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It's about a boy who lives on a farm, he has a little magic in him thought read it for more.

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



Hi i know i'm only 12 but here's a little something i wrote in my spare time, it's got a dose of fantasy hopefully you don't mind that, here we go:

Dear Diary,
May 6th 2009
Today i did it again, i don’t understand how but i did it.
I can't tell father though it's hard.
I need SOMEONE to talk to about it but i doubt Merlin is going to pop out of nowhere and teach me ''The ways of the Mage''.
If i ever told father he’d simply shake his head saying ‘’i’m a little boy with a strange imagination’’ and i should hurry up and finish my chores.
Tommorow’s another dreadfull day at the farm alot more chores than usual.
We’re out of food and i need to replace that blade i broke yesterday so i’ll probably end up doing the weekly shopping.
Better concentrate on the work at hand tommorow if i don’t want father to give me a long loud lecture about how boys my age should shutup listen and learn.
y’know,it's a bit unfair, im 12 now, i thought that would change things the slightest and you know what
I might as well be 8.

atleast my brother dougie knows how it feels he gives me a little of his daily earnings at the end of the week, father always spoils him.
About what i did today, i managed to make the book levitate above my head this time, i’m getting better...wait is that even a good thing?
Whenever i try building up the energy i feel magic deep inside me as if it’s being fueled from my soul- as cheesey as it sound that is exacly how it feels like.
I don’t understand it either.
I have to sleep early tonight ready for ''another blessing of a day as father calls it.
so goodnight i’ll write again.

I hope you liked it, i just sat here and corrected everything so i hope you read the whole thing, if you like writing you should enjoy reading, like me :).

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