Superhuman: Discovery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The furious Demonics set up a plan after their last one backfired. Each Superhuman hads a different conflict, and will that stop them from getting out of the trap they're about to fall in?


Superhuman: Discovery


“They inch closer to destroying me!” shouted Malum. He had already been locked up in been locked up in the Demonics Realm for a week and he couldn't take it.

“Master, don't worry, you will be out in no time!” encouraged Serena.

“I know that! The thing that angers me is the Seer! That bitch is the one who gave those angel twins the protection necklaces. I want her dead!” yelled Malum.

“That's impossible! That Seer can destroy any one of us. But, she doesn't have the power active. But if she wants to, she could!” said Serena.

“Fine! But, we need to set a trap! We need those Superhumans to undo my sealing,” said Malum.

“And I know how to get us close to that!” said Conscience as she walked in. “You do remember that their school was marked? And you do remember what we hid under the school?”

“Of course!”

“Well, we need to get them to discover what we hid down there. But it's not going to be what they think. Since they are the ones who sealed you, they are the only ones who can unseal you. And when they make contact with what I planted in there, it will reverse your sealing and the end of the human race will be upon them!” explained Conscience.

“Another great plan by you. This better not fail!” said Malum.

“And it won't.”



“What did she mean when she said someone will get get marked?” asked Torrie. She and Brenda were home alone. They were talking the Seer's prophecy and tellings.

“Why?” asked Brenda.

“Well, she said someone will be marked,” explained Torrie. “But no one was 'marked!”

“Maybe she meant bitten,” said Brenda.

“But no one was bitten!” said Torrie.

Brenda thought for a second.

“Maybe, something was sealed!” said Brenda.

“Like what?”

“A plan... a plan that was set up by the Demonics,” guessed Brenda.

“But what would that plan be?”

“Who cares? We'll stop it won't we?”


Vanessa and Eric were out in a cafe.

They were talking about everything that has happened.

“Eric, you've seemed to be uncomfortable around me lately,” said Vanessa.

“Why would you say that?” asked Eric.

“You've just been kind of silent when I'm around! And you seem to stay still like you shit your pants!” answered Vanessa.

A blonde girl turned around to look at Vanessa.

“May I help you?” asked Vanessa.

The girl just turned away.

But then Vanessa noticed it.

She got up and looked at the girl's face. Eric just watched her.

“May I help you now?” asked the girl.

“Um, no. Sorry, you just... looked like someone,” said Vanessa.

“Is it a friend?” asked the girl.

“No, more of was an enemy,” answered Vanessa.


“Yeah, she died.”

“Oh. Well you know, I'm new in town. I was wondering if you could show me around after school tomorrow,” said the girl.

“Oh. Sure. Why not? What school do you go to?” asked Vanessa.

It turned out to be the same school as hers.

“Really? I go there! I'd be happy to show you around!” exclaimed Vanessa. The girl looked oddly satisfied.

“Great. I'll meet you at the front entrance.

Then, the girl left.

“What was that?” asked Eric.

“I thought she looked like Carol. But now, I'm showing her around tomorrow at school,” explained Vanessa.

“What?” asked Eric.

“Anyways, as I was saying, I've come to the answer that you get horny when you see me!” said Vanessa.

“WHAT?” shouted Eric. “That's not it at all!”

“Then what is it?”

“Fine! I had a dream that you were a vampire... and you attacked me,” explained Eric.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Is that why you've been avoiding me?” demanded Vanessa. “Eric, it was just a freaking dream!”

“But it felt so real!”

“I don't care! It was a dream and that's it! Now you're going to get over it!” said Vanessa.


“Over it!” snapped Vanessa before she left.



The twins were flashed into the Seer's lair.

“Why in the world did you flash us in at this time of the night?” asked Torrie, not wanting to stand up another second. Brenda was basically asleep with her eyes open.

“Something very serious has occurred tonight!” responded the Seer.

“What? Did the Demonics make another plan?” asked Brenda sarcastically.

“I'm afraid so! They have mastered a very dangerous spell that deceive everybody's eyes! And they've cast that spell and are deceiving someone! But I don't know who!” explained the Seer.

“How could you not know? You know everything!” exclaimed Torrie.

“I'm afraid that they have weakened my visions. Or this vision is too much for me!” said the Seer. “But, this is not a deceiver that you will see coming! This deceiver is already building their way into your group. And they are getting every bit of information that they can!”

“But are we going to stop this person?” asked Torrie.

“Only time can tell you. I am forbidden on telling these results!” exclaimed the Seer.

“Can you tell us anything more?” asked Brenda.

“This deceiver will have a bigger impact on your lives than you think. When the identity is revealed, you will all be shocked!” said the Seer.

“Anything else?” asked Torrie.

“There's a trap waiting for you. And no matter what, you will fall into it,” answered the Seer.

“Okay, we'll keep that in mind,” said Torrie. She was prepared to flash her and Brenda out until the Seer stopped her.

“This event will raise the stakes. This will start a journey to a weapon that will be a big difference maker! Now, you must leave. You have a big day ahead of you!” said the Seer.

Then, they flashed out.



Logan stopped jogging because he was out of breath.

The run that he had just finished was refreshing. He felt like he could do anything. That was until he got the text.


Aww. Look at you running! That's exactly what those girls wanted to do after they were with you. But they didn't have the chance. Your disease killed them. Or should I say curse. Ah, you really don't know what you're full of Logan! Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough!



Logan was now worried. He never really understood what was wrong with him. So he started running again. He was running the woods at the edge of his neighborhood. He started to run really fast. Then, his hand got cut in a branch.

He stopped. His hand really stung. Then blood started coming out. It was glowing.

“What the hell?” he whispered. Then a glowing message appeared on the ground.



That blood of yours is special. It hurts even you. And that's not all it will hurt. You got a gift and you're gonna use it even when you don't realize it.




Logan ran home. He didn't want the wound to get any worse, but apparently Conscience was hoping for it.



Tara was really curious. She wanted to learn more about what a sealing does, so she found out online. She had her phone while she was talking to Brent in her room.

“Did you get in trouble?” she asked.

“Nope. The boss's daughter had a thing for me and so I got away with it!” answered Brent.

“You got away with drawing a dick over your boss's 7 foot long portrait!” exclaimed Tara.

“Well, that's just what happens when you're this sexy,” said Brent.

“You always have so much fun!” said Tara.


“Well, I feel like I never have any fun!” said Tara.

“Don't worry, you do. You just feel envy for what I do,” explained Brent. As he went over and hugged Tara from behind as he kissed her neck.

She giggled.

But then, his phone rang.

“Can I go to your bathroom to take this?” asked Brent.


He went in the bathroom. At first Tara was just sitting there. Then, she saw Brent's bag. She thought it was wrong, but then she couldn't resist. She went over quietly and looked in his book bag. There was his wallet. He had a condom in there. He also had his books and his binder was in there too. And she saw a necklace. A familiar necklace.

Then Tara got a text.


Not trusting your boyfriend? Good move. He doesn't either.



That's when Tara stopped. This text had her thinking. Did Brent not trust her?

“Hey,” said Brent. He looked at Tara. “Are you okay?”

“Umm, yeah,” lied Tara. “But I need to go somewhere. I think you gotta go.”

“Oh, alright,” said Brent, as he made his way out. He kissed Tara goodbye. “So, when are we going to the bed?”

“Soon,” said Tara, before she walked him out.



“I like it this way,” said Lilly. She and Drake were holding hands as they walked in the woods.

“Really?” asked Drake.

“Totally. Sneaking around is worth it. We're here, all alone. In peace. Where no one can tell us what to do,” answered Lilly.

“Damn. You're right. It's so much..... better in here!” agreed Drake. They walked for a few minutes in peace, making jokes, and laughing. But then, they heard noises. They heard a lot of rustling in the bushes. They heard a howl in the distance. It all looked eerie in the woods with the sky being a purple blueish color. There was the glow of the moon reflecting light into the woods from a large pond nearby.

“Don't worry, probably just a coyote,” reassured Drake.

Then they heard growling and whispering.

Then, Lilly flashed Drake and herself up a tree.

“Why the hell did you just do that?” asked Drake.

“Shut the fuck up! Somebody's coming!” whispered Lilly.

Then they saw two figures in cloaks.

They made croaking noises. Then two more came. But these had Demonic's signs on their cloaks. The two without the signs destroyed the other two with a flash. Then two glowing black figures of men came. They had not features. But they had the shape of a man. The cloaked figures destroyed them too.

“What does this mean?” asked Drake.

“I think the Demonics have ditched their ninjas and have new minions, but they're getting destroyed,” whispered Lilly.

Then the two figures saw them.

Lilly gasped.

The two figures shot the tree they were on.

Lilly and Drake jumped off the tree.

They landed safely on the ground.

The two figures started chasing them. But they weren't running, they were floating. Lilly and Drake started running. As they were running, they were setting different traps with their wands. Drake conjured up a pile of rocks.

The figures blasted through those.

Then Lilly made a wall made of water. The figures evaporated it.

Lilly and Drake were running out of breath. Then, they both fell down. The looked up to see the figures coming towards them.

Lilly screamed.

But then they stopped. It seemed as if some force field was blocking the figure's way towards them. Then, two lights were glowing behind Lilly and Drake. The figures disappeared.

Drake and Lilly got up and turned around to see two spirits. They were glowing white bluish light and they illuminated a lot of their surroundings.

“Who... who are you?” asked Lilly. They were one boy and one girl. They seemed like little kids. Probably no bigger than fourth graders.

“We are the Spirits of Truth. We are the apprentices to the Seers that were lost in battle,” answered the little girl. “My name in Cindy.”

“And my name is Dave,” said the little boy.

“What... how... why are you ghosts?” asked Drake.

“We were involved in a very big accident that took place in the battle. The Demonics tried to take our spirits but the angels saved us and our souls. And then the Seers transferred power onto us,” answered Dave.

Cindy giggled. “You two are holding hands,” she said. Lilly and Drake let go, a little red.

“Oh my gosh, so you two. You can answer questions like the Seers can?” asked Lilly.

“Yep,” answered Dave.

“Okay, then can you tell me who those two people were?” asked Lilly, with hope in her face.

“Nope,” answered Dave.

“But we can tell you that they are not people. Sometimes, a heart gets so cold-blooded, that they die on the inside and only have a power hungry spirit,” said Cindy.

“Well... it's our bedtime now. We'll see you guys soon!” said Dave, before he and Cindy faded away.

Lilly and Drake stood in shock.

“What did we just see?” asked Lilly.

Drake just shook his head.


They know too much. But there's a twistcoming that you'd never even thought of! Soon...



“Only time will tell who they are,” said Drake. They went home after this. They had one of the most unforgettable dates of their lives, but it wasn't what they wanted.

Instead, this was a date that will probably make them have nightmares.



“Dad!” shouted Eric. His dad was tied up against a tree. In the foggy cemetery, he could see Malum. His mask like face glistening in the moon light.

Eric was defenseless. He was bleeding and his arms felt broken. Malum was preparing to end it. He had his ultimate sword in his hands. He was ready to kill both Eric and his dad.

“NO! Stop!” begged Eric.

“Provider, you think this is what it will be like when this time actually comes? That is pathetic! This isn't hell enough! Our duel would be more vicious and maybe, more competitive. Oh, Provider. Your dad maybe the easiest prisoner we've ever had! Killing him would be too easy!” said Malum.

“Just let him go!” yelled Eric.

Malum laughed.

“Provider, you are not getting away! Your fate is sealed and you will face me!” said Malum, right before the dream ended.

His alarm clock rang. He woke up from another torturing dream.

He didn't know he had a torturing day ahead of him.



“I thought that you'd never come!” said the girl that Vanessa had met at the cafe last night.

“Yeah, me too,” said Vanessa. “Hey, I never got your name?”

“Amber,” she repiled.

“Oh,” said Vanessa. She still resembled Carol in so many ways. There was a voice and her hair and even the way face looked.

“Is something wrong?” asked Amber.

“No... sorry.”

“Alright, well the office gave me a pass for you so you can show me around,” said Amber as she gave Vanessa her pass.

“Alright, why don't we start with our floor?” suggested Vanessa. Vanessa showed Amber everywhere. She showed her where the clubs met up, the cafeteria. Just about every bathroom there was at the school. How to find room numbers. Then, they went down to bottom floor. That was the freshman floor. Vanessa showed everything, but one room. Amber noticed it.

“What about that room?” asked Amber. She pointed at the door with no label on it. No number on it. No sign of life on it.

“I don't know. Not even the teachers go in there,” said Vanessa.

“Come on. Can we go?” asked Amber.

“No. I don't think it's a good idea!” answered Vanessa.

“Come on! What's the worst that could be in there?” teased Amber.

Vanessa thought of a lot of things.

“Fine,” agreed Vanessa. She approached the door knob slowly. She turned it with ease, but she could still hear and feel the rustiness of the door. She opened it. She saw nothing but darkness. She closed the door. As she and Amber walked more, the began to see light. There were torches lighting up a hallway.

“Wow! I'm already loving this school!” exclaimed Amber.

“What the hell? I've never... ever... heard about or seen this hallway!” said Vanessa.

“Well. Now, it's a perfect chance to make a discovery. There's only one way to find out why,” said Amber.

Her and Vanessa continued walking.

“Grab a torch and set down your binder,” ordered Vanessa.

Amber didn't argue. She did as she was told. That was one thing that she didn't have in common with Carol.

They finally came to the end. It was a big round room. It felt as if an evil presence was there. There were ancient writings all over the walls.

“Holy crap! What's down here?” asked Amber while she laughed.

“Let's find out!” said Vanessa. They started walking around. There were blood marks on the walls. There were carvings, but they looked like they were in a foreign language. Then, Amber screamed.

“Oh my gosh! There's a skeleton in here!” screamed Amber.

“No wonder they don't want anybody down here!” said Vanessa.

“What if they didn't know about this? Don't you think they would've done something with the body if they did?” suggested Amber.

“You got a point there,” agreed Vanessa.

Then they heard a slam behind them. A door opened.

“We have to go deeper. We have to find out what's in here,” said Amber. She seemed really curious about what was beyond the door, but she also seemed scared.

“Alright,” agreed Vanessa. They walked in to what seemed to be a balcony over a somewhat old looking floor.

They saw a shiny object locked up in a glass case.

“What do you think that is?” asked Amber.

Vanessa just shrugged.

Then they heard someone clear their throat behind them.

“I see you're here!”

The girls turned around to see Conscience.

“Who are you?” asked Amber.

“I don't think that matters,” warned Vanessa.

Amber saw Conscience holding a knife.

That's when she ran.

Conscience didn't run after her.

“Let me guess, they don't know that this is here?” asked Vanessa.

“You know, you're getting smarter,” said Conscience. Conscience took a step forward. “Maybe... a little too smart...”

Vanessa pressed her emergency button on her ring.

“You were the first target of the Demonics when the Provider came in. You're fate is sealed. But maybe, it may be worth... breaking.

Conscience pointed the knife at Vanessa.

Vanessa stepped back.

“You're scared!” shouted Conscience. “I can feel that you have fear in that soul of yours! Your soul... your soul...”

“What?” demanded Vanessa.

“It has value to it! Anybody would be lucky to have what's in there!” said Conscience.

Vanessa looked at her body.

What could possibly be in her soul?

“You've never been more scared, have you?” mocked Conscience. “You're now thinking on why you agreed to come down here. And now, you're regretting it!”

“No! You don't know anything about me! You can't control me!” screamed Vanessa. She started tearing up.

“Really?” asked Conscience. Conscience took a step forward. “I know that you don't have a parent. I know that the woman you live with is all you have! She's the only family you have! I know that you felt alone for many years! Vanessa, I know more about you than you yourself!”

“Really? Did you know that if you play with fire, you get burned?” said Vanessa. Then she shot Conscience's mask with fire and ran towards the stairs. She hit herself on the hip on the corner of a table. She slowed down but still ran up the stairs. Conscience caught up to her and pushed her. She fell on the step.

She screamed as Conscience raised up the knife. Vanessa kicked Conscience on the knee. That gave her an opportunity to run. She aimed for the door, but fell down about 5 yards from it. Conscience had tackled her down.

“NO!!!” screamed Vanessa. Conscience raised the knife.

Then Conscience fell off of Vanessa.

Vanessa turned around to see Eric and the rest of the Superhumans arriving to her safety.

“You came!” said Vanessa.

Before they could answer Conscience shot them down and they fell off the balcony to the floor.

Conscience lifted Vanessa up and pushed her against the balcony. Conscience choked Vanessa.

“This is your hour!” boomed Conscience, as her eyes glowed green. Before she could do anything, something lifted her.

Vanessa turned around to see Eric with his wand controlling Conscience.

“How does it feel to be a puppet on a string?” mocked Eric.

“I don't know, tell me!” shouted Conscience. Conscience broke free from the spell. When she landed on the floor, she cast the same spell on all the Superhumans.

“No!” screamed Vanessa.

“Now, I suggest that you do what I tell you if you want to see your friends ever again!” threatened Conscience.

“Okay, fine!” agreed Vanessa.

“Now, come down here!” ordered Conscience.

Vanessa obeyed.

“I want you to pull the switch on the one that says USMM!” ordered Conscience.

Vanessa went up to the switch and touched the switched.

“Vanessa, no! Don't do it!” shouted Torrie.

“It's a trap!” yelled Brenda.

“DO IT!” screamed Conscience.

“You know what. You want it pulled, do it yourself,” said Vanessa. Then, she shot Conscience's hand and everybody fell out of the spell.

Then, a dozen black figures appeared.

“I would like to introduce you to the new army of the Demonics!” said Conscience. “Attack!”

The figures attacked.

Brenda and Torrie shot down theirs right away.

So did everyone else, except Vanessa.

She was still a little beat up from the encounter with Conscience. The figure choked her. She kneed him in the stomach and then the figure pushed her on the switch. The switch had been pulled.

“YES!!!! The mission is now complete and Malum will now be unsealed!” shouted Conscience.

“What?” said everybody, in disbelief.

But nothing happened. A CD popped into Vanessa's hands.

“What?” spat Conscience.

“Oh my gosh! She was pushed into the wrong one!” said Lilly.

They all laughed in joy.

“You will all pay for this!” swore Conscience before she flashed away.

“Are you okay?” asked Lilly.

Vanessa nodded.

“I think that it's more important to ask what just happened,” said Eric, pointing at the CD.

“I think I know, and if I'm right, then we're a step closer to ending all of this,” said Drake.

“But doesn't anybody see what we just did. We made a discovery!” said Lilly.

“I know you guys did!” shouted Amber, from afar, after watching everything that just transpired.

Submitted: December 24, 2012

© Copyright 2021 ImmortalMarcos. All rights reserved.

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