An Actor's Cut

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Hah! dug through my documents and look what i found :]. This is a remake i wrote in seventh grade of something i wrote in fifth grade XD i dont think its as good though haha
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Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



As Susan Fray awoke screaming she looked around her dorm at PAC, Police Academy of California. She looked at the clock on her side table; it read 2:36 A.M. She turned around and saw that she had awoken her startled roommate Elizabeth.
Elizabeth asked,” You had that dream again didn’t you?”
“Yea, I guess so,” Susan replied.
“What time is it?”
“About 2:40 in the morning.”
“Oh well, get back to sleep, the test is today and we’ll definitely need our rest”
While doing morning exercises Ms. Owen called for Susan and asked for her to go to her office afterwards. Once arriving to Ms. Owen’s office Susan saw a man sitting in front of Ms. Owen’s desk. He held up his badge to clarify that he was from the FBI.
“Miss. Fray please takes a seat” said Ms. Owen pointing to a chair.
“Am I in trouble?!” exclaimed Susan.
“No, Miss. Fray, you have been chosen to go on a case with Mr. Hugo,” Ms. Owen said handing her a portfolio, “All the information is in this.”  
“But I haven’t graduated from the academy yet, why am I starting a case already?”
 Your grades are outstanding and your report last year made it sound like you knew everything a person is supposed to know after graduating at PAC. Anyways, at 7:30 P.M. go to the address of the restaurant in the portfolio and Mr. Hugo will brief you on the case. ”

Upon arriving at the restaurant, she entered and found Mr. Hugo sitting at the far corner. As she made her way over to him, she looked around and saw a large fountain in the middle of the restaurant and that the restroom door was very large made with big brass handles. On the opposite corner was a large vase with exotic flowers hanging over it. Mr. Hugo looked up from the menu and saw Susan walking toward him.
“Hello Miss. Fray,” said Mr. Hugo standing up and pulling out a chair
Susan said,” Hello Mr. Hugo”
“You can just call me Tom,” Tom said handing her a menu
“Its ok I’m not hungry I could just get a drink” Susan said pulling out her portfolio
“No need for the portfolio I’m just giving you an overview of the case.  We have targeted a criminal mastermind that had charges for many robberies and murders, but for every one of them he was pleading innocent. But now we have a lead on his next robbery, the information that we obtained isn’t much, but it’s enough to confirm that it is true, he has a dock in southern Africa and he is going to rob a large bank in London.”
“But what does where his dock is have anything to do with this?”
“Well, because it’s far away enough to make him innocent and he could testify that he has a small dock for his company in southern Africa and he was there while the robbery occurred…” then Tom’s cell phone rang,” Sorry, can you excuse me for one moment?”
“Of course,” replied Susan.
Tom headed outside, after a couple minutes he came back in and told her that they needed to leave as soon as possible and after paying the bill for their drinks they left to the academy. Susan packed quickly and they left for the airport. Tom bought two tickets to fly to London and when they got off, there was a police car waiting for them. They arrived at a white building with “Union Bank of London” inscribed above the door. They went inside and asked for the manager of the bank.
“I won’t worry about anybody robbing THIS bank anytime soon, especially any vaults because we have the latest technology, all vaults need voice activation, a retinal scan, and a verification code. The voice activation scans and can confirm if it is mimicked and if anyone tried to fool it, a large metal cage will surround them and locking down the doors, sending a signal to the core computers letting us know which vault it is.” explained the manager.
“But the FBI agency contacted us and someone is going to rob it tonight.” Tom said.
“I would love to see them try,” said the manager sarcastically.
Walking from the bank Susan was pondering about the situation. Then she thought of something that might solve it.
“Tom, do you have your phone on you by any chance?” asked Susan.
“Yes, why?” Replied Tom.
“Does it have caller ID? “
“Yes but what are you going to do?“ said Tom taking out his phone.
“Just as I thought, the number that called you at the restaurant was a private number”
“The information given to you was wrong!”
“But what should we do now?”
“I don’t know we should just head back I guess…”
“Hmm…I’m not too sure about there not being a robbery”
“Yea, I have a strange feeling too”
“We’ll find out soon”
Catching the earliest plane they could get they headed back to California and went to the FBI agency and Tom reported to them what had happened. They left and went to go eat. Susan had said that she had no place to stay for the night so Tom offered for her to stay at his apartment for the night. Tom had slept on the couch and Susan slept on the bed and as Susan woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. She sat up and looked around, confused for a moment on where she was, then remembered quickly about what happened the day before. She got up and made her way to the kitchen as she saw Tom at the stove frying some eggs.
“Mornin’,” Susan said with a yawn
“Good Morning,” replied Tom, “did you sleep well?
“Yea, sorry to put you on the couch”
“It’s ok”
“So anything on the news?”
“What’s happening” Tom said dumping the egg onto a plate and handing it to Susan.
“They’ve found something”
“Oh it’s probably nothing”
“Wait… keep watching”
“What are you up to?”
“Look at that person” Susan said pointing to a medium sized man standing on the side with a beard and sunglasses, “That’s the same person in the picture from the portfolio!”
“Yes, he looks familiar…but are you sure?”
“Hurry! hand me a tape you don’t need”
“I’ll show you,” Susan shoved the video cassette into the VCR and pressed the record button, then taking out her portfolio she took out the picture and rewound the tape to the man and held the picture up to the screen, ”See! I’m sure it’s that person!”
“Where is this all happening?” Tom asked sitting down next to her.
“Surprisingly in California…about 1 or 2 hour drive away”
“Should we go?”
“Yea I guess”
After leaving on a car they went to Santa Barbra, California where they got a room in the Double Tree Hotel. They were studying the information inside the portfolios and they couldn’t get anything on why Christopher Lewis would be in Santa Barbra. That night Susan couldn’t sleep so she decided to go out and walk along the streets and look around a bit in the shops surrounding the beach, but she had a feeling that she was being followed. Walking to the end of the line of numerous shops on the street she saw the same man on the news walking into a motel. She turned and ran to get Tom, but then someone grabbed her and held her mouth. She wanted to scream but then she heard Tom’s voice telling her to be quiet. Seeing that Susan had calmed down Tom let go.
“Did you see him?”
“Yes but don’t talk here”
Then Tom took her hand turned into the alley and started running. After running they took a right and then another right on the main street again. Tom turned into the same alley and kept running and then turned left out into another road then taking another right and they stopped right in front of the motel.
“Someone was following you…but I ran ahead of him and got you. I think we’ve lost him for now, but not for long” Tom said as he ducked into the hotel.
Then at that moment Susan saw a brown coat swing around the corner then told Tom to follow her, as she ran after the coat.
“Come on! We’re losing him.” Susan panted, “He went into this room,” Susan said as she was ready to barge in.
“Wait” Tom whispered, “He might have us at gunpoint if we just barge in there like this” Tom whispered handing her a gun.
“A gun?!”
“Yes now help me kick in this door…1...2...3...”
The door flew open as they ran inside with the guns raised but there was no one there. Susan heard something in the other room.
“This way” She whispered.
Opening the door and walking in she saw a short stocky Hispanic man standing in the center wearing a brown coat.
“Hello, I’m Christopher Lewis, nice to meet you” said the short man.
Then from behind the door came a taller Asian man wearing the same coat said, “No…I’m Christopher Lewis, nice to meet you.”
Then a door opened up from behind the short man, a man that was not too tall but not too short African American wearing the same coat walked up and said, “No…I’m Christopher Lewis, nice to meet you.”
But then they felt a tap on the shoulder they turned around and saw a really short man also wearing the brown coat said, “No…I’m Christopher Lewis, nice to meet you.”
“CUT!” cried the director chuckling to himself, “That's it people. Pack up people lets call it a night.”

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