Superhuman: Winged

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The Superhumans discovered that the last two missing Superhumans are alive. They are twin angels. They're out to find them, but not alone. The original winged Demonic, Adrian, with the help of a new anonymous villian, kidnaps one of the twins. What will the Superhumans do to save her?

Submitted: March 29, 2012

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Submitted: March 29, 2012



Superhuman: Winged


“The last of the Superhumans have been resurrected. The angels that have been missing, are back. They’re one of us,” explained Lilly.

“They’re twin angels?” asked Eric.

“Yeah, she was aiming for the twin angels. They were resurrected from the dead, but kept all their angel powers, including immortality. Melina knew that if she could get an angel’s soul, she would be immortal,” said Lilly.

“Well, now what?” asked Drake.

“We have to find them, before the Demonics do,” said Lilly.


“Angels can lead them to glory,” said Lilly.

“Yeah, when hell freezes over,” said Eric.

They all stared at him.

“What? It’s true!” he said.

“Whatever, we just have to come up with a plan to get to the angels before the Demonics do,” said Drake.

“Yeah, let’s just discuss this over lunch tomorrow,” said Lilly.


Candice was still in line, so that gave them the opportunity to talk.

“What are we going to do about the angels? We don’t even know who they are!” said Eric.

“Okay, I know this won’t be easy, but there is one way that we know who they are,” said Lilly.

“And what is it?” everyone insisted.

“The Demonic’s mark.”

Everyone had a puzzled look on their faces.

“Before they died in the last generation of Superhumans, they were marked with the Demonic’s Mark. The person who marked them was anonymous, but they had poison on the marking wand. So, the angels died,” explained Lilly.

“But, how are we going to find the person with the Demonic mark?” asked Drake.

“The thing that I forgot to mention is that they’re twins,” said Lilly.

“So? There are about twenty sets of twins in this school!” said Logan.

“They’re girls. You should learn to let someone finish, dumbass,” said Lilly.

Logan rolled his eyes.

“Okay, so now only fourteen sets of twins. Wait, did I just say only fourteen?” said Drake.

“Well, I know who to test,” said Vanessa.

“Who?” asked Lilly.

“Well, you know the Jasper twins?” she asked. She didn’t let anyone answer and just went on. “Some of the girls say that they tattoos on their shoulder when they change for gym class.”

“But they don’t even know we know them,” said Tara.

“Actually, I know them. We’re in the same Biology class,” said Trevor.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Eric.

“Eric! We can’t just go up to them and tell them that they’re angels!” said Vanessa.

“Unless they already know,” said Lilly.

They all turned to face her.

“They never want to be noticed because they’re afraid that they will expose themselves,” she said.

“Yeah,” said Eric.

“We have to talk to them,” said Drake.



Tara put on her lipstick before she went back to English class. She knew that the Superhumans couldn’t defeat the Demonics without the angels. But they also couldn’t defeat them without Eric. All of this was still new to her. The after school training, the remembering of spells, the fighting. But she was getting used to it.

She put her lipstick in her pocket before she went back to class. But then, a stall door opened. A guy with blonde, shaggy hair came out. He had no visible pimples or facial hair.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, Tara,” he said.

“What the hell are you doing in the girl’s bathroom? And how do you know my name?” she asked.

“Oh, it’s always the same questions. But, I guess I should answer them. I’m Adrian. The original winged Demonic,” he said.

“What do you mean by ‘original’?” asked Tara.

“Oh, I gave the Demonics the power to fly,” he said.

“Go away!” shouted Tara.

“Not until you tell me who the angels are,” said Adrian.

“I don’t think so,” said Tara. She attempted to punch Adrian. He grabbed her fist and slammed her against a stall door.

“I suggest you don’t that again,” said Adrian. Then, he disappeared.


Trevor set his binder down on his desk. There were three minutes until biology started. He went over to the Jasper twins. Torrie had blonde hair, and Brenda had brown hair. That was the main difference between them. Torrie was born thirty minutes before Brenda. Torrie was half an inch taller than Brenda. They were both really hot, according to the guys online. They were as much makeup as the popular girls.

“Brenda, Torrie, could I talk to you girls?” asked Trevor.

“Sure,” said Torrie.

Brenda didn’t argue.

“I heard rumors that you both had a tattoo on your shoulder,” said Trevor.

“Yeah,” said Brenda.

“So,” said Torrie.

“Could I see them?” he asked.

“Sure,” they both said.

They both pulled down the sleeve of their tight shirts. Right under the bra strap was the Demonics’ Mark. Lilly never explained what it looked like, but he knew because everyone was given a chance to look at the book of Demonics. A cursive D in the middle of a star with eight points.

“The Demonics’ Mark,” said Trevor.

“How did you know about that?” asked Torrie.

“You’re a Demonic, aren’t you?” asked Brenda.

“No! I’m the super strength Superhuman,” said Trevor.

Both of the twins froze.

“Look, I don’t think we should discuss this here,” said Brenda. “We know about the ‘keep us a secret’ rule.”

“Look, I think that we really need to discuss this,” said Trevor.

“We know. But let’s just discuss this in the lair,” said Torrie.

“How do you guys know all this?” asked Trevor.

“We used to be part of the last generation of Superhumans. We were resurrected. The only problem is that our parents have no idea,” said Brenda.

“Fine, but you better show up,” said Trevor.


All the Superhumans stared when Brenda and Torrie entered the lair.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?” asked Torrie.

“You know. You are the angels and we need you,” said Trevor.

“Look, we know you need us,” said Brenda. “But what we don’t know is why. Do we mean anything?”

“Yeah. The more Superhumans, the more power,” said Eric.

“And, if you don’t know, the Demonics are after you. They know the exact freaking way to control you guys,” said Vanessa.

Torrie and Brenda both took what Vanessa looked like they were taking what we said into consideration.

Then, they both said that they would do it.

All the Superhumans were glad.

“It’s gonna be so much better since you guys already know what you’re doing,” said Drake.

“Yeah,” said everyone.


Torrie walked down the hall to Math class. She was the last one left. There was one minute left until the bell rang. She was distracted by the fact that she was now a Superhuman, once again. But, she couldn’t remember anything about her past life except for the facts about being a Superhuman.

As she walked down the hall, the bell rang. She was officially late to class. But she didn’t really give a damn. It was her second time. As she walked down, the hall things got really quiet, but then, she heard footsteps. She looked everywhere, but no one was there. Then she heard a huge slam of the lockers. It was on the other side of the lockers. She turned around to see a person in all black clothes with a white mask covered the face.

Torrie gasped.

The person ran away.

Torrie didn’t really understand what just happened. The person just stood there and then ran away. The person did look evil, but he or she didn’t even try to hurt her. She decided to just ignore it.


“Why is Carol such a bitch?” asked Candice.

“’Cause her mom gave birth to her,” said Drake.

Everyone laughed.

“What? It’s true! My dad actually worked for her at the job he had. He told me she was a bitch. One time, he took me to ‘Bring Your Child To Work Day’ and she was as bitchy as hell! I swear, she majored in being a bitch in college,” said Drake.

That made everyone laugh even more. Especially Candice, because she hated Carol’s ass.

“What are you all laughing at?” asked Carol, when she walked towards Candice.

“Why do you care?” asked Candice.

“Watch your mouth!” snapped Carol.

Candice stood up.

“Why don’t you shut yours before I rip it off!” said Candice.

“I’m not scared of you!” sneered Carol.

“But you should be scared of me,” said Vanessa. She stood up and pushed Carol to the floor. Everyone in the cafeteria stopped what they were doing. They all stared at Vanessa. Then, they started clapping. Carol couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Oh, you will all regret this!” screamed Carol. As she left the room, she pointed at the Superhuman table. “One day, you will all get what’s coming to you!”

“I’m not scared of that bitch one bit,” said Torrie.

“Well, you shouldn’t be Torrie! You’re a hotter blonde than she is!” said Eric.

Oh, but the Superhumans didn’t know what they just brought on themselves. When Carol wants something, she gets it, and sadly, this time, that reigns to be true.


Torrie and Brenda were texting each other. It was pretty stupid because they were sitting next to each other on the couch. They were talking about what guys they liked at school. They were actually having a really good time. That was until they got the text that changed everything.

Both their phones rang at the same time.

“That’s weird,” said Brenda.

“Yeah,” said Torrie.

They both opened the text message. They couldn’t believe what they were reading.

Come outside, I have a big surprise for you. I know something that you know and no one else does. If you don’t come outside, there will be hell to pay, not that it’ll matter. TTYL!


“Who the hell is this?” asked Torrie.

“I don’t know, but if this person knows what I think she, or he, knows, then, we better go,” said Brenda.

“Okay,” said Torrie.

Their parents were out on date night, so they didn’t need to worry about getting caught “sneaking out.”

They went out the back door into the backyard. The sun was setting, so the sky didn’t really help them stay calm. Both of them looked all over they could find no one. Then, they heard someone behind them.

“Well, look who I found.”

The twins turned around to see Adrian. He was hovering them with his black wings spread. Two ninjas were standing below him.

“Adrian,” said Torrie.

“You remember?” asked Adrian.

“You’re on of the only things I can remember, sadly,” said Torrie.

“Wait, are you ‘Conscience’?” asked Brenda.

Adrian laughed. “Conscience is our newcomer. That little bitch was impressive to Richard, our leader,” said Adrian.

“Who is Conscience?” asked Torrie.

“Oh, sweetie, I don’t think you’re gonna live to ever find out who that bitch is,” said Adrian. Then, he flew towards Torrie and struck her in the stomach with his wings. He laughed as she fell over.

“No!” shouted Brenda. “Stop it!”

“Okay, I’ll stop, but they won’t,” said Adrian. The ninjas then ran towards the twins.

Brenda got out her wand and blasted them with her powers.

“Stay away!” she warned.

“We’ll stay away once you come to our side,” said Adrian.

“I’ll join your team of asses over my dead body!” said Brenda.

“Fine, have it your way,” said Adrian. Then, a person in a black sweatshirt and black pants wearing a white mask pushed Brenda into the fence, making her crash through it.

Torrie let out a huge gasp when she looked up to see the person.

“Conscience, take Torrie!” said Adrian.

“No!” she screamed, but it was too late. Conscience had knocked Torrie out cold with a blast of black magic. Brenda finally was able to get back up right when they Demonics disappeared with her sister.


Brenda ran to the Superhumans at lunch the next day at lunch.

“Hey Brenda,” said Lilly.

“What’s up?” asked Drake.

“The Demonics kidnapped Torrie!” she exclaimed.

The Superhumans sat still for a few seconds.

“How did that happen?” asked Trevor.

“Well someone told us to go outside or something bad would happen to us, so we went outside to find Adrian,” explained Brenda.

“Adrian?” asked Tara.

“Yeah, he has the black wings,” said Brenda. “Anyways, then some masked stalker came and pushed me through my fence. Then he, or she took Torrie before I could get back up.

“Okay Brenda, sit down so we can work this out and so you can calm down,” said Eric.

Brenda sat down next to Trevor.

“Look, we’re gonna get her back,” said Vanessa.

“How are you so sure?” asked Brenda. “Adrian knocked Torrie down with his wings and he looked like he was having fun. But he couldn’t do anymore because I was there to protect her. Imagine what the Demonics will do to her without me there.”

“We don’t have to worry about that,” said Tara.

Everyone looked at her. “I Haven’t told anyone that Adrian paid me a visit while in the girl’s bathroom. He said that he wanted to know who the angels are. But I guess he found out,” she said.

“Well, you didn’t tell him, so it’s okay…” said Lilly.

“You didn’t let me finish,” said Tara. “I tried to punch him and he grabbed my hand before I could punch him. But he didn’t know that I marked him with a tracker spell.”

“So, we know where he is?” asked Eric.

“Yeah,” said Tara.

Just when they got good news, Carol approached.

“Where’s your little wannabe Candice?” asked Carol. The Superhumans just noticed that she wasn’t here when Carol asked where she was.

“Not here, why do you care?” asked Eric.

“Was I talking to you?” asked Carol. “Oh, and aren’t you supposed to be suspended?”

“Things got worked out and I’m back,” said Eric.

“Look, I know that none of you like Candice. She’s a bitch who was born from hell,” said Carol.

“Look who’s talking,” said Drake.

Carol eyes widened. “You don’t want to get me mad. You are not helping yourselves,” said Carol.

“Who’s says we want to help ourselves,” said Drake.

Carol just walked away after that.


“Where were you today?” asked Vanessa. She was talking to Candice over the phone.

“I was busy doing stuff. And I didn’t feel like going to school today,” said Candice.

“Why?” asked Vanessa.

“I don’t know,” asked Candice.

“I never would’ve thought you were such a rebel,” said Vanessa.

“I’ve changed since we were friends. I’ve changed a lot,” said Candice.

“Yeah,” said Vanessa. Vanessa heard a ring on the other side of the phone.

“Oh, sorry, I got a text,” said Candice. “I’m talking on my home phone so I don’t get charged extra minutes, by the way.”

Candice opened the text message and couldn’t believe what she was reading.

You may have Vanessa fooled, but I know exactly who you are. It would be a shame if what you did right before you left Vanessa for that other town got around, wouldn’t it? You crossed me bitch, I told you to watch your mouth, but I guess you’re not a good listener. I know you want to find out who I am, but you’ll have to wait. Don’t worry, it’ll come sooner than you think.


“Are you okay?” asked Vanessa.

“Uh, I have to go,” said Candice, then hung up right away.

Vanessa knew that something wasn’t right. But she didn’t know what. That was until she had a text that made her wonder.


She’s hiding something from you. But I’m not the only thing.



The Superhumans were surrounding Tara in the lair.

“You guys have to spread out in order for the spell to map out Adrian’s location,” said Tara. The Superhumans spread out. “Indagare Adrian.”

The magic from her wand projected one the floor. Adrian showed up on the screen. Then the spell projected him standing to the right of Torrie, who was tied up. Torrie was crying. Then, it showed Adrian forming a symbol on the floor. Then the spell revealed that Adrian and Torrie were on top of a building. Then, it revealed that they were on the roof of the school.

The school was 6 floors tall, if one included the basement. The basement was mainly used for storage. The first floor included the office, the cafeteria and all 9th grade classes. The second included 10th grade classes and the gym. The third had all 11th grade classes. The fourth was used for all senior classes and had more club classrooms than all the others. The fifth was mainly used for storage and some special classes.

“We have to go up there, now!” said Brenda. She pulled out her wand and before anyone could argue, she transported them to the roof of the school.

They stood right in front of Adrian. Torrie stopped crying. Adrian stopped forming the symbol.

“How in hell did you find me?” asked Adrian.

“That’s none of your business, but all you need to need to know is that you are done,” said Brenda.

“In your dreams,” said Adrian. Then he shows everybody his hand. The Demonics Mark was on his hand.

Everyone gasped.

“Now, I suggest you leave or your beloved blonde angel dies!” threatened Adrian.

“Why are you marking the school?” asked Brenda.

“If it isn’t obvious enough, this is the sealed opening from our realm to this lower class world,” said Adrian.

“Well, I guess it’s gonna stay sealed, forever!” said Brenda. Then, all the Superhumans pulled out their wands.

Adrian chuckled. “Don’t you ever learn that Demonics never travel alone?”

Two ninjas, then, started choking Vanessa & Lilly.

Then, more ninjas appeared. Each Superhuman took on one.

Vanessa elbowed the ninja in the stomach and flipped him over. “Ignis inspiratione,” she said, while pointing her wand at the ninja. She burned the ninja alive.

Lilly kicked her ninja in the knee. She pointed her wand at him and made him disappear with one blast.

Eric, Drake, Logan, Trevor, and Tara combined their powers by casting one spell at the same time. “Slovas!” they all shouted. The blasts from their wands wiped out all the ninjas.

Adrian was furious. He spread his wings and started flying. He knocked every Superhuman down with his wings. Brenda attempted to untie Torrie until Adrian pulled her by the hair.

“Poor little Brenda,” he mocked. “You think you can just come up her and get your beloved sister back?”

“No. I can’t do it alone, but I can do it with help,” said Brenda.

Adrian slapped Brenda and threw her aside. Torrie started crying.

Adrian grabbed Torrie and went near the edge of the school.

“No!” shouted Brenda. She got up but Nathan struck with black magic.

“Immobili,” said Adrian. Then, everyone couldn’t move.

“Why can’t I move?” asked Eric.

“I froze you!” said Adrian. “You could’ve just let me use your little blonde angel, but you guys had to butt in! That’s gonna cost you.”

“Moveremus,” whispered Lilly.

“Now, Torrie, no need to cry anymore. I don’t think you want to die crying,” said Adrian.

Adrian began to push Torrie over the edge of the building. She screamed as loud as she could.

“Sonum aquarum!” shouted Lilly. The water blast from her wand made Adrian let go of Torrie. She fell to the left of Adrian. Adrian pointed his hand at Lilly. Lilly pointed her wand at him.

“You just lost. Just save yourself some embarrassment and quit,” said Lilly. She walked closer to him every second.

“Well, I would, but there’s one thing you’ve forgotten,” said Adrian.

“What?” asked Lilly.

“I can fly,” said Adrian. With those words, he spread his wings and soared into the air.

“Euristi,” said Lilly. The spell untied Torrie.

“I’m not gonna let him get away,” said Brenda. Then, she spread her wings and flew after Adrian. Adrian attempted to shoot black magic at Brenda. He missed every time because Brenda shot the repel spell at his magic. They were going around in circles. That was until he struck Lilly and Torrie with his wings. Torrie fell back and Lilly fell back onto the edge of the school. She flipped over and her feet dangled from the roof. She held on as tight as she could to the edge.

“Hold on!” shouted Torrie. Torrie got up and tried to pull Lilly back onto the roof. Adrian shot her with black magic, knocking her out.

Adrian, then, flew farther away. But he didn’t seem as if he was going away. When he got far enough, he flew across the sky towards Lilly.

“Lilly, let go!” shouted Eric.

“Then I’ll die!” she argued.

“Just trust him!” shouted Vanessa.

Lilly didn’t want to listen to Eric, but she didn’t want to die either. So, when she saw Adrian flying towards her, she let go.

Adrian couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then, Brenda flew under Lilly and caught her before she could go farther down than the third floor. Brenda flew up to the roof and dropped Lilly.

“Moveremus,” said Lilly. Everyone, then, were able to move again.

“You have made a bad mistake!” said Adrian. Then, he flew away and disappeared into the sky.

“That bastard may have gotten away this time, but next time he won’t get so lucky,” said Brenda. Torrie walked closer the edge.

“What’s wrong Torrie?” asked Brenda.

“He flew away into the sky and disappeared. That means that there is a secret opening somewhere near,” said Torrie.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Brenda.

“We’ll worry about that later,” said Lilly.

Torrie nodded and didn’t seem to think about anything dangerous heading her way. Well, she should’ve because Conscience came running towards her and pushed her off the roof and ran away.

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