil's book!”

“You mean The Unholy Bible?” asked Eric.

“Yes! When that book is destroyed, they can't do anything to our Home Realm!” answered Shelly.

“What do you mean?” asked Eric.

“That book contains the spell. The spell that allows the Demonics to take over any Realm they want to!” explained Shelly. “But once it's destroyed, that's impossible!”

Eric walked over to the book. Shelly pulled on him to make him stop from touching it.

“NO! Don't ever touch that! You are our only hope! You cannot die! Today is the day that the stakes rise!” said Shelly.

Eric's eyes widened.

The woman gave him a small keychain. On the keychain was a picture of the Virgin Mary.

“Keep that. Forever. As long as you have that, the Lord will be with you in your war against evil!” said Shelly.

Eric nodded.

Then a little girl walked in. Her clothes were just as dirty. She was about six or seven years old at Eric's guess.

“Mommy. Who is this man?” asked the girl.

“Come here Delilah,” said Shelly. She picked up the little. “This man right here, he is our Savior.”

“Like Jesus?” asked Delilah.

“Yes. He is going to save us from this evil,” said Shelly.

“Eric,” said Delilah.


“Is it true? Are you going to set us free?” asked Delilah.

Eric nodded.

“You're gonna bring back Daddy?” she asked.

Eric's heart shattered.

The Demonics had killed this girl's father.

“When they killed him in front of me, my mommy told me that you would bring him back. Well that was when she stopped from crying,” said Delilah.

Eric's stomach started hurting.

Eric's eyes were getting tear-filled.

He nodded. “I promise you Delilah, that I am going to set you free. And I will bring your Daddy back. Count on it,” said Eric.

Delilah squeezed him tight.

Shelly got teary herself too.

Delilah grabbed Shelly's hand.

“I'll see you soon,” said Eric. They both waved bye as they walked away. Eric had a new reason to not give in this war. That was those two ladies right there. They gave him that extra push to try. And he was going to succeed.

This little girl had lost her dad. And Eric was the only reason she wasn't broken down. She had complete faith in him. Eric looked at the Virgin Mary keycahin. He kissed it and put in his pocket.

“What the hell do you think you are doing here?”

Eric turned to see Malum.

Eric quickly flashed himself and Malum to the cliff.

“What... the hell.... were you doing in my realm!?” demanded Malum. Eric could tell her was furious. The intensity of the red in his inhuman eyes was at a new level.

“The stakes are gonna be risen today. You did break out of your seal and it's obvious that your Unholy Bible was what you were going back for!” answered Eric.

“You know, if I were you, I would've taken it,” said Malum.

“Why? So I could die? No. I'm here to stop you and to get my dad back!” said Eric.

Malum laughed.

“You really think you're ever going to get him back?” mocked Malum. Eric immediately shot Malum down and got on top of him.

“Where the hell is he?” demanded Eric. He had his fingers around Malum's throat.

Malum eyes were glowing an evil red. Eric made the mistake of locking eye contact with them. He felt a pain seer through his body. Malum pushed him off and got up.

“Your father has been a very good prisoner. What would make you think that I would give him up so easy?” answered Malum.

The pain was weakening. Eric started getting up.

“If you don't want to give him, I'll take him from you!” said Eric. Eric shot at Malum. The blast barely made Malum move.

“If that's the fight that you'll put, you may as well give this Realm to us now,” said Malum. Malum flashed out a sword. He swung at Eric, but he ducked. Eric backed up against a tree. Malum slashed the tree when he missed Eric again.

The tree immediately lost life and fell over.

Malum looked at tree as it fell. Eric then took advantage of the distraction and shot down Malum.

Eric grabbed the sword out of Malum's hand and pointed it at him. “Give him back, or I'll take him back.”

The sword starting shooting pains through Eric's body. Eric threw the sword aside.

“I don't need a sword to beat a weakling like you,” said Malum.

“We'll see.”



Master Kurt was performing a protection spell on the lair. He wanted to make sure that this place was safe from the evils of the Demonics. Right in the middle of it, Caleb flashed in.

“Caleb. What are you doing here?” asked Master Kurt.

“We need to help the others! My dad is not gonna stop! If we don't do something right now, they will die!” urged Caleb.

“Okay, exactly where do we need to go?” asked Master Kurt. He turned his back to Caleb to get his wand that he used.

Then everything froze. He lost all feeling throughout his body yet he could still see and hear. He didn't feel the impact when he landed on the floor.

He saw Caleb crouch down in front of him.

“Too bad that Christoper passed the ability of paralyzing to me,” said Caleb. He then grabbed the wand Master Kurt was heading for and flashed out.



Nathan wasn't gone. He shot down Drake. Drake quickly got up and dodged another blast. He went up and punched Nathan across the face. Then he kicked him into a near tree. Nathan kicked him in the gut. He then grasped Drake with magic.

“You know, the last time I had a werewolf's blood, I almost died. But who knows? Maybe my taste buds changed,” said Nathan. With that he bared his fangs and neared then to Drake's throat.

Drake broke the magical grasp that Nathan had on him.

Drake then kicked Nathan in the head. When Nathan was down, Drake grabbed his head. He was about to snap Nathan's neck, but then Nathan disappeared once again. Drake turned around to see Nathan with a huge blast shooting out of his hands.



Tara's vision was starting to fade. The hit to the head was affecting her. She looked to see a guy walking towards the scene.

“What the hell?” gasped Torrie.

“I got the wand! It's here. Thanks to Caleb! Angel of Death, I have brought you the wand. Take it! Kill them with it!” shouted Brent.

“What are you doing?” asked Brenda.

She stood but was tripped by Caleb next to Torrie.

“Well, you had to learn your lesson someday,” said Caleb.

Death pointed the wand at them.



“I am the Queen of the Demonics. Ladies, I suggest that you stay down. You death will be less agonizing,” said Serena.

“If you thought surrendering is what we were going to do, then you're gonna be a real disappointed Queen Bee,” said Lilly.

“Very well. Have it your way!” said Serena.

She summoned a black slime out of the soil. She raised it up as she gestured it. She then shot it forward.

Vanessa cast a force field on Lilly and herself. Serena then shot them both with fire. Lilly put out some of it and Vanessa embraced the rest.

“If anything you just made me stronger,” said Vanessa.

“We'll see,” said Serena. She snapped her fingers. Vanessa was shot back and felt a painful burning sensation throughout her body.

Lilly knew what was going on. She started to suck the infected fire out of Vanessa until Serena physically pulled her off of her spell. Lilly wiggled her arm out Serena's grasp and slapped Serena across the face.

“Not very wise, are you?” asked Serena. She kicked Lilly to the nearest. Lilly landed harder than she expected.

Serena then grabbed her by the hair and tossed to another tree.

Vanessa got up and shot at Serena. Serena repelled the shot. The fire went to a nearby branch. The trees caught the flame. And it was spreading quick.

Vanessa attempted another shot but it only made everything worse.

“No!” shouted Vanessa.

She began to try to control the fire. But her panic level was too high. Deja vu. She remembered when couldn't control fire. And now she was feeling scarily close to that.

Serena laughed.

“Deja vu?” she mocked. She shot at a branch to make it fall on Vanessa. Vanessa moved out of the way. The impact of the branch on the ground knocked her down. The ashes were on Vanessa's face.

Vanessa got up.

This was it. It was either now or never. She had to kill Serena, or be killed by Serena.



“No, Logan! Don't do it!” shouted Trevor.

“Quiet!” yelled Conscience.

Logan had no choice. If he made a sudden move, Trevor was dead. But if he chose to become the enemy, he lived.

Logan sighed. “If that's what I have to do...”

Logan shut his forcefield down. He felt a sudden pain. He was always on guard so he couldn't let the rage consume him. But now he had to. The rage felt as if it were destroying him rather than consuming him.

He groaned in agony.

He felt the Demonic power in him. It was spreading. It was all through his body. It was spreading like a wildfire.

It finally became too much for him. He collapsed on the floor.



Eric punched Malum across the face. He knew it was a stupid move. Malum then kicked Eric in the stomach and backhanded him to face. Eric's mouth started bleeding on impact. Malum grabbed Eric by the hair. Eric shot at Malum to let himself loose.

Eric tried to crawl to the sword. He needed a weapon. Malum grabbed his foot. Eric then flipped himself frontward, tossing Malum over in the process.

Eric then shot fire at Malum's face. Malum moved out of the way. The grass caught fire. Eric stood up. The blood was oozing out of his mouth.

He then launched a gigantic ball of energy at Malum.

Malum sucked it in. He then shot it back towards Eric. Eric attempted sucking it in too. But he failed and was knocked down.

Eric took a few seconds to stand up and when he did, Malum was ready to strike.



The blast hit Drake.

Everything seemed to go into slow motion. He felt the pain. But it was fading away. Everything was fading away.


Death shot the twins with the wand. They were able to feel themselves losing life.

Tara tried to get up only to get shot with the wand herself.



Vanessa charged towards Serena. Serena easily knocked her down. Vanessa gasped as she hit the floor.

Serena grabbed her by her cheeks. “Oh my darling, it's too bad that I'm the one who had to end things.”

“That's exactly why you'll go to hell!” spat Vanessa.

“Oh, why would you talk to your own mother that way?” said Serena.

“What?” demanded Vanessa.

Nyoka shot Vanessa with her powers from behind.


Logan's vision was fading. He saw Conscience drop Trevor to the floor. But Trevor wasn't moving.


Malum released the energy and shot down Eric.

Everything slowed down. Eric felt as if when he was falling to his knees, it was all in slow motion. Everything was beginning to fade.



He failed Lilly.

What if everything Nathan said was true? What if he was about to die without ever knowing? What if death was Drake's only escape from the truth?


The life was draining from the twins' bodies.

God trusted them. They still haven't completed the mission. And it was obvious Death wasn't going to let them.

But then, everything went black.


Vanessa was dying.

She was able to catch a glimpse of them releasing energy into Lilly.

Wait! Drake! Lilly never had the chance to tell Drake! She never told him she loved him. But it was too late now.

Had Vanessa just met her birth mother?

If only she was able to live to find out.


The sacrifice was pointless. Both Logan and Trevor were dying.


Eric had failed.

His world was drawing to a close as he realized he had failed everyone.

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