Superhuman: Paralyzed

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The Demonics can't stop the Superhumans. They cannot do it on their own, at least. That's where Caleb jumps in. With the Amulet of Resurrection, he resurrects one of the most successful Demonics of all time: Christopher, The Paralyzer. His job is to paralyze every Superhuman so that the Provider can unseal Malum in order for them to reign in the human Realm. The only problem is if the Superhumans won't let them. Or are they the only threat?

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



Superhuman: Paralyzed

 “She's dead.”
Vanessa announced what had happened last night.
“What?” asked Eric.
“Carol's parents came home to find Candice's dead body on the kitchen floor. She was stabbed twice. Once in the back and once in the stomach,” explained Lilly.
Vanessa was beginning to tear up. 
Drake went up to comfort Lilly. Even though she wasn't in tears, Drake could tell that she wasn't happy about Candice's death.
“Remember how Candice got a text saying that it's time?” Vanessa asked everyone.
They all nodded.
Master Kurt was just listening attentively.
“The police found a note that said It was time.”
Everyone then realized what Conscience had meant. It was time for the Demonics to get rid of one of their biggest obstacles.
“Wait, she received a text message saying that it was time?” asked Master Kurt.
“Yeah,” answered Vanessa.
“Why wasn't I informed of this?” asked Master Kurt.
“We didn't think that it was anything more serious than everything else Conscience has harassed us about,” answered Vanessa.
“Do any of you realize what this message might mean?” 
Everyone shook their heads.
“Years ago... there was a very powerful Demonic,” began Master Kurt. “He was very loyal to Malum. He was known as the Paralyzer. He had the power to paralyze people. They could just be frozen there and not be able to do anything. He was one of the keys to taking over this realm for the Demonics. The Superhumans then knew they had to put a stop to him before he was able to cast a spell that would paralyze any threats. So... they did. They all repelled his spell together but sent back their own with it and he was shot. As he fell, he shouted that soon... It will be the time.”
“But they can't! We destroyed him! He's dead! They can't bring him back!” said Tara.
“Unless, they have the Amulet of Resurrection,” pointed out Logan.

“For once your plan actually succeeds!” shouted Malum. This was the only joy besides the torturing of Eric to him. “We have finally gotten rid of that second Provider! Now, the Power of the Provider has no owner. We shall claim it!”
“Master, I'm afraid we cannot do that,” said Serena.
“And why not?” asked Malum.
“Malum, only the Provider can transfer that power successfully into someone else. That power can travel into any mere mortal. But we already have power,” explained Serena.
“For now, that power will be unclaimed! But we will eventually get that power!” said Malum. He turned to Conscience. “Now, since you have officially killed the second Provider, what do you suggest we do next?”
“Come on now Dad!” shouted Caleb from the other side. He walked down the steps quickly and pulled something out of his pocket. “I believe you all remember the Amulet of Resurrection?”
“What are you suggesting we do, son?” asked Malum.
“Since, the Superhumans are probably devastated for their dear.. dear.. loss, this is the perfect time to... paralyze them,” said Caleb.
“So, I guess it is time!” said Malum.
“I just can't believe she's dead!” exclaimed Amber.
“Face it Amber! You were expecting someone to die sooner or later just like the rest of us! But I would've never thought they'd go and kill Candice who doesn't even have power anymore!” snapped Vanessa.
Amber didn't speak for a few seconds. 
“How are you so sure that she didn't?” asked Amber.
“Well they killed her for a reason and it certainly wasn't for revenge! If they wanted revenge the would've tortured her to death publicly, or humiliated her or something along those lines,” explained Amber.
“I don't know right now, but I do know that this will not go unpunished! I will get avenge her death and it doesn't matter what I have to do!” declared Vanessa. She then started to walk off.
As she was walking off, she got a text message.

Anything? Careful what you wish for honey...

Vanessa paid no mind to this threat. She knew that whatever came her way would be worth it if it meant finding out exactly who killed Candice. Or was it worth it?

The twins, Eric, Logan, and Trevor were in the lair with Master Kurt. 
“We all know it was one of the Demonics who killed Candice but who would do it?” asked Tara.
“More importantly, why would Caleb let it happen?” asked Logan.
“We don't know that he did. He may be Malum's son, but he only has so much power with his dad alive,” said Eric.
“But why kill her though?” asked Trevor.
“We're gonna have to find out someway. We all know the basics. Candice almost killed Malum single handed. He obviously didn't warm up to that action,” said Brenda.
“But even so, that's not enough. He would've just captured her and forced her into slavery,” said Torrie.
“They still do that?” asked Logan.
“Yeah. They have lots of slaves making sure they have a realm to be proud of,” answered Torrie.
“She was too strong,” said Master Kurt. “She may have lost her power but that isn't enough to kill her spirit. Someone who has a Superhuman ability in them will always have it in them. They have in their deepest core that it could even kill them for it to be surfaced. She would've used all her will and died fighting if that's what she had to do to beat them.”
“But even that can be broken if done right,” said Logan.
“Yes, but it wouldn't be worth it to them. The quicker we're gone, the better for them. They'd probably kill her during grooming her to be a perfect slave,” said Master Kurt.
“Does it matter, they still have the Amulet!” pointed out Torrie.
“They still have my dad,” said Eric. The thought was overwhelming for Eric. He sat down.
Then they all heard a voice break in to their lair.

It's coming. Everything is coming. The time is now. The fact of the matter is you'll be paralyzed. The truth will be set free and a huge betrayal will come to the surface. It will find you. The deceptions in your heads will almost be broken.

“What the hell was that?” asked Logan, angrily.
“Calm down,” said Trevor. 
“Someone has sent us a message,” answered Master Kurt. “The Demonics are up to something!”
“No!” exclaimed Torrie. “That woman cannot be from the Demonics! Her voice is goddess-like! And obviously Serena's obnoxious voice isn't anywhere near that. And it doesn't have the menace of Nyoka's!” 
“It doesn't change the fact that the Demonics are up to something!” said Master Kurt. “And I can sense that it isn't good!”
They could all feel it.

“This cliff is the perfect place!” said Malum.
He led the rest of the Demonics to the cliff.
“Now, how are we so sure none of those pesky Superhumans haven't found their way back to our realm?” asked Nyoka.
Malum found it amusing.
“Next thing you'll tell me that the Betrayers are back!” he scoffed. He turned to Caleb. “You shall do the honors into bringing back one of our most infamous warriors! You had the idea that kept me alive and that got a huge mess out of way! You shall now carry this one out!”
Caleb pulled the Amulet of Resurrection out of his pocket.
He held to the moon. 
“You know it's funny... we used to have to wait for the full phases!” he said with amusement.  “On this night, by the power invested in me, and the Amulet of Resurrection, the Demonic Paralyzer shall walk the Earth once again!” 
A thunder and lightning clap hit. It was the sign of success. The light pointed in front of the Demonics and then the Paralyzer.
“Oh.. how wonderful,” Serena said sarcastically.
“Serena, I always love your great hellos,” responded the Paralyzer.
“The one and only ancient Chris is back!” exclaimed Caleb.
“Christopher, it is great to have you back and now you shall reclaim what is rightfully ours!” declared Malum. 
“It seems as if we are short... a few Demonics...” pointed out Christopher. 
“So you didn't watch us from hell?” asked Serena.
“If I did, you'd be dead, honey,” said Christopher.
“They betrayed us and tried to take our place!” explained Malum. “They dared to defy my father and I hope that one day, they grow the balls to come back here! Because if they do... let's just say we have ourselves a new set of slaves.”
“Ahaha, I see. Well... it looks as if those pesky Superhumans haven't given up in their pathetic attempt to battle us, have they?” questioned Christopher.
“You'd think they have learned their lessons after the many dead ancestors, but I guess some only learn first-hand,” said Nyoka.
“Speaking of that...” started Malum.
“Do not worry Master, the time is near when their suffering shall come to a peak,” answered Nyoka, knowing what Malum was about to ask.
“So, exactly what is the mission?” asked Christopher.
“You shall paralyze them. All of them in some form! Then, we will go and find and claim the Provider power that we have from that annoying girl! After that, we will use it to claim this realm! And there's gonna be nothing they can do about it once they are brought in as our slaves!” explained Malum.

The twins were walking downtown. They decided to just hang out to get their minds of everything. It was an innocent stroll around town. 
At least it started that way.
“Damn, I actually had fun today!” exclaimed Torrie. 
“Right? I thought it was funny when those loud girls went off on that one waitress!” said  Brenda.
“You know, the wind in my hair doesn't even ruin it!” said Torrie.
“Oh come on. Blonde hair isn't that valuable. Haha,” replied Brenda. She grabbed her lip gloss out of her purse to fix her lips. She dropped it, but it had an odd feeling to it. It rolled to the alley they were by.
Brenda got slightly annoyed. She went after it. She bent down to pick it up.
“That's a nice ass. Too bad it won't be able to move,” said Christopher from behind.
Brenda gasped and turned around.
“Who are you?” asked Brenda.
“Yeah, who?” asked Torrie, as she walked into her sister's aid.
“Well, you may know me as The Paralyzer, but my name is Christopher,” he answered.
“Really? That's interesting. Too bad you won't live to tell anyone else your pretty name,” said Brenda. She attempted to grab him with her magic, but he managed to turn it around against her and slam her against the brick wall of the building. 
Torrie punched him across the face.
“That's a nice punch for an angel. Maybe God could use it up there,” said Christopher. He grabbed Torrie and slammed her against the wall. Brenda hit him in the head with her purse.
“Get away from my sister!” shouted Brenda. She kneed him in the gut and then shot him back with magic.
He fell to the floor. 
Torrie and Brenda got out their wands.
Christopher unarmed them from the ground. He had their wands in hand.
“Hope you don't need these too badly,” said Christopher. Then, he snapped them in half.
The twins' jaws dropped.
“You should probably fix your faces. I mean they are gonna stay that way,” said Christopher. He shot them both with his one special power. He paralyzed them.
They lost all feeling in their bodies. They could still hear and see but they couldn't feel the floor as they fell.
“You girls should start preparing for a nice life in our Realm. It's not like you'll be here attempting to save the world.”
Christopher started walking away.
“Oh yes, unless Death catches up to you. Not even the Lord is gonna stop destiny.”

“Hello?” said Drake. He and Lilly had decided to return the woods where Cindy and Dave were in. They wanted answers. And they felt that these two dead children were their best bet. 
“Cindy! Dave! We're back! Can you hear us?” asked Lilly.
“Leave!” whispered a voice. Drake could tell that it was Cindy attempting to warn them about something. 
“What? Why?” asked Lilly.
“Please!” pleaded Dave.
The two children obviously didn't want Lilly or Drake to get hurt by anything in their territory.
“Drake, we have to leave. These kids aren't they type the cry wolf. They're dead! We have to trust them!” said Lilly.
“Lilly, I understand. But we can't just leave. We should at least try to get rid of whatever is here!” said Drake.
“Drake... please!”
Then a black hooded figure popped up in front of them.
The Demonics' Mark was printed on its chest.
“Well, obviously the Demonics don't know that we don't back down ever against them!” said Lilly. She stepped forward and attempted to kick the figure. It faded away and reappeared behind her and shot her with black magic.
She fell to the floor.
Drake shot the figure with his powers. The blow had an effect. Drake got out his wand and used his magic to control the creature.
Lilly got up and did the same.
“Defluxerunt!” They both said at the same time.
The creature began fading away as it realized defeat.
“You'd think they'd know better by now,” said Lilly.
They weren't expecting another hooded figure to show up. This time the figure didn't have a Demonics' Mark on it.
“Drake, I'm not sure we're facing anything Demonic anymore,” whispered Lilly.
“It's fine. We can't back down,” encouraged Drake.
They both shot at the creature.
The shots grabbed the creature but they didn't seem to be taking a toll on it though.
The creature started to lift its hands, but then it turned into a human form. The man grabbed the two powers with his own.
“Hello Lilly and Drake. I'm Christopher, the Paralyzer. I hope you two didn't have plans,” he said. Then he shot the powers back at them. They both fell to the floor. 
There was no feeling. They were paralyzed. Neither of them could speak. Their breaths were weak. They could still see, they could still hear. But they couldn't feel.
“Too bad the rest of your group can't heed a warning.”
“Being home alone isn't so bad, is it?” asked Brent, as he wrapped his arms around her.
“No. It never has been,” answered Tara.
“Well, at least not when we're together,” said Brent. Then he kissed Tara. The kiss was intense. “I hope you have the same thing in mind as I do.”
“I don't know. Should we?” asked Tara.
“Well, it's not like I'm gonna rape you.”
“Still, I don't know.”
“I have protection.”
Tara shook her head.
“Come on Tara. Now is as good as a time as ever. Your parents are gone. The sun is starting to set. I'm in the mood. By the way you kissed me, I can tell you were too. Tara, there's nothing or nobody stopping us,” explained Brent.
“Brent, I don't know. It just doesn't feel like this is the right time for our first time,” responded Tara.
Brent sighed.
Tara could tell she disappointed him.
“I'm sorry. We eventually will!” she tried.
“It's alright,” said Brent. Then, he hugged her.
“Awww... isn't that sweet?”
Tara turned around.
“Hello Tara, I am Christopher,” said the man.
“What the hell are you doing here? Nobody else is here, so obviously you broke in!” said Tara. “Get the hell out, before I take you out!”
“Now Tara, I don't think that's the way you should address your guests,” teased Christopher.
“She said to get out. I suggest you take the advice before I give you my own!” threatened Brent.
“Now Brent, let's not get hasty shall we?” suggested Christopher. “The others were far too easy! I am actually going to give a chance to heed a warning. I am about to paralyze you.”
“What?” asked Tara.
Christopher shot his powers at Tara & Brent. 
Brent grabbed Tara and they both ducked. 
The magic missed them but made a hole in one of her windows.
Tara pushed Brent back. “Brent, leave!”
“No, no! The party's just getting started,” said Christopher. Tara kicked him in the chest and sent him flying back into the wall. She got out her wand. She shot at him but he ducked and she made a hole in her wall.
“Dammit!” she shouted. She attempted to shoot him again, but this time he repelled it and made it bounce back to her. 
She fell to the floor.
“Hey!” shouted Brent. He tackled Christopher to the floor. “Don't you ever touch her again!”
“No promises,” whispered Christopher. Then he got Brent off of him. They both got up. Brent punched Christopher  and kneed him in the stomach. Brent pushed him back into the wall. Christopher kicked Brent in the stomach and shoved him back. This gave Christopher the opportunity to shoot Brent back into the wall hard enough to knock him out.
“Brent!” shouted Tara. She got up. She had tears dripping down her face. “You may be able to paralyze me, but never... ever touch my boyfriend again!” shouted Tara. Then she shot Christopher through her already damaged wall.
She was breathing heavy. 
At first, she thought she defeated Christopher.
She turned to Brent.
“Brent, please wake up!” pleaded Tara. She shook Brent. She was worried that if he died, it would be her fault. She knew she could have done something more to take care of him. “Please, don't die on me!” 
She was crying. That was until she stopped. Not just her crying stopped; everything stopped. She couldn't feel anything. She could still see. She could still hear. She couldn't feel when she dropped to the floor. 
She could still see Christopher walking over to her.
“At least you'll still get this moment to share with your loved one.”
Trevor got a text.

Don't worry. Logan's rage won't be in motion for long.

“This bitch again,” complained Trevor. Logan leaned over and looked at the text.
“Just ignore it. What's she gonna do? Kill me?” asked Logan.
Logan got a text.

Careful what you wish for!

“Remind why we're in a library again?” said Logan.
“We have homework to do. And if you do it at home, you'll most likely burn it... along with the rest of your stuff,” said Trevor.
Logan couldn't stop shaking his leg.
“Dude, what's up?” asked Trevor.
Logan sighed. “I feel like it's getting to me! I feel like what the Seer said is starting to sink in. What if I don't have a choice? What if I have to embrace my inner Demonic in order to survive?”
“That's not gonna happen though! We're gonna find a way out of this!” reassured Trevor.
They heard a shriek behind them.
They both rushed over to the receptionist's desk. 
They saw her on the floor. Her eyes were wide open. She had small breaths.
“What the hell happened?” asked Logan.
The librarian didn't move. She was just breathing. 
“I'll go get help,” said Trevor.
“Won't be necessary,” said Logan. He got out his wand.
But then it was blasted out of his hand. 
They both turned around to see Conscience.
“Well look how decided to show up,” said Logan. He waited a moment. “Well, what are you waiting for?”
Conscience titled her head.
Logan was attacked from behind. The man grabbed him and then slammed him into the bookshelves.
“Hello Trevor, I'm Christopher,” said Christopher.
Trevor didn't speak. Instead, he just punched Christopher. The punch landed right across his face and it knocked him down the floor. 
“Oh, so you're the super strength superhuman?” said Christopher.
Trevor got Christopher up and slammed him onto the reception desk. Then he grabbed a stapler and hit Christopher on the head with it. Trevor then pushed Christopher over the desk.
Before he could do anything else, Conscience shot him down.
Logan then used his wind powers to knock down a book shelf onto Conscience. Conscience conjured the bookshelves into freezing and then having the books launch at Trevor & Logan. 
“Duck!” shouted Trevor.
Logan blew the books away from him and towards Conscience. Conscience used her powers and made them shatter the nearby windows.
Logan took the opportunity to shoot down Conscience.
Logan quickly walked over to Conscience.
“Well, we had to find out who this bitch was sometime. I guess now is as good as a time as ever,” he said. He started grabbed Conscience's mask.
Before he could do anymore, he felt a power hit him. He fell to the floor. He could only see it though. He couldn't feel anything. Only numbness.
“Oh yes, I forgot. I'm the Paralyzer,” said Christopher.
Conscience got up. She started laughing at the site of Logan.
Then Trevor launched a dictionary as hard as he could at Conscience. He heard some sort of bone crack as the dictionary knocked out Conscience. 
Then Christopher shot Trevor.
He lots his sense of touch. 
He couldn't feel anything. He could still see and hear, but he couldn't feel the thud when he hit the floor.
“Time to finish off the remaining two.”

“Eric, are you okay?” asked Vanessa.
“Well, let's see. My dad has been kidnapped by the Demonics and has been there for about 6 months. I currently have recurring nightmares about his death. And I get haunted by a vampire version of you! And on top of that, I have to lead a group of Superhumans into defeating evil. So am I okay?” sarcastically answered Eric.
“Eric, you know what I mean!” said Vanessa. “Am I still scaring you? Because if I am we have to go see the Seer!”
“No, not her please! She never gives any answers!” complained Eric.
“Too late.”
Vanessa flashed them to the Seer.
“Hello you two,” greeted the Seer.
“Hey,” said Eric.
“Well.. go ahead.”
“Eric has been having these weird dreams about two things. They are about his father being killed because he is still in the grasp of the Demonics. And the other is about me attempting to kill him because I turn into a vampire,” explained Vanessa.
The Seer dropped magic into her smoky pot.
“I am getting a few readings. First, Providers often get recurring nighmares in order for the Demonics to have a psychological advantage against him. So these dreams could be just to tease you and torment you about your current situation,” read the Seer.
That almost gave Eric some relief.
“These dreams could also be foretelling the future. They could be telling you to watch out because these images will become fact in the near future,” added the Seer.
Eric gave Vanessa a worried look.
“Eric, stop!” order Vanessa.
Eric turned back to the Seer.
“Can't you actually give me the answer? I need it! You already told us that you know how the future plays out!” pleaded Eric.
“No! I cannot! I would've told you if I could. If I were to tell you the future, the future itself would corrupt and God would have to create a new one! Everything would change!” answered the Seer.
Vanessa got a text.

I suggest you and Eric go to the cliff right now. Well if he ever wants to see his father again.

Vanessa showed Eric the text.
Eric immediately flashed them to the cliff.
“Provider, you're here,” greeted Malum.
“What the hell are you doing in this realm? Didn't we seal you away?” asked Eric.
“He's not here,” answered Serena. “His image is just being transmitted here by our powers.”
“That doesn't mean that he can't do anything though,” teased Conscience.
Malum shot them.
They moved just in time.
“What the hell do you want?” asked Eric.
“You know Eric, that's funny. It hasn't showed up in your nightmares yet?” joked Nathan.
“No, but maybe it'll show up in hell as soon as I send you back,” answered Eric. 
“Wait, aren't we missing a few?” asked Christopher.
“What the hell? Christopher?” asked Vanessa.
“In the flesh?” answered Christopher.
“Who is he?” asked Eric.
“I am the Paralyzer.”
“Wait, where is everybody else?” asked Eric.
“Now as my name says it all, I paralyze people. And it's too bad that your friends didn't have a good defense against it,” said Christopher.
“You may have taken out my team, but me and her can still get rid of each and every one of you!” said Eric.
“That's funny, because you can't even control your own dreams,” laughed Nyoka.
Eric got out his wand shot Nyoka. 
Christopher then vaporized it.
Vanessa charged forward towards Conscience.
Conscience disappeared before Vanessa got to her. That's when Nathan came in and dropped Vanessa to the floor.
“Hey honey, have you missed me?” teased Nathan. He then bared his fangs.
Vanessa managed to get Nathan off.
She blasted him with fire.
Eric was fighting Nyoka. She was attempting to get into his head and cause bad visions. But he put his mental barriers up against her. He attempted to kick her, but she grabbed his foot and twisted him around and wrapped her fingers around his neck. 
She blew a mist into his face.
He started to feel agony all over himself.
Vanessa stepped over Nathan and shot down Nyoka.
“Too late for you torture anybody anymore, bitch!” said Vanessa. She lifted her wand but it was vaporized in the air.
Vanessa gasped.
Then she saw Christopher shooting at her. She jumped up in the air to turn into her phoenix form. Before she could transform, Christopher was able to shoot her legs. She dropped to the floor. He upper half could feel the effects. But her legs couldn't feel anything.
Eric shot down Christopher hard enough to crack at least one bone in his body.
Then Serena grabbed Eric with her magic.
“Now Provider, I suggest you do everything I say if you ever want to see your daddy ever again,” threatened Serena.
“Not a chance in hell!” replied Eric. Serena tightened her magic grip and added agony into it. Eric let out a huge groan. 
Vanessa lifted her hand. 
She was about to attempt to kill Serena. That was until Conscience grabbed her hand.
“I don't think so,” said Conscience.
“Let go of me!” shouted Vanessa.
“Let go of her.”
Everyone saw Caleb.
“Son, I suggest you get out of here this instant!” ordered Malum.
“No! This is wrong dad! Why the hell are you so obsessed with the demise of these heroes. Without them do you have any idea how many you would have killed by now?” said Caleb.
“No! Because why would I kill someone if I could make them my servant?” replied Malum.
“Wow! You can't even see the wrong in what you just said?” asked Caleb. “I'm not leaving till you stop!”
“Very well. As you wish!” said Malum. He shot down his Caleb, his own son.
Vanessa gasped.
“Now that he's out of the way... Provider! You shall unseal me, NOW!” ordered Malum.
“Eric, don't do it!” pleaded Vanessa.
Conscience slapped Vanessa.
Eric didn't know what to do. He could unseal Malum so he would let his dad go. But for what price? Everybody else's lives. It wasn't worth it. Or was it? But what if Malum killed Eric's dad.
Eric lifted his hand.
He was actually gonna do it.
“Eric, stop!”
He knew that voice. It was Master Kurt. 
“Kurt. Nice to see you managed to escape the paralyzing I gave you before I died,” said Christopher.
“Isn't it always good to see to see that hell doesn't change assholes,” retorted Master Kurt.
“What are you doing here?” asked Serena.
“See Christopher, when you were a dominant force back in the day, you were a serious threat. And so were everybody else. In order to save the world, we had to come up with a way to somehow reverse any major spells any of you cast. And we stored enough energy that we finally succeeded.”
Master Kurt got a test tube out of his pocket. There was a shining energy in the tube. Master Kurt released it and shot it at Christopher. 
The shot went into Christopher.
Then there was a lightning clap.
“It worked,” said Master Kurt.
Vanessa could feel her legs again.
Malum was too distracted to keep a hold of Eric.
After a moment, all of the Superhumans appeared before everybody's eyes.
“You know, it's a shame that you didn't have a back up plan for yourself Christopher,” said Lilly.
“Yeah. If I were you, I wouldn't have counted on us staying grounded for long,” said Logan
Conscience tried to shoot them. They repelled the spell with ease. 
“We had to defeat you guys sometime. I guess why not right now?” asked Torrie.
Malum became enraged. 
All of the Demonics stepped away.
“What's happening?” asked Drake.
“I'm not sure,” answered Vanessa.
“THAT IS IT!” boomed Malum.
They all heard a huge shatter. They weren't sure what it was. But something had happened.
All of a sudden, Malum was in physical presence, not transmitted.
“Oh my god,” whispered Master Kurt.
“The seal has been broken!” said Malum.
They all knew what had happened. Malum had enough rage to break the seal. He had broken it and now he could enter any Realm he wanted. Now, he was running loose.
And no one is safe.

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