The Adventures of Jessie the Monkey

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Join Jessie the Monkey and her best friend Arte on an adventure to the park!

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



One very hot day in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, lived Jessie the Monkey. Her best friend was Arte the Gorilla. Every day, Jessie and Arte would go to Flame's Barbecued Banana shop for breakfast, Zay's Jumble for lunch and Roco's Ground Crunch for dinner. Jessie lived with her mother, Ely, her father, Condo and her three little brothers, max, RuRah and Condie. Arte lived nine vines away from Jessie.


 The friends always went on adventures. One other day, Arte invited Jessie to the Treetop Park. Of course, Jessie accepted and went. First off, the monkey bars. Jessie swang through hoops swiftly with her feet after the monkey bars. The Lemur swing was Arte and Jessie's favourite as it swang over the whole Rainforest, and it was powered by Lemurs!


But then, in the Parrot Hole, you could hear Jessie screaming for help. 'AAAAAGH!' Jessie howled. 'I'm stuck,' She yelled. 'ARTE!' But Arte couldn't hear. Jessie struggled but the pipe didn't move. When Arte jumped onto the climbing rope, he saw Jessie in the see-through pipe, stuck as stuck can be.

He worried and wanted to help her. 'Don't worry, Jessie!' Arte jumped onto the large pipe. He jumped and jumped and stomped and stomped. But the pipe didn't move. Jessie tried to roll over when suddenly... CRASH! The tube split, sending Jessie rolling over the ground. Arte jumped down, as soon as he landed, Jessie gave him a hug. 'Thank you ever so much Arte!' Jessie cried. Arte smiled and shook Jessie's hand firmly. They were really the best of friends, forever. So he replied nicely and quietly, 'Your welcome, Jessie, you are my best friend forever.'


The End

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