The truth about you

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Well i am kinda just making it up on the spot sorry if it sucks i need to know if it is good for the English lit class letter. to get into the class i have to put a letter with a beginning of a story and a poem well i am not allowed to put the other poem cause i was graded on that but i am just making this up as i go along and you dont care about my life i guess but oh well, Kso here it is it is kind of my out take of life right at this moment. Well actually it is about how i feel towards my best friend Justin

Submitted: March 13, 2010

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Submitted: March 13, 2010



Love and Hate

Look at this, look at what you have done to me all the pain you, have caused in my life. Why? You may ask, because i thought it was true, but no, you had to go and turn into a dick just like all the others that i have cared for. Why have you had this change? Why is all i ask, But you're to busy joking around wiht them to even notice who cares.

Life is not something you go and waste away i know you may not understand today, but you will in time Even if i have to leave you forever for you to figure it out but t is just who i am, and the way i will show you if you do not see it. will hurt more then if i just ignore it just one of the many things , i have been taught take what you have to heart and cherish it

Like everyone else in this class, school, city ETC we have seen the changes and it hurts sometimes the things we go through and the things we miss. but most importantly the things you have taken for granted this that should be loved and cared for something you must earn life is full of this and wiht me you lost it

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