Superhuman: Masked

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The Superhumans escaped the Demonics. But now everything is about to change. The Masquerade is about to arrive. And the Demonics have a plan and a huge secret is about be revealed. In the shocking season finale, something will change the Superhumans forever.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Superhuman: Masked

“What did you just do?” shouted Eric.

“Well, I didn't know what else to do! It's really important to you guys that this is a secret. And, I didn't want to ruin that,” said Randy.

“Wow. That's great, and your dad I gonna be fine, sadly,” said Eric. “Oblitus et excitare,” said Eric. The magic from his wand hit Mr. Freeman. The spell had wiped his memory of what happened this day and it also awakened him. “Traiceret,” said Eric. The spell sent him away. “He should just think that overslept when he wakes up.”



“Alright, so who's going?” asked Candice. The whole table started talking all at once. Some were complaining. Candice was asking about the Masquerade Ball event tomorrow night.

“Do we have to?” asked Eric.

“Come on, we should. Maybe it'll be fun,” said Vanessa.

“Fine, I'm in,” said Drake. Everyone else agreed.

“What time is it, though?” asked Eric.

“It's from eight to midnight,” answered Vanessa.

Eric shrugged.

Then, Carol walked by the table. “So, you going?” she asked.

“Why?” asked Candice.

“What, can't be friends?” asked Carol.

Everyone looked confused.

“Look, just being curious. See ya there,” said Carol, as she walked away and winked.

“I think she's up to something,” said Candice. Everyone was quiet about the idea.

The rest of lunch was pretty quiet. But they planned when to pick each other up for the Masquerade Ball.

The bell rang to dismiss everyone to their next class. Eric caught up with Vanessa before she left. “Hey,” said Eric.


“Are you busy tonight?” asked Eric.


“Do you think you could come over to my house and kinda help me with some homework?” he asked.

“Sure, why not? What time?” asked Vanessa.

“Whenever is fine,” said Eric.

“Alright, it's a date,” said Vanessa, before she walked away.


The whole group got out of Eric's van. They went to a Halloween costume store. It was only two days after Halloween, so it hadn't closed down yet. The wind and the environment of this place was eerily quiet.

“I'm kind of scared,” said Lilly.

“Of what?” asked Tara. “This place is as boring as Ms. Cook's Math class.”

“I have a funny feeling about this place,” said Lilly.

“Your mermaid tail is telling you that?” asked Logan.

“No, I feel it too,” said Candice. They all looked at her in confusion. “I get these funny feelings sometimes.”

They all bought that lie Candice just told. Then she got a text.

Wow. Nice lie. I've known your secret ever since I touched you yesterday. Just wait until they find out.


“What?” asked Vanessa.

“Nothing, just my mom,” lied Candice.

“Alright, let's go,” said Eric. They all walked to the store. They entered the store. There was no one at the counter.

“Hello?” asked Vanessa.

They all looked around. Trevor looked down at the floor. He also looked at the lower wall. It looked like crap. Then he noticed a small gold rectangular part of it. It had a Demonic's Mark on it.

“Holy crap. Guys, get over here,” said Trevor. They all noticed it.

“Oh my god. What do you think is down there?” asked Tara.

“Only one way to find out,” said Trevor. He punched the square out of the wall.

“I'll go down there,” volunteered Eric. He slid down there. He landed hard on the floor. His vision was a little blurry from the hard thud, but he recovered after a few seconds. He looked around and was completely in shock.

He was standing in Conscience's layer. How did he know? He was looking at spare masks. There were lots of papers and photos on a table. There was big screen on one side.

“Oh my god,” he said.

“What?” asked everyone.

“I'm in Conscience's lair,” he responded.

“What?” everyone gasped.

Eric ignored them. He went to the table. He saw it was organized. There was picture of each Superhuman and there were a bunch of papers to the bottom of it. He picked up his. He started reading notes that Conscience had taken.

Eric Johnson, Provider.

Discovered powers over Tommy.


Powers- incomplete. The holder is hilarious.


He knew about Demonics

Mom is alcoholic

Accepted approach from the Demonics

Not a virgin

The powers are incomplete. The importance part is in her.

What did he just read? Just as he was going to read more, he heard a red alarm. It probably was set up to prevent intruders.

“Oh my god, Eric, get up here,” shouted Candice. He crawled up the hole as fast as he could. They all pulled him out when he was in reach.

“What did you see down there?” asked Logan.

Eric hesitated. “She takes notes,” he said.

“So it's a she?” asked Logan.

“Not unless it's a guy who likes One Direction,” argued Eric.

Logan nodded in agreement.

“What else?” asked Tara.

“I didn't have time to see anything else,” he said.

“Alright, let's just get out of here,” said Tara. They were all about to leave until a woman came out.

“What did you just do!?” she demanded. Her eyes were ready to pop out of her old skin. She had many wrinkles. She was walking with a weird-looking cane. “Have you opened the chamber from hell?”

They all stood still and silent.

“The girl who runs that has cursed it. Whoever enters it, stands a certain death!” warned the woman. “I can sense you were all here to do some shopping. Good thing I saved these up. The woman walked over to a shelf full of costumes. She pulled out a bag. “These are protection masks. They will aid you in your battle against evil.”

“Oh my god. You're one of the lost seers,” said Lilly.

Everyone looked at Lilly in confusion.

“Don't look at me like that. You may not know this, but I do. About a thousand years ago, in our early formations, there was a battle where the Demonics had escaped the Realm. The Seers had predicted them. Many of our warriors were killed. But these women were too valuable to lose. They could tell us our fate. And they were taken into hiding,” she explained.

“Very good, but you must leave. Don't reveal me, or it will mean hell,” she threatened.

“Don't worry, we won't,” said Lilly.

Then Torrie stepped up. “Wait, I've seen you somewhere,” she said.

“Oh my gosh, me too,” agreed Brenda.

“That is fine, but leave now! You must and you will!” she said.

“Wait! Where is my dad?” demanded Eric.

“In due time, the truth will reveal itself!” said the Seer, before she flashed the Superhumans out.


“Okay, look, we were going to study, but I don't think I can anymore,” said Eric. Vanessa had just arrived at his house.

“Why?” asked Vanessa.

“Because! I need to know where my dad is! And... I found out something when I went into Conscience's lair,” said Eric.

“What did you find out?” she asked.

Eric hesitated. “I found out that I don't have my full powers,” he said.

“Wait, you didn't know that?” asked Vanessa.

“No! What does it mean?” demanded Eric.

“Okay, almost every Provider never has their full powers. The only reason that this happens is that the Demonics struck the original Provider with a curse that destroyed the powers. They were able to resurrect them, but that one missing part had a mind of its own. It travels where it wants because it knows that it's important,” explained Vanessa.

“Why is it so important?” asked Eric.

“Because, that part of the power is the part that can destroy the Demonics... forever,” answered Vanessa.

“Where are the powers?” asked Eric.

“No one knows, except the person who has them. But that person is clueless,” said Vanessa.“Eric, you don't have to worry, those powers are almost too great for anyone, so it probably wouldn't have made a difference.”

“Alright,” said Eric. “Let's get on to studying.”


“Hey,” said Drake. He sat down next to Lilly at the Ice Cream place outside.

“You're finally here,” exclaimed Lilly.

“Yeah. So, you needed to talk to me about something?” asked Drake.

“Yeah, about Halloween,” answered Lilly.

“What about Halloween?” asked Drake.

“You know, about you saying that you like me,” said Lilly.

“Oh, that. Let's just forget about that,” suggested Drake.

“No. The thing is that I don't want to forget about it,” said Lilly. “Drake, do you really like me?”

Drake started blushing. “Why don't we answer that question at the Masquerade Ball?”

“What?” asked Lilly.

“Let's go to the ball together. And after that, I'll decide,” he said.

Lilly smiled. “Fine, but just to let you know, I like badasses.”

“What? You don't think I'm one?” he asked.

Lilly laughed. “Let's go to the dance and I'll decide after that.”


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't. Eric was trying so hard to forget about the missing powers. He also tried to forget about what the Seer. She had said that the truth would reveal itself in due time. But he couldn't stop thinking about what else would happen in due time. Who would die? Who would be safe? Would his dad be safe?

He had a nightmare about this. And it wasn't pretty.

He was standing in the middle of the woods. He was lost. He was looking for his dad, but he couldn't find him. He heard whispers in the wind. But no one was there. Then, he was pushed. But no one was their either. Then he got up and started running. Running as fast as he could. Then he stopped when he got to a graveyard. He saw many tombstones. Then he saw his dad tied up and sitting by a tree.

“Dad!” he shouted. He went after him, but was shot down. When looked up, he saw none other than Conscience.

She laughed. She laughed like someone had just fallen on their ass.

“You really think I would let anyone touch this piece of crap! He is nothing!” shouted Conscience. The voice was a rasp genderless voice.

“Let him go!” demanded Eric.

“I may have not known Lance very well, but he will definitely love looking up from hell and seeing this bastard get what he deserves!” declared Conscience.

Then he started hearing Richard's voice. “You are pathetic. That girl was the one to harm me! But you will see Provider. I will get my revenge. I will also get my revenge on her!” Then, Conscience raised a knife and just as she was about to stab Eric's dad, he woke up.

It was 7:30 am. He needed to go to sleep. But it almost seemed too easy to sleep.


Logan got up from his room and walked out his door. He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He was getting something to eat before he crashed on his bed again. He got some orange juice and then went back to his room.

When he got to his room, he couldn't believe what he read.

Those poor girls. Instead of getting pregnant or getting STD's, they got a huge case of LTD's. The Logan Transmitted Disease is deadlier than you think. You'll get yours. They want their revenge, and so do I.

Logan looked out into the small hall. No signs of break in. When he looked back, it was gone.


Torrie woke up when she heard the huge crash downstairs. Her alarm clock read 7:30.

Brenda opened the door. “What the hell was that?”

“I don't know!” answered Torrie. She got up and followed Brenda. It was still sort of dark outside. The sky was a dark shade of blue. Their parents were still asleep.

They both went downstairs. The TV screen was knocked over and the couch was flipped over. The lamp was broken on the floor.

“Oh my god! What happened?” asked Brenda.

“I don't know,” said Torrie. Then she looked down and saw a track of foot steps on the floor and they went out the door.

“Let's go,” said Torrie. Brenda reached into a drawer in the kitchen where she and Torrie kept their wands. She handed Torrie hers.

“Conscience is going down,” said Torrie. Both her and Brenda creeped out the door. They saw the footsteps along the sidewalk. They walked along the fence and stepped into the woods. There were lots of trees and the owls occasionally hooted. Where is she. They went into a small clearing.

“She has to be near,” said Brenda.

“You're right,” said Conscience, behind them. They turned around. Conscience was dressed as usual. She also had the raspy voice.

“What do you want from us?” demanded Torrie.

“You know what you did to me! You may not remember, but it was in your past life. Oh wait! You do remember. You know the secrets. You know the rituals. You know the misery I was put through!” shouted Conscience.

“No we don't! Because we don't know who you are!” yelled Brenda.

Conscience laughed. “And you'll never know!”

That's when they both blacked out.


Candice woke up to a text at 9:00 am. It was from her new and secret boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” he texted.

“I was sleeping,” answered Candice.

“Oh. Do they know?” he asked.


“Why not?”

“I'll tell them tonight.”

“Fine. But you need to. And we need to do what is needed. We know what my dad wants and we need to stop it.”

“Okay, we will.”

That was the last text for 5 minutes. Then Candice got another text.

They don't know your secret, but I do.


The only thing that Candice could think about was how much longer was Conscience go on with the game.


Vanessa was eating breakfast with Lilly and Candice when the door bell rang. She and Lilly both went to answer the door. And they couldn't believe who it was.


“What in blue hell are you doing here?” asked Candice.

“I'm here to give a fair warning,” said Carol.

“Okay?” said Vanessa.

“Be careful who you trust. Very... very... careful,” said Carol.

“Don't you think we know that already?” asked Lilly.

Carol didn't answer. She chuckled. “See you at the dance.”

Then, she walked away.

“What the hell was that?” asked Candice.

Both of them shrugged.

Then they all got a text.

Be careful who you trust. See you at the dance.”


They all looked around. But it was pointless. Conscience was no where to be seen, yet, she was still everywhere.

And they all knew that.


Torrie and Brenda woke up at the same time. They were a little dizzy.

“Oh my god. That bitch does know,” said Brenda.

“Yeah, she knows that we remember everything. Every detail. Every way to reflect an attack. And she also knows that we're cursed with it,” said Torrie.

“This isn't good,” said Brenda.

“And something is going down tonight. And I don't know what it is. But I know something is going to happen,” said Torrie.

That was the last thing they did before they went home.


Tara was walking around the city. She was just looking for a good place to eat. But she hasn't found it. She had a weird feeling about something. She had the feeling that something important was about to happen. At first, she just thought it was stupid. But she didn't know that it was happening.

She ran into a stranger. He was taller than her. He had blonde spiky hair. He looked a bit older than her.

“Oh, sorry about that,” apologized Tara.

“Oh no, I'm actually glad you did,” said the guy. He gave Tara a charming smile. Tara couldn't help to giggle.

“I'm Tara, by the way,” said Tara.

“I'm Brent,” responded Brent.

“Umm, do you live around here?” asked Tara.

“No, just moved here from St. Louis.”

“Oh, well you're not gonna find anything to exciting in Indiana,” said Tara.

“We'll see about that,” said Brent.

“Umm, how about I show around?” suggested Tara.

“Why not?”


The Demonics were satisfied.

“Master, everything went as planned!” exclaimed Serena. Richard was severely wounded from when Candice stabbed him.

“Good! Now they'll be too worried about themselves to worry about the girl!” said Richard, weakly.

“Caleb! Do not disappoint your father tonight! It is very crucial that the plan is successful!” demanded Serena.

Caleb nodded in agreement.

“And remember, be as realistic as possible, or else that bitch will figure out. The Provider power must be taken from her, or else she will discover the magic of the Factors!” reminded Nyoka.

“And you must remember that you need to keep blackmailing the girls in order for them to forget about her!” said Serena.

“I will not disappoint!” promised Nyoka.

Then Conscience walked in.

“Any you! The most important yet. You need to make sure that you stay close. You need to make sure that they think that it has indeed happened!” yelled Serena. Then she went over to a table full of potions and weapons and picked a dagger. “Make sure this is secure in you and that the Provider feels it!”

Conscience nodded in agreement.

The Demonic's plan was official under way.


Eric couldn't get his helpless father out of his head, but he had to. He already picked up everyone from their houses so they could head to the Masquerade event.

“Everyone, make sure you got your masks on!” reminded Eric. They all put their masks on.

“It's gonna be a big night,” muttered Torrie.

They all walked out of the truck.

The school looked different in the dark. It just seemed eerily secretive.

They all walked in. The main party was in the gym. But the cafeteria was also open.

“Come on, let's go to the gym!” said Vanessa to Lilly. And they did.

“We should go to the office. I bet you we'll find some sort of secret in there that the teachers don't want us knowing about,” suggested Logan.

Trevor wanted to go along with the plan, but Drake preferred to go with Lilly. Trevor and Logan ran off.

Logan shot the cameras in the lobby with a blinding spell. Now they weren't going to be able to see them. He kicked the door open. When both he and Trevor were in the office, Trevor locked the doors.

“Alright, where do we start?” asked Trevor.

“Mr. Henderson's office,” said Logan. They both went down the hall that lead to Mr. Henderson's office. They opened the door and found it to be a regular office. But they didn't know what was wrong with it. They knew that something was wrong.

“What the hell is in here?” asked Trevor.

“I don't know, but I know it's here,” responded Logan. Then the door shut behind them and appeared Tommy. The fatass bully that everyone hated.

“What are you doing?” asked Logan.

“Your little buddy Eric caused me to look like shit! You think I'm gonna let that go?” questioned Tommy.

“Well you better, or else I'll kick your ass!” threatened Trevor.

That's when Tommy pulled out a knife and a pistol. He sneered, and then he threw the pistol at Trevor's face. Then he pushed Logan over Mr. Henderson's desk. He jumped over and aimed for Logan's chest. Logan caught his hand just in time.

“No!” shouted Logan.

“Bye-bye little bastard!” said Tommy.

Before Tommy could put more force onto his hands to stab Logan, Trevor pulled him. He grabbed the knife out of Tommy's hand and threw it through the wall. Then he punched Tommy and smashed him against the wall.

“Do that again, and I kill you!” shouted Trevor. Before Tommy could answer, Trevor threw Tommy out through the window.

When Logan went to look if Tommy was knocked out, he wasn't there.

“What the hell?” said Logan.


“He's not there!” responded Logan.

“How?” questioned Trevor.

“You tell me!” said Logan.

“We should get out!” said Trevor.

“Yeah,” agreed Logan. They started heading out of the office. Just as they were about to get out of the office, Trevor noticed something. He saw something on the front desk. There was a tiny engraving near the bottom. He looked closer and saw that it was a Demonic's Mark.

“They have something here,” whispered Logan.


“Hey,” said Drake.

“Hey,” responded Lilly.

“I'll leave you two...” said Vanessa. “Hope you score,” she whispered in Lilly's ear as she left.

Lilly just ignored her.

“So, how are you?” asked Lilly.

“Come one don't be awkward about it,” said Drake.

“Okay, sorry,” apologized Lilly. “Wanna dance?”

“Sure,” agreed Drake. Lilly put her arms around his neck and he put his around her waist.

“So, you a natural blonde?” he asked.

Lilly laughed. “You know, at first, I though this was going to be a mistake because we've been friends for some years now. But now that I'm actually here, it seems so right.”

“I know. It does,” said Drake.

From there, they danced and laughed. They talked and Drake started flirting with Lilly. Lilly laughed at most of his jokes.

Then they made eye contact. Lilly bit her lip. She had a temptation and so did Drake. Then, they both gave in. She leaned in and kissed Drake. The kiss lasted for a while. At first, Lilly was nervous. Until, it began feeling right. Then Drake broke off.

“I'll be back in a minute,” said Drake. He left Lilly wanting more. And that was exactly what he wanted.

Drake hurried into the bathroom. He handled his business and then went to wash his hands. He started getting a bad feeling. But not a regular one. It was like he sensed something bad happening tonight. But he knew it couldn't be with Lilly. Then he looked in the mirror. And saw a figure standing behind him.

Conscience blasted him with black magic.


“OMG, you and him are gonna make the cutest babies ever!” said Vanessa.

“Okay, it's one date. And I'm not even sure if we're a thing yet,” responded Lilly.

“Okay, but make sure he has protection!” joked Vanessa.


Candice walked out of line with her diet coke and looked for a seat. She was planning to sit down, but then she saw Carol sitting down at a table across. She went towards her.

“Having a good dance?” asked Carol.

“What the hell was that about in the morning?” asked Candice.

“Fair warning Candice. Not every bitch gets one! I meant it! Be very, very careful. You know that there's bad people out there and I know that you know one of them!” responded Carol. Then she got up and walked away.

Candice set her unopened drink down on the table. Then she got a text.

Be very, very careful Candice. You don't know who is bad and who is good these. And you don't know who's trustworthy either.


Then she got another text.

Come outside. We need to talk.

She then ran outside.

Lilly and Vanessa saw her do so.


Eric couldn't stop thinking about it. His dad was the first thing on his mind. Then he started hearing a voice inside his head.

“Pathetic! Provider, I may be weak but your father doesn't think so. Meet the servant in the woods behind the house that you escaped! Or else, he dies!”

Eric gasped for breath. He had to got to the woods behind Carol's house. And that was exactly what he was going to do. He stormed out of the school and went to his van. He knew that he was leaving the rest of the Superhumans behind, but he knew that they would find if he needed them.


“Why is she so upset?” asked Lilly.

“I don't know but we have to follow her!” responded Vanessa.

“No, she'll see us! It looks like she's going to talk to someone. I don't she wants us listening,” said Lilly.

“Okay,” said Vanessa. Then she pushed both her and Lilly's rings and they were invisible.

They went out the door. They saw Candice talking to Caleb, the son of the Demonic's leader.

“Why the hell is she talking to him?” asked Lilly.

“I don't know! Let's get closer,” suggested Vanessa.

They went up to them to hear them talk.

“Why did you want to talk to me?” asked Candice.

“Look, we've been dating for three days now. And I've been holding back on asking you to take part in my plan,” said Caleb.

Vanessa and Lilly gasped.

“What plan?” asked Candice.

“I hate how my father is running his Realm. He doesn't know that I want to end it,” said Caleb.

Candice stood silent.

“I know that you have the other half of the Provider power in you. And I know it's your secret.”

Vanessa and Lilly gasped again.

“And they don't have to know. But I know that this part of the power is capable of disabling the Demonics. And I also know that they have the power of the Three Factors. I also know where the power vortex is. The distributive force of this magic can end it! You have to come with me!” demanded Caleb.

“Fine. As long as it ends everything! I don't want any of this anymore! I haven't been dealing with it for very long, but I still need it gone!” said Candice.

“Okay, let's go.”

Then they flashed out.

Vanessa and Lilly became visible again.

“Oh my gosh. We have to go get them! We have to go save Candice!” shouted Vanessa.

“Okay! Let's split up and meet at the front entrance,” suggested Lilly. Vanessa went to go find Eric, the twins, and Tara. Lilly went to go find Drake, Logan, and Trevor.

Vanessa looked around and couldn't find any sign of Eric or the twins. But she did find Tara talking to some friends.

“Have you seen the twins?” asked Vanessa.

“No, have you?” responded Tara.

“Where the hell could they be?” wondered Vanessa.


Torrie and Brenda entered the costume store.

“Do you think that they're missing us back at the school?” asked Brenda.

“I hope not,” replied Torrie.

The girl walked farther back to the store to see the woman. One of the lost seers.

“You two have come back. I knew you would,” said the woman.

“Look, we came here to ask you if you remember us,” said Brenda.

The woman smiled.

“Of course I do. Who could forget two pretty girls like you two?” responded the Seer.

“Then you know what we did. What we promised?” asked Torrie.

“How could I forget? The two of you were in desperation. The only way you knew that you could stop the Demonics was if you swore on it. And you know that this is not only your mission, but it is a mission of God,” said the Seer.

“We know. That's why we came here to ask you... how much more time until the mission must be done?” asked Brenda.

“You two want to know when Jesus Christ will be on the verge of appearing on Earth. You two also want to know when it is time to make sure your promise if completed. You two want to know when the Provider must die,” said the Seer.

“Yes,” said both the twins.

“In due time, the Demonics and the Superhumans will have the greatest duel of all time. One that could even end human kind as we know it. But a sacrifice must be made. And the mission from God to the angels must be completed. If not, everything will cease to exist. And that battle will come in due time. When everything is settled, that battle will climax into the end of one as we know it,” responded the Seer.

Torrie and Brenda stood silent.

“You must leave now! I sense I sense their presence near,” warned the Seer. That's when the twins fled the store.


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