Why.. Is the question.

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I still ask myself why..
Hope you all can relate..

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



As i sit here and realize how much so many people mean to me, 

and how much i mean to all them.

I wonder why,

why i want to die.

If i was laying in my death bed would i still want to die?
I feel so vulnerable like no one cares, as if i could fall to the ground and be gone.
Why do i hate life so much?
Or is it just that life hates me.
As i sit in the corner with my razor in hand, watching the blood pour from my arm where it is forever scared cutting 3 times a day crying all night until i fall asleep and wake up to my life of if only's.
If only one person cared.
If only life could be great and i could be happy.
If only i had someone to hold me.
If only...
So as i sit here and realize of how many people love me.
And wonder why i want to die..

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