Superhuman: Devastation

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The Demonics have new powers and they're not afraid to show it off. The Demonics have many plans and they put one of them into use when they posses Drake. Now, they have sworn to bring in the devastation that they think the world has deserved for centuries.

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012



Superhuman: Devastation

A week past to take in the Demonic's revival and improvements. They had all new powers and all new weapons. What else was new? The Superhumans didn't know, but they were going to find out.

Master Kurt held the first training session since the incident with the Demonics. He had been resting up since being attacked. Before they could start doing anything, Master Kurt started to talk with them.

“We need to talk about what happened,” said Master Kurt.

Eric stepped up.

“I can't believe you guys risked your lives just to save me!” he said.

“Eric, you are the Provider! Without you, we barely stand a chance against the Demonics!” answered Vanessa.

“What about now?” asked Logan. “They have all new powers!”

“All new weapons, and they're probably going to have a new army,” said Trevor. “They're probably going to get rid of their ninjas and mutate something themselves!”

“We barely stand a chance anymore!” exclaimed Tara. “You saw Richard, or now known as Malum.”

“He's in his true form!” shouted Lilly.

“What's that?” asked Drake.

“His true form is his original form when he first revealed himself to the original Superhumans,” answered Lilly.

“How do we stand a chance against that?” asked Drake.

“You have to believe in yourselves!” exclaimed Master Kurt. “You guys are underestimating yourselves!”

“Guys, we have to tell you something!” said Brenda. She looked at Torrie and nodded.

“The prophecy that the Seer told us was...” started Torrie.

“NO!” shouted Master Kurt.

Torrie and Brenda jumped.

“It is not the right time to reveal the prophecy to them!” he stated.

“Why?” asked the twins.

“The Seer told me that the prophecy would reveal itself when the time was right!” answered Master Kurt.

“Fine, we won't tell,” said Brenda.

“What are they going to do with my dad?” asked Eric. “He's been there for months! What are they going to do with him now?”

“Only time will tell,” answered Master Kurt.

“Eric, don't worry, we'll get him back! I promise!” said Vanessa.

“Let's just start training!” ordered Eric.


The Demonics stood before their new lair.

Everything was new. The layout of the room and the size of the room. There were all new spell books, and tables, and potions.

Malum laughed.

“Those Superhumans think that we actually were demised!” mocked Malum. “Very nice work Serena!”

“It was my pleasure,” she said.

“Nyoka, explain to me why those three girls weren't in pain that night!” demanded Malum.

“Master Malum, I did not inform in time, but I have bigger and better plans for that trio,” answered Nyoka, while she picked up a knife.

“Glad to have me back?” asked Nathan.

“Ah, yes, you! You are a very good minion!” said Malum.

“Here's the thing. I have a very, very nice plan for one of the Superhuman girls. It's gonna make their lives more of a living hell,” said Nathan.

“That sounds good, but you should do it yourself! Don't ask for my approval. But be warned, if you cause any sort of damage to us, I will banish you forever!” warned Malum.

“As you wish,” said Nathan, before he walked off.

Then Malum turned to Conscience. “You are the reason for my uprising!” he said.

“Of course! The Amulet is here,” said Conscience. She pulled out the Amulet. “This will come in handy.”

“Yes. Yes, it will,” agreed Malum. “Now, my army has been rebuilt. Instead of those useless warriors, we have new sorcerers. They are cloaked and faceless. Those Superhumans are in for the ride of their pathetic lives!”

“Master Malum. I have a very, very amusing idea,” said Conscience.

“Well, out with it!” said Malum.

“I have prepared a trap for one of the Superhumans. We really could use one. Once they fall, they will become our slave and our warrior!” explained Conscience.

“I like the way you think! And to think that your hair would've effected your thinking!” said Malum.

“Carry out with a plan! I want to see devastation in that Realm!” said Malum. “And you better make that happen!”

“Oh don't worry, that Superhuman will make sure of it!”


Logan got a text.

Is it cured yet?


“What's wrong?” asked Trevor. Him and Logan were doing homework together.

“Nothing,” he lied.

“No seriously!” said Trevor. He ripped Logan's phone out of his hand. “What's cured?”

“Fine!” sighed Logan. “When I was 13, I started kissing girls. And I got pretty good at it. Eventually, I had a different girl every week.”

“That's not too bad,” said Trevor.

“I'm not finished! After a few weeks when I found out that I was Superhuman, a strange girl came up to me. She was gorgeous but she acted really weird. And then, when she kissed me, I was knocked out. When I woke then next morning in my bed, I couldn't remember anything about her besides the basics. And then, the next time I kissed a girl, she went to the bathroom and threw up,” explained Logan.

Trevor laughed a little.

“At first I though she might have just been sick. But when I saw her the next day, she was really depressed. And she was really green and she was a mess! And after a week or two, she disappeared,” said Logan.

“And you kept doing it?” asked Trevor.

“Yeah, for a while, until Master Kurt told me what was wrong. But no one knew it was because of me and it stayed that way. But I'm scared Conscience is going to tell everyone. Then they will think I have an STD or something!” answered Logan.

“Well, when was the last time this happened?” asked Trevor.

“When I lost my virginity,” responded Logan.

“Oh... well... when was that?” asked Trevor.

“About a year ago,” said Logan. “She died right after. When she was found dead, the doctors found that she overdosed on something. And that was me,” said Logan.

“Don't worry about it! When we find out who Conscience is, none of that will matter,” encouraged Trevor.

“But we haven't found out who she is, and I'm not sure we ever will,” said Logan.


The Superhumans all met up at the mall, with Candice.

“So, we're getting a day off?” asked Eric.

“Well, you guys need one to relax or you just might explode!” said Candice.

They all started walking around. There were so many stores. They all felt good when they walked by them. Except for one.

It was the DVD store. It was oddly empty and kinda had a dark glow to it. And Tara though she saw a Demonic's Mark in there.

“It's in there! We have to go get rid of it!” said Tara.

Everyone followed her.

The cashier was sitting in a chair. Her dark skinl looked oddly frozen. She looked as if she was paralyzed.

Then different areas starting glowing.

“Let's split up and check them out,” said Eric. Everyone split up.

Drake went with Trevor and Logan. They found a DVD that was glowing. There trying to get it out of its place to closely analyze it. But it wouldn't budge. They were all trying at the same time. Everybody was at a glowing spot when they heard a laugh behind them.

They all turned around to see Conscience in place of the frozen cashier girl.

She cackled with the manly voice.

“You are the most gullible idiots ever! To everybody, it just looks like you walked into a locked store. That's good, because now they won't hear you crying for mercy!” said Conscience.

“I don't think it's us you need to worry about,” said Vanessa.

Conscience laughed. Then he struck all of the Superhumans with an explosion of spells.

Then, Conscience went over to Lilly and started choking her. She lifted her up. Conscience's eyes started glowing green.

“NO!” shouted Drake. He got out his wand and he shot Conscience's face with the disarm spell. She quickly let go of Lilly. Her mask started to come off. She flashed out immediately.

Lilly was gasping for breath.

Drake picked up Conscience's mask. It started glowing green.

“NO!” shouted Eric.

Then, the mask jumped onto Drake's face. He tried to get it off, but it was useless. Then, he froze. His eyes started glowing green.

They all stood in silence.

“The end is upon you! I claim myself a Demonic and a former Superhuman!” said Drake.

“Drake, take the mask off!” said Lilly. She went up to him, but he pushed her away. “Drake, how could you?”

“I'll see you soon!” said Drake. That's when he flashed out.


The school district had decided to give the students and extra week of semester break due to the events involving Carol and the majority of students not able to make it on the original school day.

Today, was their first day back. On a Monday.

Since it was a new semester, the students had an all new schedules. They had new teachers too. Lilly, Vanessa, and Candice had 1st period together. They had history.

They all sat down next to each other. As they set their stuff down, they saw Drake come through the door.

“What is he doing here?” asked Lilly.

“Maybe he got rid of the mask,” suggested Vanessa.

“Well, you guys can't just sit here wondering! You need to go talk to him!” said Candice.

“She's right, we need to go talk to him,” agreed Vanessa.

“Alright, let's go.”

Vanessa and Lilly walked over to Drake. At first, he didn't notice them. But then he looked up them with an evil sneer on his face.

“Drake, did you get rid of the mask?” asked Lilly.

He didn't answer.

“Drake! Answer us! Are you in there?” asked Vanessa.

“The devastation that this realm has deserved, and been awaiting, will finally come. The Demonics will rule this realm and make sure that humanity is in its place,” answered Drake.

Before Lilly or Vanessa could say anything the bell rang, so they rushed to their seats.


“Very, very, fantastic job!” exclaimed Serena. Conscience brought Drake to the Demonics Realm after school. “You have succeeded in bringing me the most powerful Superhuman, besides the Provider.

“But they don't know that the fire Superhuman is the most powerful. But Nathan already has a special plan for her,” said Conscience.

The better part, the water warrior will do anything to reclaim her love, even if it means ending it,” said Serena.

Drake looked at her. Conscience put more power into the mask. Drake was in a deeper trance.

“The Superhumans don't know what they're in for,” said Serena.

“No, they don't!” boomed Malum from behind.

“Master Malum, the plan has worked!” exclaimed Serena. “

That's good, now I can execute my plan!” siad Malum.

“What plan?” asked Serena.

I will shoot those pathetic Superhumans with my biggest Demonic's Mark ever! It will seal them away! It will hurt just to be in their own Realm!” explained Malum.

“Then, we will rule the Earth, and the rest of the universe!” said Serena.

“If the Betrayers don't show up!” said Malum.

“Master Malum, they are cowards. They may know that you are in your true form now! There's no taking over for them now!” encouraged Serena.

“We'll see. If they ever come back here again, they will get exactly what I didn't give them when they dared to defy me!” declared Malum.

“I know you will. But first, we must destroy the Superhumans!” said Serena.

“And we will!” said Conscience.


“What exactly are we going to do to get back Drake?” asked Eric. He had gathered Logan and Trevor.

“At this point, the only thing we can do is to take that mask off!” said Trevor.

“But how do we do that?” asked Eric.

“I don't know,” answered Trevor.

“We need Lilly,” said Logan.

Both Trevor and Eric looked at him.

“We need to have Lilly approach him. You ever heard the saying that love is the strongest thing in this world? Well, maybe it will this time,” said Logan.

“But he's under the Demonic's control! What if they make him kill her?” asked Eric.

“They can't make him do that!” shouted Trevor. “He will stop himself. We are stronger than they will ever dream to be.”

“He's right. We need to confront Drake. That masks has to be destroyed,” said Eric.

“We're not gonna confront anyone. They're gonna confront us!” said Logan.


Torrie and Brenda walked in to see the Seer smile.

“I knew you'd come,” she said.

“We know,” said Brenda.

“Alright, what is your question?” asked the Seer.

“Our Earth Superhuman was possessed by the mask of the evil Demonic named Conscience,” said Torrie. “We want to know how to get the mask off.”

“You want to know how to get that mask off?” asked the Seer. “You have to overpower the dark forces. You have to expose him to his true loves. That will exploit his true self and the mask won't be able to take it!!”

“And will he will be released?” asked Brenda.

“If... if the mask is destroyed,” answered the Seer.

“Okay, thank you. We'll figure out the rest,” said Torrie. She and Brenda started to head out.

“But be warned!” shouted the Seer.

The twins turned around.

“Tomorrow, when it happens, a devastation will arise. One of the sides, humanity or Demonics, will face a devastation to their groups. This will raise the stakes. This will take you closer to your battle. This, will change one of you forever. Something will happen to one the groups that greatly affects them. And one of the Superhumans will be marked,” said the Seer.

The twins were flashed out after that.


Tara was walking down the sidewalks of the city. She walked past a cafe. She smelled fresh coffee. It reminded her of Brent. She had gotten really close to him.

She walked into the cafe.

An old woman greeted her with a smile.

“Hello, how have you been?” she asked.

“Good!” answered Tara.

“How has that boy of yours been?” asked the woman.

“Brent?” asked Tara.

The woman nodded. “He talks of you all the time! He really likes you.”

“Wait, you know Brent?” asked Tara.

“How would I not know my own nephew?” asked the woman.

Before Tara could answer, she heard police sirens outside. They were going towards an alley.

Tara ran out and went after the cars. She was almost faster than them. When she got to the alley, she saw Brent sitting down clutching his arm.

“Brent! What happened?” she gasped.

“I was jumped. Some lady called the police. I'm fine now,” he croaked.

“No, you're not! Next time someone does this to you, call me! I will kick their ass!” she promised.

“I don't need my girlfriend handling my problems,” said Brent.

“Still,” said Tara. “I don't want anything to happen to you!”

Then the police cut in.

“Miss, we're going to have to ask you to step aside while we take care of the victim,” said the officer.

Tara did as she was told.

While she was walking away, she got a text. This was the first time in nearly three months that she had received a blocked text message.

And it was exactly from who she thought it was.

Your boyfriend looks delicious. Plenty more to come Tara.


Now, Tara's boyfriend was a target. And now, she had another person to protect.


Eric was running. He was running out of breath. He was running from something. But he didn't know what it was. All he knew was that it was dark and Demonic. He stopped at a tree.

“Help!” cried a distinct cry.

“Dad!?” asked Eric.

“Eric! Help!” he cried.

“Dad!” shouted Eric. He ran forward. That's where he heard the cry from. He was only jogging until he heard the creature behind him. He ran faster. He didn't dare to look. He just ran as fast as he could. Then, he reached the cemetery. There were many graves and a lot of fog, though it looked like the roaming spirits of the dead. He looked up to see his dad tied to a tree.

“Dad!” shouted Eric. He ran towards his dad. “Dad, I'm gonna untie you, but you need to calm down!”

“Eric, no!” gasped his dad.

“Dad, just listen to me...”

“No! Eric, WATCH OUT!” yelled his dad. Then Eric felt a huge shock down his back.

Then, he fell to the floor. Someone started dragging him. After a few seconds, the person stopped dragging him.

“Provider,” said Malum. “You are simply pathetic! It is only a matter of time until we meet. And that, I promise you, will end one of us. And I think I know who that is.”

Malum raised his sword. Then, he blasted down by fire. Eric saw Vanessa a few feet away. Vanessa walked towards Eric.

“Vanessa, thank you,” said Eric.

Vanessa looked at him. No words, she just stared.

“Vanessa, are you okay?” asked Eric.

Vanessa looked to the side, then she hissed with her fangs.

That's where the dream ended.

The alarm clock woke Eric up.

Eric got up. He took his clothes off and put his clothes for the day on. He went to go brush his teeth in his bathroom. When he started to do so, Vanessa's vampire face popped up. He jumped back and they face disappeared immediately. He didn't know why the image was burned into his brain. He couldn't forget it. But he needed to.

It didn't help that he had a gut feeling that something was going to happen today. Last time that happened, he died 2 months later.


It was 3rd period when it started.

Today was dedicated to pre-tests. The teachers wanted to know wha the students knew. Candice and Drake were in the same class. They were in Science. When Candice was half way done with her test, Drake came up and asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom. The teacher said yes.

Candice waited for a minute. Then, she went up to the teacher and asked her if she could go to the nurse.

“For what?” asked the teacher.

“Girl problems,” replied Candice.

“Oh, of course.”

Candice rushed out of the classroom. She got out her phone and texted Vanessa. She knew it was risky, but she knew that Vanessa needed to know. About thirty seconds passed before Vanessa came up to her.

“What?! Where is he?” asked Vanessa.

“He said he needed to go to the bathroom,” said Candice.

“Well, go get him!” ordered Vanessa.

Candice hesitated, but went into the guys' bathroom. “Drake?” she shouted.

“Whoa! There's a girl in here!” exclaimed some guy.

“Oh, he's not in here?” asked Candice. “Okay.”

Then she looked back at the guy.

“I've never seen you around,” she said trying to act sexy.

“Get out here!” shouted Vanessa when she pulled Candice out of the bathroom.

“This isn't good, he's going to do something bad,” said Vanessa.

“What are we going to do?” asked Candice.

“We have to go check out the security cameras,” answered Vanessa.


Eric was done with his English test when he saw the clouds. Dark clouds were starting to form. But he saw bits of green in them. He knew that it mean that Drake was responsible for them.

Eric walked up to the teacher and asked her to go to the bathroom. The teacher let him.

He walked out and saw Lilly, the twins, Tara, Trevor, and Logan at the end of the hallway.

“Why are those clouds there?” asked Eric.

“Eric, you know why,” answered Tara. “We have to get out there and stop him!”

“I know what to do!” said Torrie.

“What?” asked everybody.

“We need Candice though.”

Tara closed her eyes for a second. “They're in the security camera room in the office. And they're invisible.”

“Then turn on your rings everybody,” said Eric.

They all became invisible right away. They all ran to the office without caring who heard them. On their way Logan knocked a pile of papers out of the assistant principal's hands.

They went to the security room to find that Vanessa and Candice were in there but they weren't invisible. They closed the door immediately.

“Why are you guys in here?” asked Lilly.

“We need to find out what Drake is doing,” answered Vanessa.

They all went behind Vanessa and Candice. They re winded back until they saw Drake in a shot. He was walking out of the building and as soon as he walked out, he flashed out.

“What the hell could he be doing?” asked Vanessa.

“He's probably making the cloud bigger,” said Lilly.

“We just need to go back to class. They'll do something to make notice of everything that's going on,” said Torrie.

Everyone agreed, so they all went back to class.

Candice sat down without making any noise. At first, everything was silent, but then there was an odd smell. It smelled like smoke. Like something was burning.

“Fire!” shouted someone.

“Alright, everybody, stay calm! Make your way out of the room,” said the teacher. Everyone ran out in a panic. When the first person got out of the class, they pulled the fire alarm. Then, a lot of door started opening.

Candice made her way out, until she dropped her mirror.

“NO!” she screamed. That mirror was special to her. It was the last thing she had from her mom.

“Ms. Candice, you need to get out right now!” insisted the teacher.

“I have to get the mirror!” claimed Candice.

When she knelt down to get it, a cabinet caught on fire. Then, the cabinet fell to the floor. The door caught on fire too.

“Oh my god! Help!” shouted Candice.

Then, the fire spread around her to all the cabinets. And there were a few chemicals on one of the lad tables. That exploded.

Candice jumped back, afraid of the fire.

“Someone help!” she screamed. Then, she saw Conscience. “Somebody! Please!”

“I think it's time Candice. I've been waiting a long time for this!” said Conscience.

“Please, why don't you tell me why you hate me so much?” asked Candice.

“I think you know.”

“NO! I don't!” shouted back Candice.

“Well, you should. And if you don't, you're never going to find out,” said Conscience.


They all saw that the fire was coming from one of the science rooms.

“Oh my god, Candice is in there!” shouted Vanessa.

“What?” asked everyone. The teachers looked really concerned.

“Lilly, come with me!” said Vanessa. Both of the girls went into the school before anyone could stop them.


Conscience grabbed Conscience and pushed her against the teacher's desk.

“You try to act innocent. Everyone falls for it, but I don't!” said Conscience.

“Why do you have to torture me like this?” asked Candice.

“I think you know!”

Candice kicked Conscience in the stomach.

“I don't!” she screamed. She grabbed the stapler from the the eacher's desk and started beating Conscience with it. After she hit Conscience about four times, Conscience knocked the stapler out of her hands. Then, she grabbed Candice by the shirt and pushed her over the teacher's desk. Conscience flipped the teacher's desk, aiming for Conscience.

Candice screamed and rolled out of the way.

Conscience looked at the broken desk and it caught on fire.

“That's how powerful I am, and that's exactly what I'm going to do to you!” swore Conscience.

Candice grabbed a glass container full of chemical fluid and threw at Conscience's mask. It hit Conscience in the face. Candice ran towards the door. The fire was low enough that Candice could jump. But before she could, Conscience grabbed and shoved her against the wall. She pulled out a knife.

Candice screamed.

“Candice!” screamed Vanessa.

She and Lilly gasped.

Lilly washed away the flames blocking the door.

Vanessa shot Conscience with down.

Then, Conscience vanished.

“Oh my god, Candice!” gasped Lilly. She helped Candice up from the floor. She was in tears.

“Thank you! Thank you! I almost died!” she cried. Vanessa and Lilly hugged her.

“Guys, we have to go, this place could explode any second,” exclaimed Vanessa.

“Guys, there's some chemicals on every lab table. We have to get out!” ordered Candice. Then, they all got up and ran out the door. They went out the closest door to exit the building.

Right after they left the building, it exploded.

They gasped and everybody started clapping.

Firetrucks came and started washing the science room immediately.

“Why are you bruised and scratched?” asked a teacher.

“I was attacked!” answered Candice.

“By who?” asked the teacher.

“Don't you think that I would tell you if I knew?” responded Candice.

Then, they all heard a huge clap of thunder and the wind started blowing hard.

They all looked to see that the sky was dark and dreary.

“Everybody, in to the school now!” shouted the principal.

Everyone started to go into the building. But before any of the Superhumans could, Eric flashed them out.


He flashed them to the city.

At first, they panicked, but they were silenced by what they saw.

This part of the city was in ruins.

Chunks of buildings were burned off. Trees were knocked down. There were cars that were burned almost completely down, and some that were on fire. And then they saw the storm. Green clouds hovered over the city. The place looked dreary and scary.

They also saw Drake.

He was in his mask. He was laughing at the devastation that he had brought to the city.

“Drake!” shouted Vanessa.

He turned to her.tar

“How dare you? Why haven't you broken out of the spell?” she asked.

Then the Demonics appeared.

“Because, he's under my spell,” said Conscience.

“Your friend has brought the devastation that this realm has been awaiting for centuries!” answered Malum.

“Drake, you have to snap out of this!” said Vanessa. Then, Drake unleashed a spell that knocked down all the Superhumans. Vanessa wasn't knocked down though.

“Drake, you either break it yourself, or I will!” she warned.

“We'd love to see you try!” mocked Serena.

Vanessa shot Drake with fire. He fell back.

“Devastator, kill her!” ordered Conscience.

Drake got up and ran towards Vanessa. She blasted him with more fire. He shot her with his own magic, but she repelled him. Vanessa punched him in the face and then aimed for his crotch. He blocked her kick and pushed her down. He went started to choke her, but she kicked him off.

She shot him with more fire, but he repelled it. Then, he aimed his hand at the sky. He made a bolt of lightning come down and strike Vanessa.

She passed out.

Drake aimed his wand at her.

“Drake, NO!” demanded Lilly. She grabbed his arm, trying to stop him, but he shoved her down away from him.

She broke into tears.

“How could you?” she cried.

Then, Eric got up.

He shot Drake with a spell that gripped him.

Eric's eyes glowed silver.

“He's about to perform the destruction spell on the mask!” exclaimed Serena.

“Not on my watch!” shouted Malum. “Provider!”

Eric turned to him.

“I am sick of your group! I am sealing you away to rot while I dominate this realm!” said Malum. “On this day, I use my powers to seal away the Superhuman group!”

Black magic formed in the hands of Malum. It grew bigger. When it grew big enough, then he released it.

The twins saw it. They both got the protection necklaces that the Seer gave them when they wanted to resurrect Eric. They threw them at the black magic.

Right before it hit Eric, the black magic bounced back when it hit the necklaces. It hit Malum.

“NO!” screamed all of the Demonics.

“How dare you?” demanded Malum. “This is not the last that this realm has seen of me! I will destroy you all!”

Then, he disappeared.

“You will pay!” swore Serena before flashing out with the rest of the Demonics.

Eric dropped Drake.

The twins sighed a huge sigh of relief.

The mask fell off of Drake.

He shook his head before finally seeing what happened.

“What the hell happened here?” he asked.

“You did this!” answered Logan.

“What?” asked Drake.

“You were under the control of the Demonics. They controlled your every move,” explained Vanessa.

Drake was still in disbelief.

Then, Lilly came running with tears in her eyes into his arms.

“It's okay. It's okay. It's over now,” comforted Drake.

But that was a lie. It wasn't over. They knew that this was just the beginning of the new Demonics and their powers.

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