Dimension Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This Dimensions but it didn't alow me to put up new chapters so im doing it again.

Table of Contents

Dimension Eyes

This Dimensions but it didn't alow me to put up new chapters so im doing it again. Read Chapter

“it would seem that we have rogue portal opening on our hands” Said a round old man in a brown suit. He got up from his black leather... Read Chapter

Malay opened her eyes after what seemed like an eternity of dizziness. Before her was rolling green and brown hills sprinkled with little... Read Chapter

Zhauhxaun (pronounced zayhaun) was tired of Zilchin denying her when she asked for his love. She would become angry and beat any person w... Read Chapter

“My lord i have heard news of strange magical activity in the north,Sideroen-Lasdwe, to be precise.” Said a husky male voice in the d... Read Chapter

Bildren and his hunters arrived in his Katar pack camp. Being a nomadic people horses were everywhere and the camp was soon to move off. ... Read Chapter

Malay walked up to the Cathtin school feeling her butterfly’s going hyper, she had never started a new school before let alone in anoth... Read Chapter

Zhauhxaun flew over the little people living their little lives in little houses, she wanted to go down there and rip every one of their ... Read Chapter

Rosas muscles aced, and she was hungry and tired, but she couldn’t sleep in such conditions. A heavy blanket had been thrown over her c... Read Chapter

Rosa and the other children who had been captured split up after escaping all muttering about Rosa’s strange new powers. Rosa herself h... Read Chapter