Superhuman: Masked Part 2

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In part 2 of the season finale, Eric faces his fate while the others try to stop the Demonics. And Candice's shocking secret is revealed!

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012




Superhuman: Masked Part 2




Lilly went to the lobby to look for Logan and Trevor. She knew that they left Drake alone with her.

They weren't there. She couldn't see them anywhere in the cafeteria or in the gym. That only left her one choice: the boy's bathroom.

She walked nervously up to the door. She was afraid of the guys looking at her and spreading all sorts of rumors about her. Then she just decided to screw it and open the door. When she opened the door, she saw Logan and Trevor trying to wake up unconscious Drake.

“Oh my god, what happened?” asked Lilly.

“Look at the mirror,” responded Logan.


The Provider's fate will be sealed in her woods tonight. You better come and see it, or else one of you won't make it.



Lilly ran out and told Vanessa. She and Tara immediately went to the bathroom. Vanessa and Lilly flashed all of them out into the woods behind Carol's house.



Eric could feel it. Something that would affect him was going to happen to him in the woods tonight. He just didn't know what. He entered the woods and ran deep into them. He ran incredibly fast with his tuxedo on. His mask started glowing as he ran deeper.

It sensed danger.

Eric finally stopped when the mask started to blind him. When he stopped, the mask stopped glowing.

He stood in silence for a minute.

Then they arrived.

“We've been expecting you Provider,” said Serena. She looked as evil as ever. Nyoka and Conscience were at her side. “Your little friend really caused some severe damage to our leader. But that's fine. She will definitely get hers. Now it's your turn.”

Eric pulled out his wand.

Nyoka laughed.

“Thanks to your little friend, we were able to use some of Richard's blood to resurrect one of our greats.

Then Nathan walked out from behind them.

“Hello, Eric. How's Lilly?” he asked.

Eric raised his wand.

Nathan blasted it with dark magic.

“Pathetic, you're not gonna make it alone!” mocked Nathan.

Eric gulped.

“Bye-bye, Provider!” shouted Serena. Then all of the Demonics had black magic in front of them. They aimed it at Eric and shot it. Just as it was about to him, the rest of the Superhumans popped out of nowhere and repelled the spell.

“NO!!!!” screamed Serena.

Conscience stepped forward. She had a new deep voice.

“Thank you for reading my message. Now, I said that someone's fate was going to be sealed and it is,” said Conscience. Then she blasted the ground with her magic. That opened up a big vortex.

“Stop!” shouted Caleb. He was holding Candice's hand. “Caleb, what the hell do you think you're doing?” asked Serena.

“I'm ending it. I'm tired of this and so is she,” said Caleb.

“I don't think so! Attack!” shouted Serena. All of the Demonics ran towards the Superhumans. But Conscience disappeared.

Nyoka blasted down Tara and aimed for Lilly.

“Hello, little mermaid,” she said.

“Is 'in due time' now?” asked Lilly.

“We'll see!” responded Nyoka. Then she slapped Lilly.

Nathan pinned down Vanessa.

“Miss me?” he asked.

“No!” she said.

“Well, maybe we can see each other forever!” he said. Then she hissed with his fangs. But Vanessa kicked him off.

Logan and Trevor were kneeling down next to Drake. He was starting to wake up.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Eric.

“We're ending it!” said Caleb.

“NO!” shouted Serena. She shot Eric with black magic. Caleb tackled her into a tree.

“Do it now Candice!” he shouted.

Candice started generating her Provider power.

“What is this?” asked Eric.

“I have the Provider power in me!” shouted Candice. Then, when she released enough energy, she shot into the vortex.

“NO!” shouted Serena. Then all the Demonics stopped. They started fading away.

“They're dying!” said Vanessa.

“Oh my god,” whispered Logan.

“You'll all see! We will kill you!” shouted Serena. That was the last thing she said before she disappeared.

“Oh my god. Is that it?” asked Tara. “Is it over?”

“Who cares?”

All the Superhumans turned around to see that Carol had recorded everything on camera.

“The police are going to be really interested in this!” said Carol.

“No!” shouted everyone.

Just as Carol started backing away, she was shot with bright magic. She was at a small cliff and she started to fall. Candice went to go help her, but it was too late. She fell and hit her head.

“Oh my god, what did you just do?” asked everyone.

“We're sorry!” shouted the twins. Candice went to see Carol, but she wasn't there.

“Oh my god, she's gone.”





DECEMBER 31, 2012


Lilly, Tara, the Twins, Trevor and Drake were walking down a street. They were heading down what used to be Carol's house. But she had been missing for two months and they just thought she'd come back sooner or later.

“I hope a tree doesn't catch on fire,” said Drake.

“I'll wash it out before it spreads,” said Lilly. They were all enjoying the cold weather as they walked. That was until they heard a siren. An ambulance was heading towards Carol's house. As they ran close to her house, they saw a lot of security tape and a crowd around her house.

Lilly saw Candice.

“What's wrong?” asked Lilly.

“Carol's body was found. She's dead,” answered Candice.

They all stood in shock as Carol's dead body was taken away. Reality has just sunk in as they realized that the twin angels were murders.




Vanessa was driving a car. Eric and Logan were in the car with her.

“Tonight's gonna be awesome!” said Vanessa.

“Yeah,” replied Logan.

Then Eric got a text. Eric knew that the rest of the Superhumans were Conscience-free for the last two months. But he wasn't. And they didn't know.


Public Library, NOW! Or else daddy gets it!



“Eric are you okay?” asked Vanessa.

Eric stood silent. Then he dropped his phone and opened the door.

“Eric, what the hell are you doing?” asked Logan.

Then Eric jumped out the door and flashed out.

Vanessa immediately pulled over.

She looked at his phone.

“We have to go to the library!” she said. She flashed to the hotel nearest to the library. She didn't know the exact location of the library, so this was as close as she could get.

Eric broke down the doors of the library he ran in and passed the item drop off desk. He saw Conscience with her wand. She shot him with her magic.

“Afoplismo!” he shouted. It repelled the spell.

He then tackled her down to the floor.

“Where is he? Tell me now!” demanded Eric.

Conscience spit in his face and kicked him off. She shot him with some black magic.

He was frozen.

She got out a gun.

“Maybe you two will reunite in the underworld,” she said. Then, she shot him straight through the heart with her gun.

Eric's mind froze. He couldn't believe what happened. After that, he blacked out. Vanessa and Logan walked in to see Conscience engraving the Demonics' Mark onto Eric.

They were in shock to see what they never actually thought could happen.

The Provider was dead.



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