Juice Wrld

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Juice wrld’s music has been there for me when I really needed him and I hope to one day inspire and hopefully get through to people who have depression substance abuse and other things in the world that are going on just to let you and everyone else know you’re not alone

Juice Wrld


I started cause of you,

Before you, 

had me feeling hella blue

Nothing to do, with nothing to lose

 Raised me up, flying so high. 


Don’t need no drugs when listenin’ 

I could touch the sky

You’re such a good guy

I’m always viewed as the bad guy

But I don’t wanna be..

the bad guy




Too bad I’ll never get to meet you, greet you,

Tell you how much I wanna be you

Yeah I’m on green too (y’all know what I mean)

Never been on lean gimme a vaccine 

Feelin’ unclean

Between you and me

I love him

I’d give my whole life for him


I think we can all agree we miss you

And nah it ain’t the codeine probably the weed

You knew your lyrics could save us


Let us raise our hands, 

continue to sing and dance


Legends never die 

have to put this in here

Anime thighs. 

You’re Sublime

Submitted: February 09, 2021

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