The Pain, "niaP ehT"

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This maybe hard to understand but anyway here it is.

Submitted: May 06, 2009

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Submitted: May 06, 2009



The Pain, "niaP ehT"

The pain, "what pain?"

The pain you caused, "I didn't mean too hurt you"

I can't fight the pain any more "what pain?"

Hey fuck you, "I'm not who you think I am"

I suffer from the pain "It's your own fault"

You gave me a bruse "you fell against the wall"

I hurt but you don't care "I care when you care"

I hate you, the site of you makes me feel the pain again

"To hate me is to hate yourself, hate who you are"

The pain, the pain, my pain, your pain, our pain

"The pain you feel is not real" I know what I feel is real

I know I am real, you are real, my pain is real

You stay, why do you never go away?

"I can't leave, you are a part of me"

I don't want you to be, I feel I am a part of you

I don't want to be, I can't be in pain anymore.

I close my eyes

I lose sight

I open my eyes

I see you were right

I smile through the pain

I lost sight

I frown through the pain

I realise you were right

I can't leave you, just like you can't leave me

What's the reason

I believe it's inside of me

The pain I feel is not pain at all

The pain is not real

The person I am talking to is not real

Am I real or just insane?

Am I just talking to myself?

How did I get to this place

Trying to escape I scrach up my face

I runaway somehow gone without a trace

I become the girl without a face

A girl so far out of place

I've been down the beaten track

Through the rough

I may never come back

Maybe i don't feel pain

I see the pain in the mirror

I realise now what I am

I am the pain.

Written By (Hope Sanders) which happens to be me.\"\"

© Copyright 2018 Imperfect Perfection. All rights reserved.

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