A message to my ex lover

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I miss you

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Jump on my wings and fly with me as the wind comes from under us
I had you here and you held all my trust
Your eyes creating this calm effect just as the ocean sounds do at night
I'm tired of losing but I will never give up on this fight
For I am in love with you and I just want you back
In my arms tis where you belong, for without you i feel a sense of lack
I cry one more tear each day more than the last
Because everyday without you is worst than the past
I'm reaching out and wonder why you don't feel the same
I am curious as to why you said it was over yet left no one to blame
It all just faded way to fast and I wish I had take that one last day
You would be back with me now if I had all the say
As long as you are happy I guess I can't really complain
Even though I wish there was more that you could explain
You are my world and you let me come crashing down
When I was with you thought the effects of gravity were no longer around
You jumped on my wings and flew with me as the wind come up from under us
I believed it was love but you had proven to me that you only felt lust

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