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Submitted: September 01, 2010

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Submitted: September 01, 2010



The 21st of December 3012 was when Guru Smeze of the alien race Azeruman first landed on earth officially. At first when they came to earth some 5 years before they found a collection of vast, yet often primitive empires. The empires used for there primitive wars but sticks and stones, yet they had developed science and knowledge. They also lived in the shadow of there former selves, once great buildings of tall steel stood close to these civilizations stone and wood monuments. It is said that in the year 2030, when the world was ruled by a cybernetic elite, that something happened that cause most metal to kill humans. How ever with some of the social elite they survived death and become painfully fused to there cybernetic selves living for ever. These people formed the Zandarian Empire led by there immortal emperor Zandarius. They ruled over Japan, China.Australia,alot of Asia, Australia and the west coast of North America. The empire tried to keep like its empire like the world had been before despite the major technological set backs, they also took back allot of old Japanese and Chinese war tactics. This lead to a equipment advantage (despite there swords only being wood, but not sticks like most others), they also created a new weapon at about 2500 that channelled the electric shock from when a person touch something metal into a sort of canon, but of course they couldn't keep it a secret for too long. At the same time in Europe a massive movement happened, later to be called Hanseatic Empire spread throughout Europe and North America combining fascism,warrior ism, and Paganism. The leagues first Grand Might (high ruler) has been recorded in history as Wahreh. He was not just a war-lord how ever, he invented the empires common language (Eurnua-Redlich), the theory of Kregenchi (A theory for changing weight and to do with an energy also pioneered by Wahreh called Kre, a bit like the force but not so powerful) and lastly he invented the empires most common religion, Kriegism. The empire believed (mainly through Kriegism) that everything was many struggles, or wars. This also made a very warrior society with lesser races (generally Turks, Spanish/Portuguese, Italians and Greeks) as slaves or merchants. Of course how ever slaves could win there freedom through war and proving they can win there war as a slave. The Hanseaticians also sailed round the world generally raiding for slaves, or sometimes trading. This allowed them to have vast stretches of land around the world, mainly due to large white population or a operation area for capturing slaves. There warriors are famed round the world for being the best and the most eager, thus making them perfect mercenaries. Not that there was a lack of war, due to the Hanseaticians and the Zandarians constantly fighting all over the world, generally though in North America and Siberia. Also in America several nations rose up, the biggest being the Indians Federation. It rose with the help of the Hanseaticians who promised the Indians all central North America and those who were on it who refused to leave where generally sold as slaves to the Haseaticians. The Indians quickly (with some white help) re-populated and became a thorn on the Zandarians empires side. In the Middle-East it was largely unified by the Arabian strong man Abdul Rahal due to the intense Jewish/Catholic on a holy war. Abdul managed to stop them invading into Iran and Arabia, for this he gained great respect among Muslims. His descendents expanded the empire and struck the deals that gave the Hanseaticians land and the right to run riot in North Africa.

Now with the arrival of the Azeruman the world has surrendered to their Gurus, or been \"enlightened\" (this goes totally against what was the worlds biggest faith(Kriegism), due to the fact that enlightenment is meant to the end struggles, so to Kriegism the enlightenment is fake. Even with this strangely many devoted Kriegist seem to have been enlightened. The Azeruman have also cured the humans cant touch metal problem, and along with introducing there technology have began to turn the world back on the path of technology no struggle and \"inner\" wisdom. Or destruction.

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