Wei’s Story

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Submitted: March 26, 2016

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Submitted: March 26, 2016




My mother’s grandmother was an industrious woman. She was very good at housework. She gave birth to four daughters. Because there was not a boy, her husband, a landlord, beat her heavily. Couldn’t bear such a life, she dive into a well when my grandmother was 1 year old.

My mother’ dad used to be a peddler. Smart and diligent, he had his own store years later. When the Japanese attacked the village, people all escaped into the hills. He could get a big bag of eggs for his family. He also bought a large house and several farmlands, which made him assigned as a rich peasant during the Land-Reform Movement led by the Chinese Communist Party.

All of the family’s property was taken away by the government. They became the poorest in the village.

My father’ mother was a very kind and bright women. She won second place in a provincial high school History competition.

My father’s dad was a rich landlord. He graduated from a famous university.  

Also all of their property was taken away because of their class status. They became the poorest in the village.


My mother loved study. She entered Changzhi first middle school, a very good school in Shanxi province. In her first year in senior middle school, the Great Cultural Revolution took place. As one of the famous three graduating classes, she was sent to the countryside. She worked with a kind Traditional Medicine doctor. Years later, she was allocated to a small diesel engine factory in Zhangzi, near to Changzhi.

My father was good at study too. His family was very poor after the foundation of PRC. Once he asked his mother for 5 cents to by a homework book, grandma had not a penny.  My father went into the hills to collet some herbs. He sold the herbs for 10 cents: 5 to buy a book, 5 given to grandma. Because of his class status, he was not allowed to apply for university out of Shanxi Province. In the university, he was not allowed to study popular subjects such as Politics, Literature, or History. His major was English. He always ranked first in the grade. But what impressed him most in university was the Great Famine. After graduation he was sent to a village middle school as a teacher. He taught every subject except Politics (because of his class status). Every day after a day’s work, he lay on bed and sigh deeply. Later he managed to transferred to Changzhi first middle school and taught English. Because he is poor and of bad class status, he dated many times but no woman would like to continue the date. One of his colleague thought of my mother. My mother admire that he was an undergraduate, also he is a kind and smart man. They married in 1975.


I was born in December, 1975, at the end of the Great Cultural Revolution. Also my class status was land lord. The residence registration officer said:” Let me take a look at this whelp! “, which made my parents quite worried about my future. In 1976, the Great Cultural Revolution ended. In 1977 people were allow to take the national college entrance exam. My mother passed the exam and then studied in Changzhi Medical College.  In 1978, people were allowed to take the national Master’s entrance exam. My father passed the paper test of the Peking University. Maybe he was a little aged, or because he had family, he didn’t past the interview. The next year, he took the exam and entered the News Institution of Academy of Social Science in Beijing. Mother and I still lived in the small one-storey house the middle school allocated to father. There were many plants in the school yard. I collected beautiful flowers to plant them at the door of our house, I played with ants and snails and grass hoppers in the grass. Once mama took me to the school garden. She studied there. I wandered among the blooming peach trees, apricot trees, pear trees. Suddenly I saw a pink butterfly flying over the green moss covered stone wall. It seemed time stopped then. When I was 5 years old, mother discovered that I could do mental addition and subtraction within 10,000. Father was glad to let me show this to his friends and former colleagues when he went back on vacation. But I was reluctant to show it. In 1982, father graduated and was assigned to People’ Daily. I was brought to Beijing. The newspaper office yard was also a big garden. I continued to play in the grass, among the trees. Poor and without relationship as my family was, I entered a very common primary school. On weekends, I studied at an advanced Mathematics class. At school, I found I liked girls more. At the age of 11, I saw a cartoon about homosexual, then I realized who I was. In that year I took a Mathematics competition and ranked first. Then I was recommended to the best middle school children could enter in the district I lived in.


In the middle school, I was good at Mathematics, Physics, and English. I didn’t like politics and history. But I liked a girl named Mingjin. She was gentle and elegant. When she smiled to me, my heart flapped. In the newspapers, it was often reported that a mayor in France was a gay, a minister in Germany was a gay, which made me glad to be one of this group. But I dared not to tell anybody I like girls. I worried how could I meet other lesbians. 3 years latter, I entered an even better high school. A classmate Wenzhuo attracted me. She was beautiful and maverick. Still I adored her but didn’t tell her.

When it was the time to apply for a university, I wanted to study biology, mama wanted me to study medicine. I thought human body was part of biology, then I agreed. In 1994 I matriculated Beijing Medical University. On the first day, freshmen took the Physical examination. In toilet, a tall girl holding a cup asked me how to collect the urine sample, I told her how to do. In the dormitory, that tall girl was on my lower bunk. Her name was Yun. In the beginning months, because of homesickness, Yun always cried. To sooth her. I tell funny stories, sometimes I strolled in the campus with her.

In a medical university, study is the main occupation. We took 8 classes a day and did the self-study till 11:00 pm. I loved some disciplines, and had no sense of other disciplines, so my GPA is mediocre. Yun was quite good at study. After 2 and a half years of study in the basic medicine department, we moved to the hospital to study clinical medicine. Still Yun was my on my lower bunk.


As interns, Yun and I were in the same team. We worked together, studied together, and had meal together. Slowly, something subtle happened. One day, we laid on the same bed. I wanted to say something to her, but I didn’t. I had the feeling that also she wanted to say something to me, and she didn’t. Once I invited her to my home, she agreed instantly. Nothing happened. One noon in winter 1998, she said she wanted to lay on my bed because it’s softer. When other roommates left, Yun told me her back itched, then I scratched for her. She began to breathe deeply. I said to myself:” Tomorrow I must turn to the front. “ It realized. Latter, we learned to kiss, to touch each other. She said she felt like my princess, if I were a guy she would marry me. But she was afraid of being known. So she dated with one of her middle school classmate Zhao, and let me date with another classmate Qiang. When she went out with Zhao, I felt lonely and uneasy. Every time Yun went back, she told me she had no feeling with Zhao, I am her only lover. This really appeased me. Qiang was a good boy, but I found that I couldn’t love him like I loved Yun. That’s unfair to him. So we didn’t continue. On June 1999, we graduated. With Yun’s suggestion we attended GRE classes. Maybe Yun wanted to go abroad to continue our life. But I was too silly to realize her intention then. (Even today I regret deeply every time I think of this.) After several classes, the hospital I applied for call me to take pre-job training. I quitted the GRE class. Yun didn’t took the GRE. She did her master study in a highly ranked hospital. Every day after work, she called me to meet her in her dormitory.


Maybe because of huge pressure of our homosexual relationship, Yun start to quarrel with me. Every morning I left her dormitory, I said to myself:” This is the last time I go to see her.” But At night she called me again and I when to her dormitory again, then we quarreled again. One day Yun told me she felt that she loved neither woman nor man. A colleague told me she knew a businessman who wanted to find a girlfriend. I thought maybe dating with this man could reduce Yun’s pressure. I recommended Yun to my colleague. On 25th March 2000 Yun and that man dated. I turned out that the man was handsome and rich. Then fell in love at the first sight. I lost my lover. It seemed my heart was teared into two parts, Yun’s part merged with that man’s. My half was bleeding and aching. I couldn’t fall into sleep for weeks. I had no appetite and ate a banana each day. One week later, I lost 5 Kg. After work I went to a bookstore, reading made the pain not that harsh temporality. Yun still called me to buy clothes with her. To be with her, I agreed. To make her happy, I even suggested which clothes could attract that man.  One day when I was riding a bicycle, a car hit me. The driver gave me 800 Yuan for compensation. Repairing my bicycle costed 200 Yuan. I bought a new bicycle for Yun with the rest 600 Yuan. Several days later Yun told me happily the new bicycle was stolen. I thought Yun wanted to let me fade out her life. 6 months later, thinking of her my heart still ached. In 2002, Yun married that man.  I dated with girls like a March Hare. But not a relationship lasted more than 2 months. No one was good as Yun.


In 2005, I got know a lesbian saloon host Anchor. At that time, Yun was still at the bottom of my heart.

On Third September 2005, I visit Anchor’s saloon. I sat on a chair sadly. There came a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She smiled at me, I smiled too. Then she sat beside me. She told me her name is Sonny, she was born In Spain, she came from UK, this was her second week in china, she exercised Chinese Kongfu, but she couldn’t speak Chinese. I told her my name was Wei, I was a doctor. Our conversation went on happily. When the saloon was closed, we followed other friends to West Wing, another lesbian bar. In the taxi Sonny asked if she could kiss me, I said no because this was in China. At West Wing, It was playing a Chinese song named <Couragement>. To make her know the meaning of the song, I translated it to her: Finally I make the decision, what others said don’t matter, as long as you are sure as me, I’m willing to go with you everywhere… At 0 am people started to leave. Sonny and I left too. Walking on the street, we don’t know what to do next. Then appeared a grove. We stepped in, holding each other, began to kiss. Sonny took me to her temporary place. It was in a lowly ranked college which made my heart sank a little. We lay on her bed chatting all night. Her mother was a college teacher, her father was an engineer, she had two brothers. When she was a child, she was sent to a German kindguarden. She went to elementary school and middle school in Germany and in United States. In United States she had a Chinese girlfriend for 9 years. That girl’s family rejected their relationship, they had to break up. Her heart was broken. We spent the weekend in the campus, I told her jokes about international relationships. I said in Chinese United States meant beautiful country, UK meant handsome country, Spain meant west class tooth. Spain’s Chinese name upset her very much. Sonny said proudly that she’s gonna teach in a private school, which let my heart sank a little again. Because in China private schools were not good at that time. Sonny’s character and her looking were so similar to Yun.


On the third day Sonny went to sign a house contract. When saved my phone number, she asked:” How to pronounce Wei?” “Way.” I said. “What’s the meaning?” “Wei Xing means a satellite, my nickname is moon, because moon is a satellite, father named me Wei.” Then I went home. That night Sonny sent a message asking if I wanted to go to the Hutons with her. I couldn’t find the meaning of Huton in dictionaries. So I asked:” Is Huton a hut owner?” She smiled and replied nothing more. On the fourth day, we had dinner together. I wrote on paper: Sonny = Sunny? She nodded and said when she grew up she felt Sunny was too sweet, she changed it to Sonny. I asked why she came to China? “To meet people like you.” The fifth day Sonny went to take the college interview and passed. The next day, she called me to meet her. The college’s staff leaded us to the classroom. Sonny said:” It’s strange they rent houses here.” On way back to Sonny’s house, I thought I had to work harder to sustain our life. At her home, she put down the textbook saying:” It’s much easier than management.” We spent night together. She showed me beautiful women pictures she collected. This was somebody, that was somebody…she said. Then she came to a stop. “Bitter Moon” I said. The next day I went to a gay’s NGO meeting. They were eating when I arrived. So I was late when I went to see Sonny at Anchor’s saloon. She seemed quite moody any didn’t speak to me. Later she went to West Wing with other friends. Her hat was lost in the saloon, so I took it to West Wing. “This is your hat.”  “Thank you.” “Father asked me to go back home tonight.” Next day I called her. She cried in the phone” Leave me alone! I have had another woman!” I thought maybe because yesterday was 9-11, or because my father reminded her of her ex’s parents.


I knew her class was on Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday I went to her classroom. The back door was open, so I sat on a back seat. What she taught seemed quite interesting. After a while she let the students read book and walked to me. I was afraid the students wound know there was something between Sonny and I so l went out of the classroom. I waited her at the school’s door. After class. Sonny walked out but say nothing to me. I went to the schoolmaster’s office room, I told him I wanted to attend Sonny’s class. The schoolmaster agreed and received the tuition fee happily. That Friday, I went to the class. She shouted at me:” You can’t come here because you didn’t pay!” “I paid!” I showed her the receipt. On one class Sonny mentioned athlete students also studied in Harvard, which made me thought she graduated from Harvard. After several classes, the students sensed there was something between Sonny and I. One boy name Tom liked Soony very much. Once in the class Sonny talked about homosexual, Tom said that’s a shame in China.  After a class Sunny let students send questions to her mailbox, Tom asked repeatedly for the mail address, Sonny just neglect him. I knew the address. Tom always said yes to everything. Once he asked Sunny a question, knowing his answer was wrong, she said yes, yes. That question appeared on the final test paper. Tom and his friend Jerry always asked me or Sonny questions after school, so we couldn’t leave school together. On December, the class was over. Still we haven’t gotten in touch.


After Sonny’s class, I went back to work. With her in my heart I worked happily. I started to send email to her. The abbreviation of her name is PC and mine is WR. Once she told me the read and write area was part of a PC. So I sent this picture to her:

She liked beer, I sent this:

It was cold in winter, I sent this:

I used to recommend a radio station which plays English songs to her:

But not reply from her.


One morning in June 2006, I listened to FM 88.7. Every song and every advertisement seemed to be telling our story: <Army of Lovers>, <Ain’t No Other Man>, <Better Together>, <Bossy>, <Chasing Cars>, <Wake Me up When September Ends>, <Who Knew>, <You’re Beautiful >… I went to the radio station building to wait for her day after day. To every song played, I reply a SMS: “Leaving me to carry on” to <Always on Your Side>, “take my hand as the sun descends” to <Because the Night>, “I think you are crazy! Just like me!” to <Crazy>, “You are the only one that needs to know” to < Dirty Little Secret>, I let you come back every time to <Enough Cryin>, “You won't find nobody else like me” to <Follow Me>, “We can do it all right” to <Get Together>, “Tell me of your condition” to < How Do You Love>, “I can't imagine being someone else's man” to < It's Not That Easy>, “Cause it's the only thing I wanna do” to < Keep on Loving You >, “Why can't we just try?” to < Lonely No More>, “I was waiting for you to tell me you were ready” to < Me & U>, “How could this be done By such a smiling sweetheart?” to <Naive>, “Say that we agree and then never change” to <Over My Head>, “Let's get to the point” to <Promiscuous>, “A song plays on while the moon is high over me” to <the Riddle>. “I was so lost back then” to <Smile>,” Don't you wanna go for a ride” to <This Is How A Heart Breaks>,” I went through the fire for you” to < Used to Love U>, “Why don't I sell you my soul?” to<Voodoo Child>, “It's hard to deal with the pain of losin' you everywhere I go” to <What Hurts the Most> “ You're cinematic razor sharp A welcome arrow through the heart Under your skin feels like home Electric shocks on aching bones” to < You Are All I Have >. Summer passed, Autumn passed. The weather was colder and colder. Songs FM 88.7 played were not that relevant. My heat was empty.


At the end of 2007, a friend told me Sonny went back to Europe in April 2006. She graduated from University Of Surrey UK. In April 2005 she was fired by SICE UK. London. She applied for several companies, but was refused. So she came to china to teach and think what to do next.

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